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Sorry Folks, Technical Error!

Sorry everyone! A technical hitch.

No. I mustn’t make excuses but take the blame in full.
When I was editing a post earlier (one of my own), I accidentally pressed some wrong button which made the last three posts “closed for comments”. They are not at all, of course, and this was completely my fault. So post away if you want.

Well, I guess you learn from Life through experience, and this is no exception!


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  1. Imagine my alarm upon reading of “feuding witches” sacrificing raccoons:

    …and then finding your comments were “closed” as if you were “hiding”.
    Although I find raccoons are cheeky buggers and don’t mind if they are sacrificed there is always the possibility the sacrificers will mistake a cat for a raccoon, and then where are we? I urge you to speak out against these people.

  2. For LJB’s Cat
    The recent American newspaper you linked read (in part):
    “Witches charged after raccoon entrails left on doorsteps
    August 23, 2007
    SALEM, Mass. –Two witches have been accused of tossing a raccoon head and entrails on the doorsteps of two businesses as part of what a witness called an internal Wiccan community feud”.
    People can read the whole thing if they want from the link you gave, but an essential paragraph is surely what one of the Defence said in Court . . .
    He said: “. . . .but the tossing of raccoon entrails in May was probably a “bastardization” of Wiccan practice because the religion doesn’t condone blood sacrifice or harming others”.
    I think this statement is important true Wicca is only an ancient Fertility Religion whereby can learn about the Cosmos and Nature and has nothing to do the oft made claims made about it by the Press and other misguided people that it involves animal sacrifice and involves ‘cursing’ people.
    This is really just rubbish left over from the ‘Witchcraft Inquisitions’ left over from the 16th century, and I would be highly suspicious of such claims attributed to it by newspapers.
    There MAY be people who indulge in such pseudo practices, of course, but believe me they are no part of the true Wiccan Creed and Doctrines.
    Hope this helps Cat. And don’t worry about being ‘sacrificed’ at some black magic ritual. You’re already dead remember!

  3. Makes a change form you being charged doesn’t it ” ‘ “David’ ‘ “.
    Anyway, I’m off to get my credentials laminated.

  4. For The Purple One
    I am allowing your comment this time Purple one, but I have already made it quite clear that I do NOT intend to talk about the Highgate ‘vampire’ here except in so far as it might prove relevant to my thoughts about material that I may happen to be writing. So, please do not try and lead subjects in that particuar direction, or in any other direction that may involve third parties. Your old comments seem to be implying that this is what you want them to do. If you want them to stay, I say again, ‘just behave yourself’!
    Go back to your old blog and continue such discussion there if you so wish. I am not really interested in long past events … only the present!

  5. “David”, you are being so strict these days!
    I will leave you in peace as without the two Yorkshire lasses it isn’t the same anyway. I suppose next you’ll be telling us we can’t even talk about them!
    You’ve made your bed “David” and now you are forced to live forever beneath the unclean sheets …..
    His most Magnificent and Benevolent Grace,
    The Purple One.

  6. I can tell you now, if you want. I am not prepared to discuss ANY other individuals. The two people you allude to are virtual non-entities now, anyway; so why would I need to discuss them?
    Your ‘bed quote’ is appropriate in its original context, but you should remember you quoted my own quote that appeared in one of my books. And this related not to myself, but to another person.
    Anyway, I am sad to see you are leaving. Do come back if and when you can stop alluding to other individuals!

  7. Just because I said I don’t want to discuss ‘ vampires’, does not mean that I want to go to another equally irrelevant subjects such as ‘fish’, ghost cat!
    Your American ‘Witches report’ you quoted in the Boston Times (which I commented upon) wasn’t too bad. But ‘fish’; please ask me something sensible and coherent if you expect a sensible answer!

  8. Hi David,
    It’s interesting that you mentioned Wicca in your first reply. I was reading about Wicca a couple of nights ago, and did you know that ‘Wicca’ is the Old English word meaning ‘witch’? Yes, it’s so. I have been interested in Wicca (‘proper witchcraft’) for many, many years.
    Again, you are correct. Adherents of Wicca are interested only in nature and the cosmos, not doing harm to anyone. We have the ‘Inqusitions’ to thank for giving us witches a bad name!
    I have a great book called ‘Witch Hunt’ by Nigel Cawthorne. Have you heard of it?

  9. No, Columbine, I have not read the book “Witch Hunt” – but I do know what you mean. Wicca is often confused with ‘devil worship’ but those ignorant of its true Teachings. Yes the bloody Inquisitions did much for giving ‘witchcraft’ this interpreataion. Think of it, a lot of the torture and persecution was carried out by Christains; the very people who are supposed to spread and compassion. It really amounts to spreading hatred, and this still goes on today.

  10. Doesn’t it just, David? How terrifying that people were persecuted for their beliefs, simply because they didn’t ‘fit in’ with what others imposed on them. You are right – the hatred goes on today and moreover, so does the enforced shame and aversion that a witch has when the ‘craft’ is revealed. Witches are still the most persecuted and isunderstood religious group in society.

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