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Sunday Anew

Sunday again – I really hate Sundays, ‘cause of the normal monotony.

But I do have a little bit of news now, apart from the TV thing soon.

I met Jamie and his friend yesterday, and they spent a couple of days in London.  I am not deliberately trying to hold anybody in suspense, but I did say that if you ‘watch this space’, I would explain who Jamie is.

Okay, to get to the point for the more curious of you, Jamie is one of my sons, whom I have not seen for many years. Anyway, they both turned up yesterday, and we had a really good relaxing time.  They brought some wine with them, and also paid for a tasty curry.  Jamie’s girlfriend, Rosie, had a girlie buttered chicken dish, while the men made do with a Vindaloo, all washed down by copious bottles of wine, and a good few reminiscences.  He also showed me several photographs, and I was surprised – though delighted – to see that I have an eleven year old granddaughter.  Anyway, to get to the point, I had not actually seen Jamie, or his brother, for thirty-nine years – strange, because he claims to be only twenty-eight!

To be serious, I have to say that he was an extremely good looking young man – no doubt because he takes after his father.  And his girlfriend Rosie is really gorgeous as well.
Okay, everyone, there is a bit more news on top of all that, but you really will have to wait for it.  I’ve had a hard day, I’m a little bit tired.

But in the meantime, you might like to see one of the pictures that were taken of the occasion.  (Well, there are three or four, but I’m just posting one up for the moment.)

Well that’s it, really, sleep tight everyone, I know I am going to, after a really hectic and unexpected weekend!

For the moment,
David (Farrant)


4 Responses

  1. hi david
    great to hear that all went well with you and Jamie,he is a great lookin guy! hope to catch up with you very soon,its been crazy hear havin my double glazin done nearly called up Gareth to give me a hand to get everythin shifted !
    still nearly back to “normal” so maybe catch up with you end of the week if you can fit me in!

  2. Yes, a good looking guy – I’d almost be ‘jealous’ if he wasn’t my son!
    Now, you keep your claws off him Speedqueen; just concentrate on getting that ‘Cat’!
    Yes, meet soon again. Give me a call in the week on the number I gave you.
    Speak soon,

  3. bloody hell mate. i leave u alone for 5 minutes and uv got a son!
    …BUT…can you drink him under the table?
    i suggest a drink off.
    You, me and Jamie.
    let the booze flow, the stories be told and the sick bag filled!
    p.s jamie’s definitely got ur eyes and all jokes aside mate i am really really happy that the two of u are back in touch.
    top marks all round!

  4. I wondered where you’d got to as well.
    You’re a fine one to talk about drinking!
    But I very much doubt if anybody could ‘drink me under the table’ if I put my mind to it. Remember, I’ve been having the odd glass of winw since I was 14!
    Anyway, there was an accidental misprint in my post. I meant to say ‘glasses’ of wine, not ‘bottles’!
    But thank you for your comments about Jamie and my grend-daughter – I’m sure you meant that at least!
    For now,

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