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Life Can Be Strange Sometimes . . .

Well did I get a surprise a little earlier,  and a nice one in the midst of all this miserable snow.

Had quite a long call from Bev to confirm Kev and her got the new DVD this morning.  She said they are going to watch it tonight.  (Its 1hr 1hr. 10 mins. long).
Anyway she said she and Kev would be moving before Christmas and its not at all far from here.  Kev was there but she said she wouldn’t put him on the phone because of his hearing problem. Well. Then came the surprise.  She said if I wasn’t doing anything, they’d be very happy for me to go for Christmas dinner.  She said they were both ‘health nuts’ and it would be organic wine and food, and Kev had a load of past memories to share with me . . . photo’s, letters and emails going back some 35 years and all the emails were on a memory stick.  (I wasn’t sure what a ‘memory stick’ was, but I didn’t like to ask as Kev told me before she was somewhat of an expert on a computer:  oh all right then . . . I didn’t want to make myself look stupid!).

Kev said he had heaps to show me and thought that Xmas would be a good time.  He said he would gladly come over and pick me up and run me back again.

Well, I was a bit embarrassed as I don’t know them that well,  but I agreed to go over, especially when she said only her and Kev would be there.  That really decided me as I might have otherwise have been embarrassed with people I didn’t know.  So it seems that that’s my Christmas day taken care of.  And at least it’s a genuine invitation, unlike that other one I had!

That’s about the only news really, but I thought it significant enough to do a short Blog about it.

I have to say it did hurt me a little to write the last one, but being personal, I can’t say much more about that.  Life can be strange sometimes and sometimes it never works out as you expected it to!

Anyway, that’s really it for now but I’ll keep your all updated.  For the moment,



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  1. Hi,David.I cant see why it hurt to write the last blog?It was all about love,wasnt it-and isnt that sposed to be happy?And a good thing?Think of all the poor sods,[myself included]who seem to search for love ,but their princess or knight in shining armour never turns up!knowing my luck,i will be about 80 before that happens!And then,it will be too late!Oh,well,on a more serious note,i see you decided not to go to Bournemouth for xmas?.Cant say i blame you not going-it did sound dodgy to me.But at least youll spend the day with friends?.Yours,Clarmonde

  2. You are popular! Im not a huge fan of christmas but your plans sound lovely. It was very nice of them to invite you.

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