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Pact with the Devil

I am pleased to say that my new book “Pact with the Devil” has today been listed on Amazon, release date June 23.

I have already met quite a few private orders, but this means the book will reach a much larger audience for anyone wishing to order it. I still have a little left to do with all the preliminary technicalities, such as sending it to the 6 main University Libraries (including the BritishLibrary)and many smaller ones.  I shall also be sending a copy up (by RD) to the Chief Superintendent of Yorkshire Police.  Reason?  Simple.  Some people have been threatening to get the book banned before they have even read it so if people are in a mind to make complaints about it, the Police will have seen the content and thus be able to judge in advance whether such complaints are genuine or merely invented fabrications.

Its been a marvellous day but I am a little tired.  Well, I guess that’s not surprising with all the running around I’ve been doing lately!

This evening I’m just going to relax and open some cold beers.  Couple a phone calls I promised to make (by the way Barbara I tried him three times last night but no answer) but apart from that . . . nothing!

For now folks


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  1. Now hear thsi, Mr. Milne! I have your book (the final one) all packaged up beside me ready for posting tomorrow. So look out for it on Sat.
    If my memory serves me correctly, you once had the great honour of talking on the phone to one of the stars featured in the books pages. I think you called her a “little minx”!
    Sorry about slight delay, but all should be revealed on Saturday.

  2. Its not like that at all Barbara, I have just spoken to Drew and that’s not the reason. He will drop the book off for you very soon, and says sorry but the particular was unavoidable.
    Anyway, you can expect it very soon,
    For the moment

  3. Okay, I can take a hint Cat. I will get a copy packaged for you as well in the nexc couple of days. But no rude comments!

  4. My most esteemed Mr Farrant,
    Thanks for the heads-up. I await Saturday’s post with baited breath. Your money order will follow in due course.
    Ta very much,

  5. Hi David. I emailed you again several hours ago today using your contact form: any luck? You should be able to get my email off these blog posts as well as I believe it’s visible to mods. The email address i gave works for me; unless I misspelt it on the forum application. It’s not defunct and I receive piles of junk mail on it every day! Wonder if the malfunction was something to do with your strange energies.. As I tried to tell you, I can only post on blog threads with Under about 19 posts for now; because I am restricted to a mobile phone which is not an iPhone! I can see the ones after but not respond, as it won’t load the page on “view directly” – too small memory! I wanted to ask you to tell Barbara but I suppose she will see this message! Yes B G I did see your site, thank you, though I Googled for it first and found the robinloxley one too. Very interesting. But it still doesn’t tell me: why should the site of Robin Hood’s grave be such a big conspiracy, and why would “powerful” people be interested

  6. in it, I wonder? Oh yes; and I’m from Cornwall if anyone wondered, so I’m hardly likely to run into any of your inimical “worthies”! It’s all Tintagel and King Arthur down here. Also: I tried to say this on your webmail David, but maybe you can’t see it: it would help, to contact each other, if you could type your actual email contact address on here; either the Webmail one or a better alternative. (You know that if you type out the @ as (at) the spiders can’t see it and you won’t get spam?) Other people may be able to access it directly already but i can’t because I am on a mobile and can’t “mouse over”! So I can mail you directly from my Yahoo account. Then maybe we’ll be able to communicate privately at last!

  7. Also BTW: been reading your threads over at andrew gough; loved the idea of the Wiccan Workers’ Party; noticed the resemblance of the acronym, WWP, to that of a certain bolshy socialist party (though it could also be a pun; as in magic worker); so when are you taking that one out of mothballs; I’m a bolshie lefty pagan (is this a rare combination, I wonder?) so I wanna join.. Well OK, I’m more of a Heathen, but I can pass for “Wiccatru” at a pinch! Just thought it might be nice to have some sort of a revolutionary pagan meme around to “alarm” the press, instead of the basically reactionary “Satanist” and definitely racist but so far as I can see small “white power” heathen contingent – NOTE to people who don’t know; these genuinely are a rare species of heathen to find, certainly on the Net; probably because most of these can’t read.

  8. Hi Liz—I can’t tell you why there is a “conspiracy” around Robin Hood’s Grave, all I know is that for the past 25 years many people have expressed great interest in the subject and said they would do this that and the other as it was a fascinating story–him getting murdered by the prioress and all that, and the ghosts ,however, everytime it looked as though something was going to come of it the person or people interested suddenly would go completely off the idea and refuse to tell us why, or threaten us in some way.; Thats the way it has been, I did a time line with all the incidents and sabotaging of projects and people suddenly losing interest and refusing to talk to us, even being afraid of the consequences of geetting involved, –the latest casualty being Red Monkey films–even the Church was threatened when they asked to do a blessing. If there isn’t a conspiracy then its a very strange way to behave, it may just selfish feudal privelege, but people have really got their knickers in a twist and gone completely dickipoggy when we continued to investigate, and as a result, bring the situation out of the closet,
    tata barbara

  9. Thanks Liz
    I could probably put a phone number up here for you so you could phone and we could take it from there. It wouldn’t do ‘wrongly motivated’ people much good, because people cannot get through if they withhold ther numbers.
    But first: are you on Facebook? If not, could you join up and then intive me as a Friend? We could then send each other Private Messages and the problem would be solved! Please tell me what you think about this.
    You may have gathered that all the vindictive posts on Arcadia come from just one person who vainly tries to disguise is identity by hiding behind invented aliases. I am sure you have guessed who it is. Let’s just say . . . “Anyone for tea?!”
    For the moment

  10. Cosies away! So it’s a choice of phone calls or Facebook; hmm; let’s try Facebook for now as I usually have a quite melodious voice (my best physical quality) but a bit of a sore throat just now.. I noticed Facebook launched a mobile platform quite recently (I used to have a laptop but it failed and HP wouldn’t honour the guarantee); but I haven’t gone on there yet; what is this Facebook? (Do I have to put my full real name on there? I hate putting my full name on the web and never do it: you can see my full name on my email, can’t you? Short, but Unusual, isn’t it? Really easy to trace.. By “enemies”, of course! Well as long as I don’t have to put it on there, let’s go the Facebook route by all means! But why not just highlight your site’s email address (assuming it’s different from the forum one) for people who can’t see it and are having trouble with the contact form? So you didn’t get my second effort With the form?) Barbara: thanks for your efforts! I now know a lot more about Robin Hood’s Grave than I

  11. I did before! Before it was mainly what I saw on that T R Fact or Fiction 2003 documentary; though I think I read something before that in some oldish book. And I just read your contributions on Arcadia about the Lady of the manor having died a couple of years ago. Interesting. As to police and trespass – what price the relatively recent Labour Right to Roam legislation? Worth looking into. All I can say is though, your Yorkshire authorities can’t be nearly as conscious as our tourist board in Cornwall are! Viz. King Arthur. If Robin Hood were Robin Trehood (is that a bad pun!) that site would be guided-toured like Tintagel and on every tea towel. Coincidentally I was doing web research on Robin recently, probably because of that Clive Stafford Smith thing. He said stuff about Robin & Marian being really popular with the 19th c. literati, establishment (mind you I suppose that would also include “comrades” like Wm. Morris…) with children’s writers, everybody, possibly even more so than King Arthur, were

  12. K possible.. The reason for the latter was that the sexually repressed Victorians were uneasy about the Arthur legend because it was about adultery; they didn’t want to feed that to children; so Robin in the Greenwood was preferable, as long as he and Marian just held hands:).. Reading up on Wikipedia I found out though that a couple of hundred years previously, during the 16th to 18th centuries, at about the time of the enclosure of the commons, Robin was seen as a much more alarming figure by the establishment. His popular legend was at the heart of May Day celebrations; and officials wanted them and him banned. Like sort of early WTO demonstrations. Whenever peasants and yeomen didn’t like something, they formed “Robin Hood and Little John” protests/demonstrations. It’s all on Wikipedia somewhere or on its links. Also see the later Captain Swing! But as I said,since the 19th century, Robin (as a legend) hasn’t been controversial; or the BBC wouldn’t keep making serials about him! Unless the people revolt.

  13. Ok, David, sure! But it’ll have to wait until.. Later today! Oh I don’t really have any enemies; though I anticipate getting some if I publish anything! I’m not fond of the neoliberal (read neoCon) establishment in any sphere. I’d have been happier in the 60s. I’d just like to say I’ve considered your story and reckon you to be a Victim of the old English “Christian” establishment, which didn’t tolerate new religions even after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act. On to Facebook!

  14. Liz,
    I aleady know your full name, as I got it from your email.
    As far as I know, you don’t have to enter your real name on Facebook; although you have to provide a user name and authentic email. But I’ll leave that up to you.
    Once I can ‘reach’ you in private, I can explain everythig. I am still prepared to put a private phone number for you, but just try the Facebook thing first!
    You don’t have to correspond with anyone on there if you don’t want to (except maybe myself) but can you try this first, and perhaps we can get further,
    If you’d prefer not to, I can still post up a private telephone number for you. But can we try the Facebook avenue first; so I might have a chance of communicating with you privately?
    For the moment,
    David (Farrant)

  15. I think I’ll leave that one for Barbara to answer, Liz. She’s more of the expert in that direction!
    For the moment
    David (Farrant)

  16. Thanks Liz
    So yes, lets just try Facebook first. I will still give you the phone number in case of any problems, but just anxious to avoid any ‘hassle’ from one particular Christian’ nutcase’ out there. Once we have has a chance to communicate privately, thaings will be a lot easier.
    So I hope you manage to register on it OK. If not, we can always go back to the good old fashioned telephone!
    Thanks again Liz’
    David 9Farrant)

  17. Hi David–its evening now so I think my post earlier was written when your other two came up. Drew came round and we had a nice chat and says we must meet up again, he’s going to phone.It was great to see him again a fter so long–he hasnt changed at all !. I have read the book–I am a quick reader, and it is more or less as I remembered stuff, with some bits missing, presumably on purpose to save peoples blushes ! I had a laugh about my “ridiculus posts” and “childish ravings”–I think we were all guilty of that sort of thing at the time–remember the so called “orgy” someone posted which I was accused of having at my house when you all visited!!! I also told you I think that I also wrote to the priest and the bishop to tell my side of the saga , and offered to go and discuss the matter with the priest, but I got no reply from either so presumably I have been left to go to perdition in my own sweet way as they both thought the whole business a lot of nonsence and threw my letter in the bin. Probably too high profile and dickipoggy from the usual set of sins.
    It was very odd that C sent her script to MM for his approval and he had a dickipoggy, anyhow it was very entertaining—well it was all about Robin Hood and thwarted passion.
    tata for now

  18. Well, I’m glad of that (that you met Drew again) and obviously, that you have finally got the book. I deliberately left out some of her claims about what she said about the two priests. Main reason is I didn’t believe the stories, so thought it best the two people concerned didn’t see them. Had I believed them, I would still not have included them. Those two people have done absolutely nothing to myself; although I nevertheless sent the book in its current form (which you have now) to one of those people. He would have received in on Thursday by RD post.
    I expect Drew explained the reason that delayed his visit, although I won’t go into that here.
    I’m just glad to see that you are both friends again
    Hope you didn’t object to my publishing your one or two emails. I was just trying to be objective and truthful with the text – which I hope I have been!
    For the moment,

  19. Hi David–you didn’t publish my earlier post about facebook, but it was nothing anyway—-spect you missed it with me posting the other message last night . I do get awfully exasperated, not to say annoyed and frustrated, with people who don’t do what they say and waste my time after years –yes years–of plotting and planning.But people have their own lives to lead and if Robin Hood and Kirklees is getting in the way, seriously, by scaring people off with real threats, well, it understandable. Anyhow I very rarely bear a grudge, though just a handful of people I would not allow back onto my Social List, and that isnt really a grduge just sensible, my rule has always been one mistake, possibly two but after that, don’t bother creeping back, and Drew didn’t do anything wrong, he simply moved onwards and upwards sans Robin–he did try with the Robin Hood stuff but it all ended up as an impossibel project to bring out of the closet, he was blanked by all those famous producers and celebrities who he told, and threatened with weirdy things happening to him – but it is over 20 years since we first met and its always been on and off!!!
    I agree, it was not possible, or fair, to publish the unexpurgated story of the Pact because it would harm other people. Pity you didn’t include the Colin Hamer stuff, which was really weird, but at the end of the day he was psychotic at the time. It is probably a good thing that the priest knows the full tale, even if it includes me being involved–after all I offered to see him after he had collared C in the sacristy ( and I had been “reported” to the bishop of Leeds by both her and MM, I am still not sure what for exactly!) anyhow I got no response so either he wasnt interested or wasnt bothered—–but I dont go there anypore,I go to Brighouse church as you know, and I was only mentioned here and there in the book as a sidekick sort of , in fact it enlightened me on a few things as I rather lost the plot myself with all the dickipoggy–I think it was a good thing to track down mms credentials, or non credentials, as I was always puzzled about his “Church” and it certainly opened up a can of worms–not to mention the existence of a mutltitude of other” old catholic bishops “–amazing! His church was a one man band as we eventually found out, with no services, clergy or congregation!
    In the end I got involved with the menage a trois ( you and mm and c) and the u turn simply because I was there, or to enlighten anyone else reading this , C came to my house every weekend up until my daughter and grandaughter came back from Spain and everything was in such a muddle with them it disrupted her routine and I got in the bad books because I could not go to HHalifax church every week after that–it was just re-arranging the situation but I was accused of “throwing her out of the window”. Well let hope that now the record is straight and out of the closet all that malarky can be put down to an interesting lesson in life!.
    As for Robin Hood and the Kirklees connection, I am afraid that is never going to be resolved, but as someone told me recently ” It is amazing under the circumstances, just how much you have achieved.” If all those famous film directors want to carry on making stupid films about Robin Hood of Nottingham and the crusades and King Richard which is all utter tosh, well they are missing a really good story!
    tata barbara

  20. FOR CAT
    Just to say Cat I posted your book “Pact with the Devil” at lunchtime today (Monday) so its on its way.
    I don’t want any rude comments about it here either. I know you!
    For the moment,

  21. Thanks David. No comments. My lips are sealed!
    But, with regards to your “Spanish Lady” post above, I thought you’d appreciate this old sea chanty taught to me by a ship’s cat acquaintance:
    Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish Ladies,
    Farewell and adieu to you, ladies of Spain;
    For we’ve received orders for to sail for old England,
    But we hope in a short time to see you again.
    Now let ev’ry man drink off his full bumper,
    And let ev’ry man drink off his full glass;
    We’ll drink and be jolly and drown melancholy,
    And here’s to the health of each true-hearted lass.

  22. Thanks Cat, and for the rhyme.
    But that just proves it. You Tom cats have only one thing on your minds – and one thing only! ‘Wine, Women and song’ – or rather ‘wailing’!

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