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Just Thought . . .

Just thought to put another two pictures up now – really from yesterday, but I was getting all ‘muddled up’ with transposing photographs then.

Well, not so much ‘muddled’, just couldn’t get them into the file I wanted.  But alright now . . . I hope!

Basically, the photographs show Rosy, Jamie’s beautiful girlfriend.  Gareth’s in one too, and that’s just me sitting in the middle.

They went back this morning, but seeing them again soon.  No, I’m not saying when – tell you after!

More tomorrow,  For the moment though’


5 Responses

  1. You must have had a lot to talk about David–it is a much happier situation now that all the dickipoggy of the past, which thankfully seems to have–not before time–gone away! Thanks for the hotel info by the way–we havent a date yet, but its the best way, no point in doing battle with central London in a car, it makes much more sense to stay on the outskirts–will let you know more anon. I havent any news on the other subject either! I had the offending tooth removed today, thankfully its round the back so wont spoil my beauty!
    tata barbara

  2. Thanks Barbara,
    Just let me know in advance so I can clean the place up a bit for your visit. Gareth will be pleased when I tell him as I know he’s been ‘pining’ for you!
    Yes, Jamie and me had a lot to talk about – well, 40 years or so is a long time to catch up on! Maybe you could even meet him; just have to see how the dates work out. Sooner February’s gone the better, and hopefully take this cold with it!
    Speak soon,

  3. “Hello, David:
    This is not intended for public viewing, but it is alright with me if you do
    choose to post it.
    I’m not sure if you remember, but we corresponded a while back when I directed someone to you for assistance with a possible paranormal manner.”
    Thanks Adam,
    And of course I remember you. I have not put the details of your post up here, as there are a couple of people reading this Blog that I feel it better that they should not have the details.
    But what you have told me so far (which I have kept private) is fine by me. And I know a couple of other people who I’m sure would be able to help in your project (count me in for one!).
    And yes, I remember the person you refer to. I did speak to her twice on the phone eventually, though I seem to remember there was some ‘mix up’ with the number.
    Yes, I will help if I can. Just keep in touch here and I can keep any future correspondence completely private if you prefer.
    But thanks for getting in touch, good to hear from you again.
    For the moment,
    David (Farrant)

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