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BPOS Ferrestone Road Investigation (Hornsey North London)

Well, first day of 2014 and so far a quiet one.  In all, quite a quiet Christmas holiday, but that’s the way I prefer it.  Accordingly, not much news.

Except maybe perhaps, we have just released another YouTube film in advance of the 5th episode of “Tulpa” due for release at the weekend.

Its about an investigation the BPOS were conducting in 1999 into a haunted house in Hornsey;  really an update on the original haunting which seemingly occurred at the house in 1921.  Della has gone into this in more detail on the latest post on her Website,  so it might be more practical to read this first to ascertain the background information.  The link to that is here:

I was first called in 1999 by the present occupant of the house, Pauline, which is in Ferrestone Road in Hornsey,  as she wanted some possible explanation as to yet more supernatural occurrences which appeared to have started up at the property.   On my first visit to the house, my initial interview with Pauline was filmed, and it was during this that a strange ‘tapping sound’ was heard in the front room.  It seemed to come from just below the ceiling, but nothing was visible although this sound was recorded on film.

But perhaps just as intriguing as this, was that the garden of the house backed onto a disused graveyard which it appeared at one time had extended right up to the house.  Whilst planting some shrubs in the garden, Pauline and her husband had discovered several old gravestones lying just below the surface, and further digging revealed a flight of concrete steps like those leading down to a private crypt.  This seemed to confirm that the house itself had been built directly on the site of this old cemetery which had been serving the parish of Hornsey for over 700 years.

David Farrant and Pauline, the present occupant of No. 8 Ferrestone Road at the garden’s boundary which borders Old St Mary’s graveyard (c) Dave Milner / BPOS 1999
Gravestones visible in the back garden of No. 8 Ferrestone Road, adjacent to the crypt entrance (c) Dave Milner / BPOS 1999

We were very pleased to discover this surviving footage recently, as the original video tapes had been damaged and those converted to digital format had been feared lost.  Obviously we (the BPOS) are not holding the mysterious rapping sounds which can be heard on the film up as ‘proof’ of supernatural intervention.

David Farrant and the present occupier of No. 8 Ferrestone Road filming in what was the original kitchen where the 1920s disturbances first began (c) Dave Milner / BPOS 1999

The footage (and subsequent audio track) are probably too degraded in their surviving format to offer up for scientific scrutiny of the kind which would satisfy skeptics. Nor can we ‘prove’ the controlled conditions within which the film was produced. But personally I, and the rest of those present, felt rather unnerved at the time and still find the playback somewhat disturbing and bizarre.

Anyway everyone hope you enjoy it all the same! And don’t miss Part 5 of ‘Tulpa’ this weekend.

David (Farrant)


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