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Party Time Again Soon . . .

Party time again soon . . .

Well I declare!  Whatever I seem to do – or rather, not to do – my name just seems to be spreading across the Internet.

 The latest are references to myself (and other ‘bonky’ people) are in a Blog called  “The Hearth of Mopsus: Beyond the Fringe”.  Its creator is seemingly an anglo Catholic who, curiously,  has a penchant for all things Gothic.  He also appears to be deeply unhappy with a wave of pseudo ‘bishops’ who have sprung up around the UK (although I presume he is taking America into account as well!) and are ‘peddling their wares’ – with a general lack of any churches or congregations – dressed up as ‘real’ bishops devoid of any proper credentials, except perhaps the ‘fancy dress’ religious uniforms that are used to convince a gullible few of their ‘real’ validity.  Its author points out (and well done him) that the titles such people attribute to themselves (such as ‘bishops’ or ‘arch- bishops’ of the ancient see of Glastonbury) are equally dubious, as Glastonbury only exists in mythical legend, and many of these priests and ‘bishops, appear to have been registered  – or originate – from the comparatively modern seaside town of Bournemouth!  (Well, I suppose it nowadays pulls in the tourists, at least!).

 So how does my own name feature in all this?  It doesn’t really – at least in reality. 

 Its author seems to imply that I must be involved in all this somehow, as I have created a number of Blogs ‘attacking’ one of these self made ‘bishops’.  I rarely get involved in such disputes, but I had to point out in a reply to “Hearth of Mopsus”, that I do not get involved in stupid ‘hate Blogs’, and I gave him a link to this Blog inviting his readers to scrutinize it and perhaps tell me – indeed publish on his new Blog – anything I have said that could be construed as ‘hateful’ to anybody.  I pointed out that this Blog was not set up for such a purpose and only dealt with mainly with my own involvement with occult investigations and the paranormal.  That has always been the case, and it will remain so.

 On that subject (the latter), its only three weeks or so now away from my ASSAP Talk on 7th of September at  Bath University.  Really looking forward to that actually.  A two day break, and should be a lot of fun. Quite a lot of professional people and authors going apparently,  but all in a day’s work (well, two days work!) and will make a welcome break.  There is a dinner and disco afterwards (I should say ‘occult-themed disco’ really as I understand there will be ‘spooky songs’ and music); although I think I’ll have to skip the latter as I’m still having trouble in crowds with my half-lame foot.

 And then I have another Talk in London on 23rd of September and the requested subject?  Yes, you’ve guessed it!  The Highgate Vampire!  No lavish dinner for this one, but there will be a bar as its in a pub.  Probably need a drink after this one! So party time again soon!

 Well that’s about for now everyone.  Had a bit of time to spare as Della’s working late again, so I just thought I’d bring you all up to date.

 For the moment,



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