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Romance? Still No Comment!

Well, its Monday again (still!).

Had a couple of appointments earlier, so glad they’re out of the way. Never stopped raining yesterday, although I had a nice break indoors last evening so that didn’t really matter. Just relaxed, and feel much better for that.

I did have an unexpected visitor around 4. Well, I hadn’t seen her for ages but I really didn’t have much time as other people were due around 7 and I was far from ready! I hadn’t been back from the store for long, and had soaking wet hair! The rest of me wasn’t too bad once I’d taken the mac off! She left in time for me to get ready for the others. No, no undisclosed ‘romance’ there – we are just old friends!

You know, people still keep asking me about ‘romances’; but please just forget it. I have said before that this might be a personal Blog, but that doesn’t mean I have to disclos ALL my personal feelings!  I might be more inclined to do so, but not when the feelings of others are concerned.

A couple of people have not taken kindly to my mentioning God and religion on here when asked about that. I can only say to such criticism that I have been discussing this subject in my writings for the last 25 years at least, and do not intend to stop discussing mysticism and religion just because it might not suit them – or rather some current agenda they might have contrived. People are obviously interested in these subjects because I keep being asked questions about them. But I always answer generally without criticising anyone as anybody can see if they just care to read back here.

What else? Maybe some general gossip!? Well, there’s enough of that flying about; enough to start a separate column! A certain Website is about to serialise a few of my ghost articles, for example, and the person tells me an esoteric Convention she attends would be interested in me giving a talk there. Its in London so not so bad and she’s going to let me know.

Also, I understand that a certain author in America is highly amused by a comic strip about ‘alien abduction’ that has somehow found its way there! (Alien abduction, indeed, if only it were true!).
Another rumour going around (although the last two aren’t rumours but true)is that I am to be nominated for a Nobel prize. Unfortunately, although its up there on the Web, I think the guy was just being sarcastic!

And you know, some American millionaire has apparently made a bid for Highgate Cemetery so it can be open to the public full time. Can’t somehow see that working myself (if its true). Unless he intends to run ghost tours and sell statuettes of the vampire there!
So much for gossip, but to get back to the real world, not that much has happened today. Weather has been much better; but I do not want to go on to discuss the weather!

So, ‘till tomorrow,


5 Responses

  1. David hi, I think I recall reading somewhere that in the 1970s you were involved with or worked with a magical group called the ‘Order pf the Black Moon’, along with John Pope if I recall rightly. Is this correct? If so what did the Order’s practises and esoteric orientation consist of?
    Also, if you don’t mind my asking, do you engage in any daily practises in terms of meditation, magical rites or spiritual practises, as learned during your mystical training in the 60’s? Are your spiritual practises purely inward or do you practise any outward rituals or exercises? I see there is a picture of you holding a crystal ball and you clearly are aware of scrying techniques and what these entail – do you ever use tarot cards or such things to access hidden knowledge or to facilitate the psychic faculties?
    All Best Wishes

  2. Thanks for the response David, very informative and interesting as always. I’m inclined to agree with you about Magic being a means to an end rather than an end in itself. And also Magic not so much as something one ‘does’ but in fact the essence of universal being, which pervades all processes. Once one has realised that state of awareness the need to do endless rituals is transcended – I guess this pathway of spiritual growth is what you are referring to.
    All the Best,

  3. No, I don’t mind you asking at all Hesselius; your questions are perfectly reasonable and fair.
    I have not copied your questions here so am doing them from memory. If I overlook anything, sorry, but I can come back to it.
    At one point in 1973, I did indeed run an Order called the “Order of the Black Moon” and it was primarily a Wiccan group. (The word ‘black’ incidentally, meaning ‘black’ as in the new moon).
    Yes, I did know John Pope but he was never actually in the group. Pope was an independent magician and at that time and an adherent of Alister Crowley. (He used to refer to himself as “Son of the Beast” then). At the time (when I actually practised magic), I was anxious to perfect a Nature ritual called “Hymn to Pan” for this I enlisted Pope’s help as it was really too dangerous a ceremony to include in the Wicca meetings. Actually, we ended up getting arrested in December 1973 while performing one attempt at this ritual in a deserted Gothic mansion in Crouch End (near Highgate). We were both acquitted in March 1974 after I had established in Court exactly what we were doing (i.e. attempting to perform a serious magical ceremony and not trying to burn the house down as originally charged!)
    To the question do I practice daily meditation now or similarly, practice ‘outward rituals’ today, the answer is simply ‘no’. I don’t need to. This is a complex point, so I hope you don’t put this down to ‘arrogance’ or misunderstand what I say:
    Wicca and magic were just a ‘learning process’ for me, but basically I just don’t need them anymore – in fact, not done really since 1982. As you develop through these practices you tend to ‘pass through’ them, as opposed to ‘getting stuck in them’. That is precisely what happened in my case – despite what some bigoted and fanatical people might say.
    I decided to still carry on with my investigations into psychic phenomena and the like, but to also gear my writings towards the spiritual side of life and the essential importance of that often misunderstood item ‘consciousness’. I still continue to do that today (as I hae been doing here, in fact).
    Tarot cards and crystal balls are really only an avenue for ‘focusing the mind’; indeed, that is the only way both of these things can ‘work’.
    Well, I will probably go back to post this, and find I have missed something! If I have, then please just come back to it.
    For the moment though,

  4. Thanks Hesselius,
    I just wish people understood as easily as you do!
    There is not really much more I can add. That obviously applies to Wicca and all other religions as well.
    That’s exactly what I meant.
    For now,

  5. Hesselius,
    I do agree with you, although I meditate a lot, personally. It bestows a greater understanding of oneself, more than any other practice.

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