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Full Moon Blues . . .

Moon Over Muswell

Been an exceptionally busy week so far; just can’t seem to get everything done.  Or rather finished.  Undertake to start one thing which on the surface seems relatively straight forward and easy; when something comes up to divert it, and it takes two or three longer than normal. 

Don’t mind so much if its things you can just put aside for later, but most of the stuff I’m referring to concerned deadlines, and time limitations.  Still, mostly got through it all now, so the end is ‘in sight’.

 I think last Tuesday was the worst day.  I started on a couple of things that were seriously overdue.  It was about 8 o’clock in the evening with a bright full moon visible in the failing twilight, and I kept working on the two projects till the dawn broke when I realized I’d nearly finished.  I tried to ignore most of the emails that came flashing in a little earlier on (or at least the ‘domestic one’s), but even so, that night just seemed to go on and on.  I went to bed around 6 am, and managed to get a good sleep till about 11, when the cat woke me up wailing for food.  So I had to get up.  I realize she is a dear little animal, but at times like these, she can seem like some unwanted alarm clock!

 Anyway, enough of this boring stuff . . . A few days ago I also received a visit from a very interesting person who had had a ghostly encounter with some inexplicable apparition at Highgate Cemetery when he was passing the gates in early 2000 with his (then) girlfriend.  He had heard of myself during an online broadcast of the Paracast a couple of years ago, and apparently thought I was the ideal person to contact – which he did, and hence our meeting.  I will be giving further details of their encounter a little later here, but first I would like to meet his again to get any further details.  He lives in North London anyway, so there is no great distance involved. 

 I did tell him that I would like to include his account in my next revised edition of “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” for which he has kindly given me his permission.  I somehow do not feel it would be right to release these prematurely: especially when there are so many ‘Internet plagiarists’ out there, who would do anything in order to ‘filch’ any new information on the so-called Highgate Vampire.

 Anyway, apart from that, things seem to have calmed a little lately.  Still got quite a few emails to answer, but none that cannot wait until I have opened a bottle of wine ad enjoyed some well earned relaxation!

 For the moment,  everyone,


 PS  I told a friend about the ‘full moon blues’ I was getting last Tuesday, and they just sent me a marvelous ‘artists impression’.  Very appropriate, and thanks  . . . .  Well, you know who I mean, no need to say who you are!!   D




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