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Crowded Monotony

Sunday, and not one of my favourite days as most people know. Maybe its because most people are off work (and school) and there is some sort of ‘crowded monotony’ wherever you seem to go.

Its in the streets; its in the shops; its in the churches; its all around you. And even if you can’t see it, its in the bloody atmosphere!

Its alright K, I’m not going to get onto religion again (or the general lack of it); just trying to describe the day and my impressions! Maybe it’s a bad time really because I’ve had a hectic weekend – well, really starting from Friday. – and my mind has been a little ‘over-taxed what with events and people. I won’t bore you with all that because its mostly mundane stuff (sorry Gareth, don’t mean you!) and not things I can really write about without people thinking I’m trying to write another episode of Coronation Street. Not that I ever watch Coronation Street mark you, but I’ve seen it in the past and that sort of sums it up.

No. I have been really busy – or perhaps the word is ‘occupied’. Maybe its also partly because of my recent membership of Facebook, although I’m not knocking that as they’re all good people on there – the one’s I’ve met so far anyway. But I’m not singling Facebook out as the sole reason I’ve had a lot to do. There’s all the independent emails to respond to as well as that.. Apart from that, there’s phone calls to be answered and physical letters to send. (Which just reminds me, I still haven’t answered that young lady’s query on ‘ghosts’. I should feel a little guilty there as she sent me an SAE!),

But in all, I have been kept pretty occupied.

I have had quite a lot of response now that my new autobiography has gone up on the main Website. Its early days for that yet but hopefully any response will be about the book itself, and not from people asking yet more about ‘vampires’!

Talking of which, I have been asked to do a radio interview (three in all actually) about the new book. So listen out for one or more of them – I’ll keep you posted.

Incidently KD (I’m referring to the original one this time), if you’re reading this (as I’m sure you are) do you remember back in 1999 I gave you (loaned you) a copy of a manuscript on the infamous Old Bailey trial? Well, I’d rather like to have this back now as it would save me considerable work and time trying to locate the original. Its here somewhere, but ‘somewhere’ is the operative word! So if you could give me a call about this, I would be grateful. Number is still the same. Thanks.

What else? Well, there is also a filming project coming up soon to do with the new book. I won’t put details up yet. Last time I gave prior details about a public event (a Talk in fact) some sanctimonious hypocrite tried to disrupt (unsuccessfully I should add!).

Well everyone its getting late now (or I should say ‘early’ really) so I guess I’d better sign off. Don’t feel at all tired yet, but then us ‘witches’ have strange sleep patterns!

For the moment,


3 Responses

  1. Sorry to have been out of touch David–we have been busy with the new house painting and decorating! Have you heard any more about the Red Monkey film—I was told it would be out by last year, but they needed horses–well, I have heard it all now!Looking forward to reading your rollicking revelations.
    tata for now

  2. Hi Barbara,
    No havn’t heard more from RM Films. I’ll email Andy in the week and let you know.
    As for ‘rollicking revelations’ in my new book, I’m not quite sure what you mean by that! But you will see for yourself soon.
    If you know anybody who wants a copy, just let me know. I will have to charge for further copies so would need a postage address, or I could post any order directly to you to pass on. (Yours will still be free as I promised).
    I know you’ve been busy but I would imagine that must be nearing an end now?
    Anyway, speak soon,

  3. Hi David–I was “codding you on” as we say in Yorkshire—-more like rivetting revelations or–romantic??? I had my tabloid head on! I cant wait to get your book anyhow—how about ripping yarns? I asked you I think if the “shadow of the vampire” idea was a deliberate paradox–remember the Oasis song-“as he faced the sun he cast no shadow”–I like that song, whatever it is. Its been all hands on deck recently, stripping walls–haha had you folled there—-wallpapering and painting but its nearly done so my daughter can move into her new house soon. Well you wont get much sense from Ye Film, Evelyn was told two years ago it was defintely on scehdule and firmly promised, and I have lost count of the fib offs I have had. 5 YEARS is ridiulous for an hours film, and I dont see why they want horses, its an unecessary complication–more like an excuse and delaying tactic–why not just say they were warned off and scrapped it, and we all had our time wasted as we forcaste anyway.You would not think there would still be a problem from beyond the grave…………….
    I think we have all been very patient and to be treated like this is pretty shabby.
    Anyhow you sound to be having a merry old time, so just to let you know I havent disappeared into the ether
    tata barbara

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