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For V


You know, it’s a strange feeling when you suddenly find yourself in love with somebody: not some superficial love attraction, but a real communication, a deep communication, between two people.  Its silent, and sometimes no words are necessary.  Its just an invisible feeling and doesn’t need words.

But it can be real, and I think that’s what can be so frightening about it.  I said “I’ll see you again”, and I meant it.  Somehow,  somehow,  I think we will as I’d really like to meet you properly.  Our cultures may be different, but that’s all.

If you read this, its just my way of telling you: or trying to tell you, that its just my way of responding  to some ‘forbidden chance’.  I am thinking of you, but I won’t put anymore here.  I can’t.  Just remember what I said last, and you’ll know I am referring to you.



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  1. Hello David,
    I’m new to your circle, but I understand the feelings you are describing…its great…love that feeling…cool. enjoy!

  2. Thanks Ryllian,
    Thanks for understanding that. I think there are just things that you cannot describe, and that was one of them. Just a personal message ti her, that’s all.

  3. As for you Craig,
    I will ignore your remark about ‘Yorkshire Puddings’, which was not in very good taste!
    As for your ‘getting birds’ . . . well, at least the UK ones managed to avoid captivity while you were away. Poor Spain though!

  4. watch it mr Farrant!
    you’ll get me in trouble with banshee.
    you’re right about bad taste with yorkshire pudding.
    enough to leave you with indigestion.
    so have you decided to go to bournemouth for your xmas holidays?
    you could all wear festive hats or cosy’s…

  5. Hi Powder Gem
    Don’t feel neglected, post here more! I have a package for you which I’ll post for you tomorrow. Call it an advance Christmas present, and as I never send cards or give presents at Christmas, just know its specially for you!
    In fact, I meant to post it today, but it started to snow and I just can’t walk out on it because of my foot. (I don’t trust it not to let me slip!).
    If you want to give me a present back, then just post a little more here. I don’t mean every day – just more often!
    For the moment,

  6. As for you, Craig, you don’t need me to get you into trouble with ‘banshee’ (does she know you call her that?. Well she’ll know now anyway now I’ve posted it here. Serves you reight for keeping reminding me about ‘Yorkshire puddings’!): you do that all by yourself!

  7. Well,i can honestly say one thing for you,David.You know how to get people talking about you!Is this mysterious”V”Someone none of us have ever known?Yours,Clarmonde

  8. All i can say,David,is that because you are a little vague,it invites speculation.If you said something totally direct,it would give concrete answers,then there would be no need for all the [to use one of your own words]nebulous gossip,and assumptions,and half truths,and imaginings.I didnt expect you to go into intimate details about the persons actual life.If you didnt want people to talk,you surely wouldnt have mentioned anything at all?.But you dont have to answer me if you dont want to.That remains your right.Yours,Clarmonde

  9. For Claremond,
    The point is that nobody can talk about me if they don’t know anything; although some people try I admit. But they’re usually never right; you’ve only got to look at Hoggy to see that! But maybe you can see why its so important that I don’t give personal information about anyone. People can say or think about me what they like – I really don’t care – as long as it can’t affect other people.
    Does this answer your question? Probably not! But there’s just some things I cannot answer. In public, anyway.
    If it solely concerns myself, I might post something. But I just can’t do that where other people might be concerned.
    I must post you a copy of that new DVD. In fact, I will. Just waiting to get another batch for Christmas.
    Speak very soon. Or you can always phone if you want. Hope you’re not too cold because its freezing in London!
    For now,

  10. I completely understand what you are saying David. It really has nothing to do with us so for you to give us any sort of insight into your life is a bonus.

    You are making a fair point, and I’m not criricising it or trying to evade it. Its just that, when I started this Blog, I didn’t really want to do it and made that quite clear at the beginning. It was started as some form of ‘Diary’ but without involving other people – at least, without their prior permission. I therefore kept it up as some sort of ‘diary’, with all the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in it. A lot of it maybe didn’t ‘do me any favours’, but at least I like to think it has all been truthful. But truthful only towards myself, not toowards other people. It is just not my place to share other people’s feelings – only my own; if that makes sense. I really don’t care if some people care to ‘attack’ me, I am used to that. But I could not – or would not – expose others to that risk – if that makes sense?
    In other words, people can say what they want about myself – indeed have done so – but I will not allow them to do it to other innocent people.
    So, I’m not being ‘secretive’ in that respect, just careful!

  12. Yes, that’s right Powder Gem. I am obliged to discus some parts of my ‘public life’ that is already on record. But some personal things, I do not feel I am obliged to discuss in detail.
    Incidentally, watch out for the post tomorrow, as I posted that DVD to you earlier today.
    Let ne know what you think,

  13. Exactly. I suppose people take the fact that you are fairly open with us as an expectation now. I’d just like to say that i certainly dont.
    Brilliant! I am so excited and you can bank on me telling you what i think! Though, Royal Mail has let me down a lot lately, perhaps due to the snow so i’d consider myself very lucky if it arrived tomorow.
    Take care.

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