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Up The Entire Night

Had a phone call from K a little while ago. I was told I have been neglecting my Blog.

Well, you know she’s right! I just looked at it and realised I hadn’t posted since March the 10th. I do have a good excuse though. I’ve been working on the new book and also been kept slightly occupied on Facebook. A funny thing happened there, so I might as well tell you. I won’t go into it all again but basically, I originally only signed up for it trying to find a Swedish film Graduate who interviewed me back in 2002, called Elin.

Well I had her surname and I found her on Google, and it said she was on Facebook. Problem is, there were dozens of Elins as it was a very common Swedish surname. Anyway, it was very difficult because 1) I hardly knew how to use Facebook then and 2) some of the photographs were hard to distinguish. I mean, after all. This was back in 2002. But I decided to try my luck, so I emailed just two people hoping one of which might be her. No reply from one, but then about 2 days ago, I got an email from ‘Elin’ asking me to explain how I knew her and to explain. Oh dear! Wrong Elin. Anyway, I decided not to ignore it as it was my mistake, so I emailed her back explaining the above and apologising. She hasn’t got back yet, so just hope my explanation satisified her. After all, it was the truth as I wasn’t trying to ‘pick up’ strange women! (Just shut up Cat – in advance!).

No. But apart from that, I have been a little ‘side-tracked’ by Facebook. It was basically because somebody recognised me as ‘the legendary psychic investigator’, (his words, not mine) and it just went from there.. Got 38 friends on there now, but not just ‘random’ one’s but all people involved in the field of the Paranormal. So it hasn’t all been a waste of time – except my Elin ‘adventure’!

But K is right.. My Blog should really come first. Even with that mad Cat on it! So don’t worry Sweetheart. I will not neglect all my loyal fans here!

While I think of it Barbara and Rob, I posted your two books lunchtime so expect them tomorrow or soon after.

Well its nearly 8pm now but it seems a lot later. Probably because I was up the entire night last night and haven’t had any sleep since Monday. I feel OK actually, but better try to get to bed around 1 this morning. I really can’t go before that as am expecting a couple of late phone calls. So good people. With that I will leave you. Not hungry, but will open a bottle of wine to help me sleep. Any excuse!

For the moment, David


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  1. I’ll let you know when the books arrive David–, or should I say the book as your second one isnt finished is it. I keep hearing bits of news but have moved on since what shall we call it–Bishopgate in more ways than one, at present my energies–apart from renovating the new house for my daughter–have been conentrated on Ladies of the Night and the fuss over that. But for the present I have to keep quiet for my friends sake, though these things have a habit of getting out. I know the books in various countries now and getting good reports all round—-despite the mistakes which appeared—we got some real nasty stuff on Amazon but reckon that came from one source.We have got a good advert in the Dalesman a popular Yorkshire magazine.I have various ideas about another book but dont know if I can summon up the energy–its very hard work. I am starting a blog–when I work it out–called Throw the Book at It—-anyhow must get cracking. I’ve also got a Facebook sort of by accident but not sure what I am doing with it and certain people seem to be on it accidentally, as once before I was swept up into it and the computer seems to have remembered.
    tata anyhow

  2. Hi David–the book has arrived,many thanks, I will let you know my views when I have read it though I have had a quick skim looking for the hayloft!
    I think I may had read some before in your other books of course,anyway it looks very professional and I think the cover is brill. Who is KD? Surely not the KD–I THOUGHT WE WERE STRUCK OFF?
    tata barbara

    Don’t YOU start being influenced by that damn Cat! Anyway, there’s much more important bits in it. But page 101 if you must know.
    Have fun!
    For the moment,

  4. Hi David–I have read some of your book, plus page 101-2,!!!! though I am sure I have read most of these situations before as isnt it based on Shadows of the Night and Dark Journey? Still, it was interesting to read again, and I have also read the end. I am a very quick reader so should finish the rest off this weekend as hopefully the garden work will be finished soon.And I do read certain books twice and many times over, so I was interested in a refresher and perhaps realised the point was to explain about Wicca as well as write your memoires. Gosh I would not dare to write mine, even if I could remember them ,you are very brave! As some people will realise David and I are about the same age so went through the swinging sixties–also roughly the same time I was also “on the road” in France and Spain, though not as long, and my friend Audrey and I had some great fun, though not of the dickipoggy variety, though we had a few close calls by some fo the drivers, mostly men, who gave us lifts.
    We simply had no money at all and everyone was very kind so we got food and transport free and had a great time . We also hitch hiked all over England–there were no motorways at the time either!Good job David and I never bumped into each other, though to be honest I never fancied getting involved with witchy things,it was too scary and my friend was a s taunch RC and we were very strict about the do Dickipoggy rule even thoug it was the swinging sixties! I never heard of anything about witchcraft in Yorkshire though undoubtedly it went on–we were too busy drinking Tetleys bitter and creating mayhem in the Yorkshire Dales–Ingleton was the place! So well done David and here’s to your next book, which brings things up to date! One last question David–do any of your old flames–or enemies– mind their names being in your book, or have you changed any names—you know —from me —what a hoo ha writing about personal experiences can cause—though I have always “disguised” certain things—so they are still true but not identifiable–have you written it really as it was or composited anything.
    tata for now

  5. Hi Barbara,
    I have only used Christian names in the book but they are all correct ones. I would not use surnames (even if I could remember them all) as it was a long time ago, and, in any event, serves little point. My purpose was just to tell things as they happened, not to put people on some sort of ‘identification parade’. The chances of the latter otherwise happening would have been very real. I mean there are a LOT of people out there, not least some journalists – or people who might be aiding and abetting them – who would like nothing more than to create more ‘scandal’ in my life, even to the extent of involving other people. Personally, I don’t care, but I have the feelings of other innocent people to consider.
    This will not be the case in the next book (almost completed).. Where people have named myself in full and made public statements and accusations about myself to boot (nice little Yorkshire expression for you there!) they will be named in full accordingly. Where I have signed correspondence from such people which might give a lie to such allegations, this will be published in full (or in part where relevant) accordingly.
    As you know, I have named you in the next book, but have sent to an advanced copy so you can see exactly what I have said and correct any of it if not accurate. Some other people will not get the same privilege. Where people have deliberately told lies about myself (albeit at the instigation of yet mare biased people) and repeated such untruths in public and involved both the Press and the police (and some Church authorities), the record will be set straight and such people will be named in full.
    Where would that leave me? Well, at least it would leave me with a clear conscience! Other people might not be so lucky!
    Anyway, the book is not quite finished yet. But when it is, advanced copies will go out to any named authorities so that it can be checked for accuracy. This would also give such authorities to raise any objections with myself before the book’s public release. I really can’t be fairer than that!
    As to the ‘occult side’ of the current book, you may see that I have been very careful not to exaggerate or sensationalise this in any way. I have just described this as part of a ‘learning process’; but more importantly, how this actually happened (my mother being a member of the spiritualist Church, for example).
    I have left out ridiculous accounts and claims of people ‘staking vampires’, for another example.
    After all, the book is an autobiography (or the first volume of one) and I am therefore only interested in fact, not fiction!
    So hope you enjoy it all!
    For the moment,

  6. Thanks David–that is fair enough. Well, I have been named and blamed–though not shamed– as far as I am concerned, though there have been plenty of lying twaddle and cap doffing sick attackson me—-
    on the Internetenough times by the Men in Green(tights) so you get used to it. After a few times you think what a bunch of ignorant tossers ,slarmly relatives living in hopes and similar opportunists,
    bad mouthing me in order to get brownie points!
    I am sure you will be fair. At the end of the day, it was rather funny, though I suppose there were a few matters which went rather beyond a joke. Bonky’s rants about my ” dreadful doings” leave me completely unconcerned, though often somewhat irritated at his silly lying nonsence, realising hardly anyone takes him seriously, the cap doffing Men in Green make me sick basically with their boot licking smarm–yes even now,when the object of their servile slimy worship o longer there,”Ma-am”
    I could say it in another language but might bet taken to task over it so wont —-noton your blog anyhow— and you know
    about the situation with Ladies of the Night–memoires of two community
    night nurses.
    It just made me wonder if you had ever had any irate repercusasions on your case, you seem to have solved the problem very sensibly.
    I shall take the book to bed tonight—oooh you are awful!I could say it will send me to sleep but if I do dont get me wrong, I read till I fall asleeop every night, anyway I am so shattered with a third day of digging up hardcore–no not that, concrete and stones–I shall probably be out like a light!
    tata barbara

  7. Hi David,
    managed to drag myself out of the pub tonight and finish the book [cheque in post on monday]. Really enjoyed it, especially the childhood stuff. You managed to pull of a real evocation of times long gone. I can so sympathise with the domestic military regime. It sure f****d me up, big-time. But, yes, very evocative. I also enjoyed the ‘knarl’ and his creepy mates. Not so keen on the ‘sex-magic’ stuff, but being of the caballistic persuasion that’s understandable. Although the Sekkinah workings are quite interesting, don’t know if you’ve dabbled ? And the Hill confessuion about who really vandalised that church does not surprise me at all. I’ve always suspected that ‘He’ vandalised a lot more, if you get my drift ? Can’t wait for the next one. I hope you atre going to cover at least some of the years between the scrubs and yorkshirepuddinggate at some point.
    Still a bit confused on the Alison story, very ambiguous but I sense that you want to keep it that way. but, yes, combining two books with supplementary material was definitely a good idea. Anyhow, ass-kissing over for now :-] Will call you later.

  8. YOU, actually getting out of a pub on time, and on top of that, finish the book. THAT really is short of a miracle!
    Seriously, thanks for the comments Rob. Its nice to know people are actually reading it. It took almost 18 months to complete; and that with almost desperate attempts by some people trying to prevent its publication. Funnily enough, those same (two) people were really wasting their time! I think they got the two books mixed up, thinking the 2nd one was a part of this one! Human nature again, I suppose, or maybe more precisely, the result of a guilty conscience!
    I have put up the first part of a long review of your book “Return of The Vampire Hunter” on Facebook. You might lkike to read that, if not comment. Its under the heading “The highgate Vampire Society”, so have fun!
    Thanks again Rob. Might speak to you later once you can get away from your ‘haggis’ or ‘tossing the caber’ in the garden. Speak soon.
    Yours for now,

  9. David,
    I don’t have the energy to toss my ‘caber’, or anything else at the moment. Bit stupified, so off to bed. Will call you tomorrow. Any chance of putting up a link to the HVS stuff on facebook ? Ta.

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