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Its The Thought That Counts

I certainly got an expected surprise today!

Still in the process of a ‘clearout’ of the packed boxes, I discovered an invaluable little book called “Sylvaine Super Star”.  I had long given this book up as either been lost or loaned (really the same thing sometimes!) and there it was . . . right in the middle of a paper file, hidden for years. It’s a beautiful little book; self-published, OK, but it certainly doesn’t diminish its rarity or value.  (I’m talking about ‘value’ in terms of rarity, of course, as I’m really not interested in its financial value).

This book was of especial to me as the French actress was a friend of French author Jean-Paul Bourre and he had introduced me to Sylvaine and given me this little book when I visited him at his home in Paris in 1980.  By this time, Sylvaine was already an established starlet in her own right.  She had played various roles both on the television and in films (as are detailed in the book) but her special interest was the macabre and the supernatural and she had had leading roles with the likes of the late Peter Cushing and Oliver Reed. Why she ever condescended to speak to myself, I will never really know; but she was quite amicable and polite and said I really didn’t deserve my bad reputation.  So that’s telling you!

Anyway, I re-found the book, and shall put it somewhere where it won’t get lost again now. (Nothing short of a miracle in my flat!). Its sometimes difficult for me to take stock of all the books I have.  Most of them have been given to me over the years at one time or another.  Some with genuine intent by people as gifts because they have some reference to myself or ‘vampires’ in them.  A few have just been loaned, but I always give loaned books back, so never have to look for those.  Some have just been presents and I tend to hoard those as somehow it just doesn’t seem right to throw presents away if they might not especially hold your interest.

Which reminds me of a funny little incident when a lady visitor to London brought a book with her about ‘vampires’, and unexpectedly produced it from her case and said . . . “This is for you.  I was going to throw it out, as I didn’t want to keep it in the house”! Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts.  Rather give the book to myself to stop her putting it in the rubbish!  I kept it in fact, and actually later it came in quite useful!

Well, the weather’s held out temperature wize; just a few spits and spots of rain today – nothing I can’t handle.  And I’ve caught up on some sleep as well, which is nothing less than a small miracle in itself! But work goes on.  When I say work, I really mean all the writing, which is really a full-time job in itself.  I guess the main difference is, I suit myself when I do it.  Well, I have never worked to time-routines anyway, and probably get a lot more done than the average person by sticking to that.

DVD (plus copies) came in the post this morning of a London interview I made last year.  Now all I’ve got to do is find the leads to my DVD player which must be in the one or two remaining unpacked boxes.  “No rest for the wicked” as is said.  But I’m getting there!

For the moment, David


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  1. “She was quite amicable and polite and said I really didn’t deserve my bad reputation”…well I reckon a 1980s French actress knows best, eh David?
    I must say I am disappointed that your long-promised “tell all” book is nowhere nearer to press than it was the last time I dropped in here. I do so look forward to reading the “true” story-behind-the-story accounts of Bonky and His Acolyte’s nefarious deeds, UFO’s over Bournemouth, your “weekend in prison”, Gareth’s disappearing shaving brush, and various young ladies knickers lost (and found) in your flat.
    I can report that after heavy winter snowfalls, Cat Heaven is once again poised to bloom all green and leafy, and this feline will welcome the Spring, although not with any pagan rituals.
    Happy to see you remain snug in your newly remodeled “satanic headquarters” flat in Muswell and hope you soon shall be poncing about city streets signing tourist autographs when warmer weather arrives.

  2. I thought it was too good to be true, you poor frozen moggie. Just as I was having some peace – sort of!
    The first book was released on Feb 23, but I doubt it would really interest you (although it has interested many other people) being he 1st part of my autobiography.
    I think the one you’re reffering to is the “Pact With The Devil”, one which is almost near completion. That certainly tells a later story of lies and deceipt, and love and betrayal – although I have not included the ‘shaving brush’ incident to avoid embarrassment to poor old Gareth. (Well, lets be fair, it was you who started that particular story!).
    But apart from that, everything else is in it: right down to my ‘betrayal’ to Bonkers; and for that matter, that person’s betrayal to the Church by siding with the ‘fiend’ in question!
    It is really a story of hyporcrisy and deceipt; hence the title.
    Now, where have you been pussy cat? You only seem to come back here to stir up salicious gossip!
    Well don’t worry. You don’t have to. People will have all the ‘gossip’ they need when they read the next book!
    As that person said . . . “Here is some scandal” (speaking publicly to ‘Bonky’) and they went on to try and fictionalise it. The difference is my writings are not made up of fiction, but only based on fact!
    That should be enough to get you out of your ‘cat basket’,
    if nothing else does!
    Seriously though, nice to hear from you again . . . I think!

  3. I did not start the “shaving brush story”. I think it was Craig who started it. Yes, that’s it. It was Craig. As he tells it, during an infamous “witchcraft weekend” Up North , the valuable item went missing and was later discovered in the folds of Madame Greenwych’s red velvet duvet.
    In any case, nice to see you’re well and in good health.

  4. CAT!!!
    long time no speak mate.
    have u seen bonkers new little multiply group where he calls himself lordbishopdickhead?
    plus i spotted one of the comments from some random obscure knob on his cut and paste refering to him as DR dickhead.
    honorary titles my arse!
    more like deluded old sap.
    nice to have u back.
    davids had it easy for far too long!

  5. That’s right, blame Craig Cat – he gets the blame for evertthing!
    Though I have to admit he was a little 0ver-persistant with all his remarks and question about the Yorkshire Dumpling! As usual, I got all the blame for that just for trying to answer questions. You really can’t win!
    For now,

  6. Me!!!???
    it was nothing to do with me.
    it was Cat who picked up on something Fugly had said on her “i dont want to talk about my ex david farrant, you know my ex who was involved in the highgate vampire thing, thats david farrant my ex who i dont want to ytalk about but if u want to know anything email and i’ll tell u all about my ex david farrant who i am over and i’m going to write a book about him cos im over him and i may release it online beause nobody in their right mind would touch my rubbish literary effort in bound format about my ex David farrant who i was with but i dont like talking about” blog.
    funniest blog ever!!

  7. Hullo Craig! I have not seen a new web site where Bonky is now a “Lord”. If David will permit a “url” you can direct me to it. However, I believe that Bonky had called himself a Lord in the past. I seem to recall it was in the period after he worked as a towel-boy (or was it a rent-boy) at a local swimming pool where he (and no doubt, David, too) enjoyed the favours of various womenfolks. As for the Yorkshire Dumpling, keep questioning Our David for details as I feel there is soon to be a number of ripping yarns on the subject covered in the forthcoming “tell all” book (which is rumoured to be under consideration for banning by the General Post Office).

  8. I sometimes wonder whose side you’re on Craig! I appreciate that you might think the whole thing is funny (and it is in a way, I admit) but I REALLY don’t want to talk about the person in question. After all, why should I? She does enough talking about myself all the time, without me having to join in! Or ANYBODY ELSE for that matter. If you get my drift!
    Apart from this, it only sets that Cat off again, which is exactly what’s happened again now!
    So cool it please!
    For the moment,
    David (Farrant)

  9. “…something Fugly had said on her blog”
    You know, Craig, I searched for this blogspot blog and by accident I found it, and landed on an entry containing a huge picture of “her”. The computer here in Cat Heaven almost died!!!!

  10. i saw a pic of her and derek akorah and shes sort of showing teeth in it.
    no wonder she usually keeps her mouth shut in pics.
    shes got teeth druids could worship around.
    maybe thats the fasination between her and lord dickhead?

  11. Cat. just change the obvious word for his normal surname and ul get to the website.

    theres a comment on his lame forum board were he is called dr dickhead as well.
    i think this is one of his little kiddie msn groups that migrated to multiply as they took over the groups from msn.
    he couldnt use the original name of the group because somebody went and registered them before he had a chance to claim them for himself.
    the other thing is that none of his imaginary alias’ can post on it because its a blog and not a forum.
    he has to write a stale blog for them to comment on.
    kiss goodbye to all his predictable sock puppets!

  12. Thankyee for the link Craig. I saw only one place under Bonky’s photo where it said “lordbishop” so I wonder what that’s all about. By the way, I think it’s high time David got a title, or a peerage, or something. If Bonky can be a Lord why the hell can’t David be a Viscount or a Duke or whatever?

  13. hi David
    just to let you know i shall ring you over the weekend for a chat and arrange to meet again very soon.ive finally got round to sorting the photos out and will send them in email to you later this evening
    I see the NOBLE cat is back !!!!!
    If you see Gareth tonight say hi and tell him i send my luv

  14. For Cat
    Because I never try to pretend to be other than what I am, Cat. that’s why!
    PS Are you planning to be here awhile again, Cat, or retutning back to heaven soon? I only ask because if this is a prolounged holiday, its only fair to warn people!

  15. Well David, I can’t say how long — it’s a busy, busy schedule here in Cat Heaven as you may imagine and not all lolling about eating fish and chasing butterflies. For example the other day a cat from Bournemouth showed up with quite a number of strange tales about his master. Seems this old pensioner has burnt down his outdoor loo after holding one too many candle light vigils in it. When last seen he was digging an underground bunker in which to hold church services and practise his saxophone in. However this pensioner compelled his pets to listen to his musical efforts (as no willing human could be found). Poor cat couldn’t take it anymore and leapt straight off into the sea.

  16. thanks a lot for that Gareth.
    i suppose it makes filling in a social security benefits form a bit tricky where it says title “other”.
    Bishop Lord Dr. Dickhead didnt recieve his giro.
    Dr Dickhead does the dole has a good 1970’s ring to it.
    i’d like to know where he got his doctorate from but i’m sure i read a comment where he said it was a title automatically bestowed on him or some gibberish like that.
    i’m also sure i read a comment where he said he was actually an archbishop but was too modrst to use that title or something along those lines.

  17. I know we all like a bit of fun and nobody wants to be a wet blanket but you are only bbehaving like Bonky by going on about the silly shaving brush story. Even if any of it was true its hardly that funny. As I have told you grubby minded little schoolboys before, Gareth simply left his shaving brush on the bathroom shelf and I found it when he had gone home and threw it away.I was later told it had sentimental value, I just thought it was a manky old shaving brush, anyway I told him I was sorry.
    The weekend was the occasion of my 60th birhtday party held in Halifax. I let several people stay overnight to save hotel bills as they had come from London. It was a bit of a squash but dont let your febrile, adolescent imaginations run riot–Gareth slept outside in the tent because of lack of space, the lovebirds slept in the big bedroom–of sorry, that was the visit before when we did the exorcism, anyway, it was not an orgy, I dont do orgies. If you have to make it into a gang bang with==presumably Gareths shaving brush as a sex toy which I presume you are implying, whoever started “joke” then your lurid speculations simply demonstrate the sort of things you must get up to yourselves. Dont do a Bonky and turn nothing into something, that is his particular expertise.
    We can all have a laugh but David has stressed that his book is about fact not fiction, so thank you David for not putting this nonsence in your book—or if you had, I presume you would have said it was supposed to be hilariously funny by some kids, but I hardly think it worth the ink. I seem to remember I was getting a bit of flack back for my involvement in the other nonsence! Still if these boys think the shaving brush story so funny, I dread to think what other things go on betwix their lugholes.

  18. For Cat and Craig,
    I once asked my late mother, who was rather precise about etiquette, on this question of multiple titles, and she told me that the correct form is “Bishop Lord Dickhead”, or, if he were to include his doctorate (though no-one knows what institution bestowed it) “Bishop Lord Dr. Dickhead”. This is because you put them in order of importance, a bishop being higher than a lord, and a lord higher than a doctor. But this lack of correctness hardly matters if the whole lot are spurious.
    Gareth J. Medway

  19. Howdy all! Long time no see!
    What? That frozen marmalade moggy saucepot is back? Kitty! Kitty!
    Craig, thanks for the link. I googled around and poor Lord Bishop Dickhead can’t get the hang of blogging. He has several blogs on Blogspot and joined his own blogs as his friends, but found his sock puppets no longer work there either. And the same on Facebook. The poor thing can barely post at all anymore. Just look at http://insertdickhead' Day after day of blank posts for March. LOLOLOL! I bet he wanders the beaches in an old house coat with what’s left of his hair in pink foam curlers – crying.

  20. Thanks Speedqueen,
    Can’t wait to see the photo’s. Just send them over when you get a chance. Can I publish one of them? Won’t do so without your permission of course!
    Phone me over the weekend and we can arrange another meet up. P and Gareth will be here again at the weekend, although will have to leave comparitively early. So we could make it then if you want? Tell me on the phone anyway.
    Yes, I see that Cat is back yet again. Be good to get him here also one day when you’re here. Seriously, I’d just love to let you loose on him, I really would!
    “Vengence is mine, said the Lord”: although that was really the devil of the Old Testimont speaking, not the God of the New!
    But I think Cat needs to be ‘clawed down’ a little, and who better to do it?!
    Speak to you over the weekemd,
    For now though,

  21. Hi Flossie,
    Its 7.30am and ain’t been to bed yet So this will be a quick post just to say hello.
    Now, a little birdie told me (well, a big birdie dressed in an ex-cop’s uniform) that he is thinking of re-starting his old Forum. If he does, it should be fun . . . great fun!
    This was my information, anyway, but you could always verify it yourself if you want. If you do, please let me know. I have really been a little busy lately, to the extent of not replying to as many people as I would like to.
    Yes, that Cat is back. I can confirm that anyway. And stirring up trouble as usual! So is Craig at the moment. Think the best thing is just leave them both to it!
    Anyway, nice to hear from you again. Please let me know about DE if you get any news.
    For the moment though,

  22. Thanks Barbara,
    I really MUST get some sleep now as another hour has elapsed.
    Will get the new book off to you Mon or Tues, I promise. I mean the one that has currently been released.
    Regarding the other one, that is nearly finished, but I have NOT included any unfounded sensationalism in it, however true this might be! I would be breaking my own principles if I did so as the feelings of other people would be involved. People, in fact, who genuinally know nothing about events as these actually happened or were portrayed to them, by the Judas’s of this world.
    I have, however, told the truth to repudiate many of the caculating lies that were told about the whole situation. If they (other people) want to learn anything, they can do so by reading that.
    I guess what I am trying to say is, I will not be revertring to the level of a couple of other people who almost certainly conspired to lie about fairly recent events. I have no need to. All I have to do is tell the truth. As I have said before, it will then only be a matter between the people concerned and their consciences’s – if indeed they have any.
    Whatever, that is really a matter between themselves and a Supreme Maker. I am only concerned with setting the record straight in this material world we all seem to live in.
    Yes. I’ll post the current book up to you after the weekend.
    For now,

  23. hi Flossie!
    this is like a good old reunion here!
    yeah i saw his blogspots as well and it made me laugh.
    hes trying to make up for losing his little kiddie msn groups by going ott with blogging.
    funny considering how hes “so busy” that he has time for it all.
    did u see the blog with his ‘paintings’ on?
    my god he’s passing off grade 3 attempts as art plus hes got one that he simply edited with a paint program of himself!
    theres one where he is painting some abmoniation – hes sitting in front of a canvas….welll that one is screaming to be fotoshopped. i’ve already deleted the canvas image and replaced it with goatse.

  24. Flossie! Nice to hear from you, and do drop us an email (as you know, AOL services “Cat Heaven”) to catch up.
    David, I am not so much stirring up “trouble” as sparking your creative, witchly energies. You should be grateful! Miaow!

  25. looks fine to me barbara.
    have u accidentally changed the setting in ur browser window?
    go to the top of ur IE window and select VIEW – TEXT SIZE and see what setting its on.
    if it says small, change it.

  26. Hi Guys, I did a live interview with Radio Leeds today about RHG and told them–on air—about the vampire situation and the exorcisms and also told them that Red Monkey are coming out this year with a film–for which I have several e mails promising the same—if the horses turn up! I told them the whole dickipoggy story and as it was life, well there it is.So call it what you will———–I can think of many prefixes to go before “gate”
    heppy gate
    lots more to choose from!
    etcetera and etcetara

  27. No, no Babs, that’s David casting a spell on your computer and mucking it up. In the morning he uses his satanic powers to brew up. He has to pronounce several very tricky sounding incantations to get the water to boil. Sometimes he gets it all wrong, and your computer screen gets affected instead. See? Craig can corroborate this story if you ask him.

  28. Baldiesmeiowgate
    I only asked a simple question and certainly didnt think of spells forsooth, but thought the hackers might be at it again, you twerp. As someone who supports various animal charities, in particular cats, we give you the bell book and candle.
    Thanks again Craig for your useful expertise to an old and partially demented person as myself who doesnt quite understand this strange machine in the corner of my lounge–I believe its called a computer!!!!
    If a nice young person hadnt explained to me at the time, I would have thought it a satanic idol.
    You are a disgrace to Catdom.

  29. Oops, not you Craigkins, Baldykins is the disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!He should be court mashailled out of Catdom and his whiskers stripped off him—but methinks he is an imposter and not a cat at all–all my cat friends who have access to the cat grapevine says he’s not really a cat, he is a human monster masquerading as a cat!

  30. David: Glad to see the book is published and you are doing well. Let me know when the second is ready and I’ll order both together. Since America’s banks have gone down the rabbit hole, I guess it would be more cost effective to purchase both at one time what with the surcharges and all. Great to hear about DE! Do keep me informed.
    Craig: Sad isn’t it? I guess someone got Photoshop Elements for Chrissy. I guess since he can’t play sock puppets and harass bloggers as usual, he must need something to do with his time. That pic of David make him look like the Frost King. Hey, isn’t everyone tired of his quoting of Byron and other dead poets? i really had my fill of Byron watching the TV show Beauty and and Beast in the late 1980s. When he spews Byron I think of Ron Perlman dressed like a lion. maybe he should try something like:
    “One man’ll body slam Def Jam
    Focus ya head cam, zoom in, we radio tunin
    I know you’re listenin so I keep showin and provin
    Play the sideline, waitin for the right time to take mine
    Street crime, nickel and dime rhyme”
    Barbara: I’m torn between shavingbrushgate and netcurtainsgate.
    Cat! Where is spring? Expect an email and a can of 9 Lives within 24 hrs!

  31. Just ignore him, Barbara, or you’ll only make him worse – if that’s possible!
    I was going to email you later, but no harm in telling you here: I have packaged up two books for yourself and Rob which will be going !st tomorrow. So if the post runs to schedule, you can expect it Thursday.
    Congrats about your radio Leeds broadcast. I have been asked to do two myself which will be coming up soon. I will give more details here once completed. I know its a pity to have to be so secretative, but with that stalker and his associate around every corner, one can’t be too careful!
    And don’t take any notice of the Cat. I’ll tell you something though; he really will be in Heavan in ever Speedqueen gets hold of him!
    For the moment,

  32. David, I have heard rumour through the Cat grapevine that either Jeremy Irons or Keith Richards will play yourself in the film version of “The David Farrant Story” and wonder if you have any preference? Don’t know who might play Bonky although Ian McShane would be a good choice. Gareth’s manky shaving brush would, of course, play itself.

  33. Looking forward to your tomes David! I have had a hard day–we are breaking s tones in the garden of the new house, I feel like the Chain Gang or a convict–same thing I suppose but very very hard work! I will ignore the cat impersonator as you advise–unless he says anything too utterly stupid—- I hear from a certain person that another certain person is still going to a certain place. Sure you’ll understand–is the 3 years up yet?
    tata barbara

  34. Hello Flossie,
    I couldn’t help laughing about your comments to Craig about ‘sock puppets’. I really couldn’t, especially as its so funny. (Well ‘funny’ but tragic as well!). I mean, can you imagine it, somebody talking to their hand; the hand answering back, and then a person says this is ‘proof of what he’s saying, because his hand is confirming it. As I’ve said before, the mind truly boggles!
    I will send you the current book over. No need to pay anything yet. Just pay when I send the next one in May, but we can arrange all that later. You might find the current one a little ‘boring’, as it is only my autobiography – or the first part of it. For us ‘witches’ really do have boring lives sometimes; or more precisely, far removed from the hyped-up sensationalism people often attribute to them (‘us’) in ignorance. (Are you listening, Cat?!).
    But I’ll send the current book in the next couple of days. Please just acknowledge safe receipt when it arrives.
    Anyway, I’ll leave Craig to answer you about the ‘sock puppets’. Me, I’m just still laughing!
    For the moment,

  35. hi David
    well ive finished reading your book and found it very interesting and not at all boring.infact theres a couple of pages i found very intriguing and i intend to discuss them with you on my next visit!!
    looking forward to meeting up with you,Garath and Patsy as we arranged the other night,and will bring my camera this time.ive made sure ive no appointments for the day after our meeting as it took time to recover when we last meet and suggest you do the same!!!

  36. no worries barbara, glad to be of some help.
    windows usually has a habit of screwing up the settings without u even knowing.
    chances are u just hit a combo of buttons and altered it without realising.
    as for david, yeah he notorious for casting speels and stuff. once my pc started talking to me and a hand came out of it and gave me the finger.
    i blame david and his evil black magic satanist ways.
    Flossie: i really do believe Dr Lord Bishop dickhead is mental. the amount of blogs and kiddie groups hes set up is freaking bizarre considering hes supposed to be so busy and ur right about ron pearlman!
    its like emo for the older generation!

  37. Hi Speedqueen,
    I’ve spoken to Patsy and Gareth and everything’s still fine for you know when.
    Not exactly sure which ‘couple of pages’ you’re referring to in my new book. If its the chapter with the ‘hay loft incident’ in it, I have to plead ‘guiulty’ to that! I left that in because its just a part of the story as it actually happened and I haven’t actually cut anything from the original pages. Added stuff, maybe, but not actually deleted anything. If its that, well, people either love it or ‘hate’ it; or in some cases, love it then choose to ‘hate’ it later when it tends to suit their own particular agenda. Oh! the hyporcrisy in this world! I don’t mean you Speedqueen, but just a few people are like that. Enjoy it and praise it one minute, then abruptly choose to condemn it conveniently forgetting their original enjoyment or interest! That to me spells ‘hyporcrisy’ and there is really no other word for it.
    But just thank God, Cat has never read it. I am not saying he is a hyporcrite, but I’d never hear the last of it!
    So, till you know when,

  38. – “But just thank God, Cat has never read it.”
    The hayloft incident? Oh, pish tosh. Who hasn’t bedded down with a randy female in some odd place? Not even Bonky can deny his youthful pleasures. And speaking of ‘hypocrisy’, the remarkable thing I find about Christianity is that it allows you to do all kinds of sinful things, and as long as you confess – you are then free to condemn others for the exact same things you were guilty of!

  39. You know Cat,
    For once I couldn’t agree with you more. You put it much better than I could – straight to the point! You see Cat, you can talk sense, when you keep off sex! (Although I suppose that’s supposed to be a part of Confession as well).
    The late Dave Allen once did a really funny sketch on that. Don’t know if you saw it? He was dressed up as a Priest as usual lecturing on the evils of sex. and he went on to say, it was not only a sin to ‘do it’ (outside of wedlock) but it was also a sin to entertain thoughts about ‘it’.
    Then he spotted a girl in the audience wearing a mini-skirt, and he jumped up from his chair and rushed straight into the Confessional box!
    Might not be that funny, but it sure makes the point!
    for the moment,

  40. David,
    Thank you very much on the books. Looking forward to reading Volume 1. You are so kind!
    Craig: I’ve just finished a book called “The Dead Travel Fast” by Eric Nuzum. Of course he skewered the Highgate incident. Though he wrote little about David, his thoughts on Dr Lord Bishop were a laff riot!
    “..prancing around England in tuxedos, frilly ghothic suits and big blow-dried hair…He was kind of like a combo of Miss Cleo and Geraldo Rivera minus the mustache.” (p. 125)
    “He now walks around in a bishop’s outfit and has a corner on the market for exorcism-conducting, vampire-killing, psychic bishops.” (p. 127)
    Cat: I’m behind on the email. Get to you soon!

  41. Thanks Flossie,
    I must get me a cpoy of that! Can you tell me, is it recent? I’ll check and see if its come to England yet. They all seem to!
    Thanks for that info.
    For the moment,

  42. David,
    I’ve finished with my copy. As you’ve been so kind sending me material, let me give you this book. I can post it tomorrow and you should have it next week.

  43. Thanks Flossie,
    That’s very kind of you. One things for sure, the book would be going to a good home, and may well come in very useful!
    I will package your’s up over the weekend and post it Monday. When its actually gone in the post I’ll let you know here. Takes about 7 days I think.
    Please let me know what you think afterwards. I honestly don’t mind genuine criticism; all I object to is all the phoney stuff which comes from only one source as you know (well, two sources now actually after the ‘Judas betrayal’!
    For the moment,

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