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Storm In A Teacup

Thought I’d better do another Blog as time is slipping on past June 23rd.  And anyway, it stops K. nagging me.  (Sorry K!).

Well, the “Pact” book does seem to have caused a bit of a storm – although not just in a tea cup!  I seem to have got a whole trolley load of teapots upset here, and the steam is even coming out of the cosies!  Well, I’m afraid that’s just ‘tough’!  You see, if all these nutcases stopped making all these ridiculous allegations about myself, I’d have no need to answer.  But (for the benefit of some of the ‘nutcases’), the book is out now, I’m afraid – both in England and the USA (and much further afield if you count Amazon as well) and there’s nothing you are really left with to whine about. Although some people will most probably will just keep on ‘whining’.  The truth has a funny way of upsetting people.

Well, I had my cold beers last night.  I went out this afternoon to get some more (for tonight) and a beautiful Spanish-looking lady came and sat next to me at the bus stop.  It was after 3 and she remarked how quiet everything was (no cars people, nothing).  Probably because of the football, I told her, but that I didn’t even have a television.  She told me it was England and Germany (which I didn’t even know!), and when the bus came, and she saw me struggling with the beers, she stood back to let me go before her.

She was dressed in a flimsy white dress and her legs were deep brown where she’d obviously been in the sun.  At least, I think.  Spanish people have naturally brown skin, so its sometimes hard to tell. She was getting off at the same stop as myself and again, she stepped back to let me get off first.

All I could say was ‘thank you’, but then added as an after-thought (without thinking as usual!) . . . “I should have said, ‘beauty before age!”.  She laughed and just said . . . “Thank YOU. Have a good day”.

I couldn’t help noticing just how kind some people can be.  It sure made a change from all the treachery and deceit I’d been subjected to by a female back in 2006 and into 2007.  But then, that’s why I’ve written the book.  But the book seemed miles away then, genuine reality seemed to have taken its place.

Another ‘genuine reality’ is yet to come.   I still haven’t drunk those beers yet!

For now everyone,


6 Responses

  1. hi,David.still working on my story.Decided to give it the works.Tiring,and because my work has such a strong emotional feel,bloody exhausting at times!Rewrote bits,as i want to give my best.i know you are waiting so i hopefully will get it to you soon.Hope you are ok.i looked on the Mysterious Britain site.There is someone called Luci who is on your side,and has some origional thoughts on the book that Tea Cosy wrote.How is your work going?Well,i hope?the weather is too hot,recently.still fogot to get Barbara Greens email address off you. Yours, Clarmonde.

  2. Hi Claremond
    Take your time with the work. I can’t really do much until I finish off the last two chapters of my 2nd Volume. I had to put these aside fairly recently to complete Pact with the Devil which I gave you (sorry about the cover!). But I work fairly fast (some might call it ‘dedication’!) and I’m well ahead of schedule. Yes I saw the post from Luci on Mysterious Britian and have since answered it. I’m sure she posted on Arcadia as well, must go and check after this. Whatever, it seems to prove that there are other people who do not take the self-published book at all seriously! Well, if some people write fiction and then try to present it as fact, they’ve only got themselves to blame I suppose.
    Anyway, just keep up the good work, won’t you!
    For the moment,

  3. Hi Claremond,
    I decided to have a look in my facebook which I hardly use, after reading all your posts–in fact its full of farm animals from my grandaughter, and then David and I decided to make each other “friends”–guess what no sooner done that a certain person erupts onto my message board with a purple-faced purple prosed lecture telling me what a naugty person I am and that I should mend my ways or I will end up in the burning fiery furnace stoking the boilers–so to speak! After telling him to take himself and his advice elsewhere and mind his own affairs, I deleted him but lo and behold he was back waving his fisrt again yesterday so I have deleted and Banned him–well I think I have as I can never work out just how Facebook works. So don’t worry Calremond if you get some similar dickipoggy, we have all been there, done it and got the video and it seems he is still on the warpath. There is no doubt he is “watchin g this space” and he went off on one when David and I joined each others facebook–he insists that David is some kind fo Svengali figure over me and I am a mindless young maiden who has led me off the true path of hoiliness (which is himself)–talk about hypocrisy–he has accused me of all kinds of codswallop, supposedly due to David’s “evil influnce” as if I havent a mind of my own, and when the truth is that he intruduced me to David in the first place and then he himself –the holy one–struck me off because I mentioned very briefly David in a book I wrote about Robin Hood, and threatened me with all manner of dire consequences if I did not “repent” and so on and so forth! Oh well, joing the club–we once did have a board for those who had been targetted in thi way–very holy I dont think. I sent David a link by the way to a very amusing board about him–maybe he will send it onto you!
    tata barbara

  4. Hi Barbara,i will try and find you on facebook,as i am not on it im afraid.But i dont underestimate tea pot.When i first went on arcadia he bombarded me with all manner of things in my message box.God knows why.Did you at any time meet this disturbed individual?Its my good fortune that i never have,and do not want to.

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