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Robin Hood Under The Bed?!!

Well, Halloween tomorrow, and guess what I’ll be doing? Well, you all know what I did last year; that is, if you believe certain newspapers!

Seriously though, I really find Halloween so boring now. Know I’ve said this before but its become so commercialised.

Having just written this, I’ve just this moment had a call from yet another journalist asking what I was doing at Halloween. I must be psychic or had another premonition, but its really true! I gave him the same answer as I gave the other one. “I’ve hurt my foot so can’t really do anything this year”. He sounded a bit disappointed!

Actually, as many of you will know, I have really hurt my foot. It can be quite painful when I’ve done a bit of walking, as also my back. There are a lot of kind people about though and people often open doors for me, even offer me a seat if I happen to be standing on the bus. It’s a bit embarrassing really as I’m not that infirm. Makes it seem like I really am nearly 70 when I’m at least 10 years off of that! (Unless, of course, some decrepit old ‘Halloween witch’ has done an ’age spell’ on me by chanting . . . “Hubble, Bubble. Toil and Trouble”, “Babs Is Here and I’ll Make A Double!”).
Well, you never know!

What else? Maybe some more general gossip!? Well, I am not a one for ‘gossip’ as everyone should know, but it is now apparently being circulated that a certain Robin Hood film I was involved in a couple of years ago, is supposed to be part of some multi million pound conspiracy to prevent the exploitation of Robin Hood’s supposed grave! (Or some such nonsense).

I really couldn’t believe I was hearing this, when all I did was to appear in a short film and interview stating that Robin Hood was definitely not a ‘vampire’ just because he was apparently ‘bled to death’ by the ‘evil Prioress of Kirklees’. I still say that that’s pure and utter clap-trap! (the bit about him becoming a vampire).

I have told the producer so much in a recent letter; stressing that I wanted to completely disassociate myself from any such allegations made about his film. I more-or-less said that such neurotic allegations did not originate with myself, but had been instigated solely as a result of the highly over-active imagination of some senile delinquent! (Probably believes ‘vampires’ are sleeping under her bed as well!).

Well, I guess it takes all sorts! Especially around Halloween!


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  1. Dear David
    Although a sceptic I try to remain open-minded and tolerant, but the suggestion that Robin Hood is now one of the ‘undead’ strains even my patience.
    By the way it was a pleasant surprise to come across your interview with the METRO newspaper this morning. Brightened up my usually tedious train journey to work. Hope your foot gets better!
    Regards Matt

  2. Same here, David, made my journey to work all the more interesting coming across your piece in this morning’s Metro. A really excellent article and very well done.
    Yes I agree, the ‘Robin Hood as vampire’ scenario is pretty daft to put it mildly. I don’t think anybody need waste too much time taking that one very seriously.
    By the way, what you were saying yesterday about not having needed to practise magical rituals, witchcraft ceremonies and all the outward observances of the the occult – you said that you haven’t needed to do all that since 1982 – why that year? What happened then to enable you to transcend the externals of Wicca and suchlike? Or was it just a natural process of development that took place around that time?
    All the Best,

  3. Thanks Matt,
    I have to admit I entirely agree with you Matt. In fact, I find the whole saga of Robin Hood’s ghost extremely tedious. I know at least one person who’s become totally obsessed with it and ‘mixed it all together’ with the Highgate ‘vampire’ story making the whole thing even more ridiculous.
    I have always debunked both these stories. There ARE no ‘vampires’ (or ‘giant spiders’) and I would say people who genuinally support such stories,quickly lose all their credibility – if they havn’t already!
    Psychic entities are one thing. Vampires are entirely another. You and I make agree to disagree over the former; I think it is quite safe to say we both disagree with the latter.
    Well, I did tell everyone an article was due, but obviously I did not want to name the newspaper in advance.
    As a matter of fact, a lot of people have seen it or recognised me by the photograph. I really haven’t seen it yet, but it doesn’t really matter because I know what I said when I gave the interview.
    Incidentally Matt, I have now answered your question on the Forum. Somebody else was also asking me something else about that.
    Thanks Matt,

  4. What happened Hellelius, that the process really peaked in 1982, although it had been definitely going on for a couple of years before that.
    This is something that is so difficult to explain, it really is.
    Lets take Wicca because its a main example (although I’d already gone into other religious belief systems before this, including Buddhism).
    I suddenly felt that I no longer had any need for either my status as an Initiated priest in Wicca, or indeed, any need of all the ritual dogma and symbolism.
    I became convinced (it was more than ‘convinced’, rather a question of ‘being shown’) that Supreme Deity (God) was beyond any need for this. God existed both inside and outside religious places (whether these might be ‘magical Circles’, Churches or Mosques) not only confined to them or by them.
    Much more than this though (and here is the essential thing), Supreme Deity that formed our bodies (rather Being) is actually inside them. Both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ – if that makes sense.
    Maybe we are getting a little too deep here.
    Those who have never experienced this would be unlikely to understand it yet.
    But the answer is, I ‘went beyond’ Wicca and Magical need. Although what I had acquired didn’t actually go with them, but took on an entirely new form.
    To put it very over-simply, it really involved a new understanding about the true nature of Consciousness. That’s all really.
    For the moment,

  5. hi David
    i also wanted to say i enjoyed the interview in metro and it was a suprise reading it on my way to work because u hadnt mentioned it i dont think.
    i was like “I know him!!!”
    i took it in and showed some work mates. a couple of the girls thought the picture was really good and offered to help u with ur website if u have any design issues.
    you’ll have to come out with us the next time we’re in ur neck of the woods.

  6. Why thank you Craig,
    Everything seems to be happening at once at Halloween, and its only just beginning!
    As a matter of fact, I haven’t even seen the article yet or the pic. But its probably a good one – I’m always photogenic!
    Now, two girls are involved you say! Dare I ask their ages and interests?! Might well take you up on that! I’m OK for ‘Web help’ at the moment, thanks, because someone else is helping me but they’d be quite welcome to post. Or you can give them my personal email which you should still have! (She knows I am only joking!).
    But you would be quite welcome to come to my next talk in London if you want. Not sure of the precise date myself yet, but I will let you know.
    In the meantime, please do keep posting yourself.
    For now,

  7. David, I’ve sent you a copy of ‘Metro’ so that you can see and read your article. I think you’ll be impressed.
    I utterly and totally agree with you in that the ‘divine spark’ of the Supreme Being exists within all of us, no matter what the religious persuasion.

  8. Thanks Columbine,
    Everybody seems to have seen it, except myself!
    Yes. That’s really it. The almost tragic thing that some believe that it only belongs to themselves.

  9. Well David, some people never see the greater picture when it comes to their fellow humans. What right has one person to deny the love of God/Divine Spirit to another? Are we not all of one Creation? I think we are. Such folks are dreadfully bigoted. One size does not fit all when it comes to personal spiritual beliefs. ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions’, one great man said. He was right.

  10. Yes, Columbine. Spirit (God) is all pervading, and available to everyone.
    Some people are just closer to It than, others, that’s all.

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