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Blow The Lids Off . . .

I met my  friend Drew again today, the TV guy from Yorkshire.

Had not seen him since last year and we had a lot to catch up on.  Also he has moved and got new phone numbers, and we had to exchange those as well. I gave him a copy of Pact and I gave him an extra one to take back for Barbara.  Hear that Barbara!?!

He’s left now but coming down again soon.  Anyway, he really likes my new book, after only reading a few pages.!  Well not surprising really as he knows about much of what happened, and on top of that, I’m such a good writer! (I mustn’t boast – us ‘witches’ are supposed to be modest!).

I have also watched a 10 minute film Trailer the guys making the film on myself gave me.  Had some trouble with some of the DVD  player connections, but Drew helped me sort those as well and its working perfectly now.  He really liked the Trailer as well and said it was very professional.  Well they are a professional film company, so what do you expect!

I’m not allowed to discuss the film yet, as that is part of my contract.  But let me just tell you its GOOD!  So good, in fact, that it will blow the lids off a few tea pots when its released.  Sure you all know what I mean!

After next week I shall get back to completing my other new book. Got the hardest two chapters to complete in that   No peace for the wicked!

Just a short Blog today, ‘cause I still have quite a lot to do this evening.  But that’s all the main news for now,



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  1. May I say that I thoroughly enjoyed PACT WITH THE DEVIL especially the parts with the wild sexy naked dancing maidens, the drunken Yorkshiremen and the space aliens, the mad chase scene through the House of Commons, etc. !
    (****Only kidding! I have NOT read it, as I have NOT received my copy of the book yet. But I’m sure it’s a cracking good tale.)

  2. YOU!! being serious!? As much chance of that as seeing a flying Yorkshire pudding!
    As the book has only just come off the Press, I have not had a chance to send you one yet you wretched moggy.
    But I will do early next week and email you to say when its gone.
    The book is serious, mark you, and I would not appreciate any of your lurid suggestions! Not here anyway.
    Hope you are keeping well, Cat, and will send very soon.

  3. Hi David–just a quick question–how is Drew a “TV guy”, has he gone up in the world since I last saw him. There has never been any connection with TV and Drew as far as I know, other than doing some lights at the Bafta’s–does that qualify as beingin ” in TV”–at one time I thought it might help the general black-out on RHG that was the rule with TV–Drew did drop a few negative snippets he overheard in the loos ,either Mark Harding or Tony ubiquitous Robinson, I foregt which one, but that hardly helped the situation. I did hear from him last year briefly but he soon took to his heels when he relised nothing had changed and he thought I was still a risk to his “health and safety!”!
    tata barbara

  4. Well David to be honest I can’t remember anything of that–there was alsorts of dickipoggy going on then, involving yourself, his nibs and the priest ,so it might have been in and among it all. I really don’t recall anything about e mails and press cards, though I must admit I had by then got a bit fed up of Drew faffing about with film making for I don’t know how many years and nothing ever getting finished, just lots of big shot plans and formats between Drew and Mark Gibbons which were all so much hot air. I know some funny things happened to Drew but that was before any of what you have described, and it did scare him off. That’s how I remember the situation, I didn’t fall out with Drew, it just fizzled out but when he got in touch last year and realised that things were still dickipoggy, chief of all that wretched Red Monkey pie in the sky tosh , he really didn’t want to get involved, fair enough,
    tata barbara

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Because he’s working for a television company now, and has his own office in their Studios. He also has his own phone numbers there (although obviously I’m not going to give them or the address on here). He has also been issued with his own television Press card, which not issued to people who work outside television. He did not drop his Robin Hood interests because of yourself, Barbara. It was when a certain ‘Yorkshire Dumpling’ threatened to ‘ruin his career’ (quote) by sending his personal emails (concerning his personal opinions on Robin Hood) to his then employers and the Union of which he was a member. He is aware that you were aware of the person’s intentions, Barbara, although realises that this was not your idea at the time. Whatever, he was forced to report this person for their threat, which is still on record with the Yorkshire Police. He had little choice but to do so. I supported him at the time in this (indeed I still do) because I was aware of just how vindictive this ‘certain person’ was capable of being.
    Anyway, I have givenhim a copy of my new book “Pact with the Devil” for you and he said he will phone you upon his return- which would have been today, in fact. I asked him to post it through your letter box in the event he was not able to do so on the phone (being matbe out, etc), and he promised he would do so. Just thought that might be quicker than posting the book from London.
    for the moment,

  6. Hello David. Sorry to burst in like this but I’m having problems due to lack of reply from anyone at your website. I emailed you a few days ago via this site and tried to join your message board on the same day: no responding email to either. After 48 hours I emailed site support and have had no response from them either – and I did check my spam folder. A little help here please?

  7. Hi,David i have read your book,Pact,and to be honest,some of it beggars belief.Its a wonder you came through all that.But the main thing is you did,and probably ended up stronger for it.Tea Cosy seems to follow you around.Is there no escape from this person?Wherever you are,he is and whoever you know,he knows.But i know how disturbed he is,from when i joind Arcadia,and he kept sending things via Email.i can also understand the”embittered Ex” scenario and that too,is very unpleasant to go through.But the main thing is that it hasnt made you bitter.Or diminished who you are.No matter what people try to do.P.S.have nearly finished off my writings,but dont want to leave anything out. Yours,Clarmonde

  8. You are not ‘bursting in’ at all Liz. In fact, now you’re here you are quite welcome to stay if you want to.
    I’ll phone the person thsis evening and try to get that sorted out for you. Please let us know about any more difficulties.
    Thanks Liz
    David (Farrant)

  9. Thank you David! That’s great! (Have you seen/composed a reply to my original email, I wonder? I asked you a couple of questions therein. Last checked it about 1 hr ago.) Well isn’t this a super site? I can’t remember on what Google search I discovered it, but I’m glad I’m here. Also discovered A G’s Arcadia but haven’t posted there yet. David I am a Brit about 2(0?5?) yrs your junior. Your name is familiar to me from general paranormal books I’ve been reading since the 90s. You seem nicer in person! I’m not sure what to believe about vampires. Tom Slemen’s account of the Highgate and a couple other cases creeped me out. Course, he wasn’t there. Neither do i believe people can turn into spiders ‘less they’re Anansi! This blog seems quite cryptic but I catch on fast so I reckon I’ve worked out most of the references to people and feuds. Oh and I happen to like Robin Hood; last thing I expected to find on a “vampire” blog but I’ve known his grave site is supposedly known ever since I saw a docu by Tony Robinson

  10. Liz
    Just to say I have got that sorted out now, and you are now a member of the Forum. Hope you enjoy it, and please post again here if you want to or have any questions.
    For the moment
    David (Farrant)

  11. Thanks Liz,
    I have not actually seen the email you mentioned, or I would have answered. (I have already threatened to ‘sack’ one of my Moderators if he doesn’t get more efficient! No, only joking . . . or am I ?!
    Can you please send it again? Send them again as questions here if you want, or if it is private just mark it ‘private’ and it will not be published, but I can then email you back.
    Anyway, thanks again, and welcome here Liz.
    For the moment,

  12. Thanks Claremonde’
    Whenever you’re writing is ready, just send it.
    Thanks for your comments too about my new book “Pact with the Devil”. and glad you have now read it. But don’t worry – us ‘witches’ have a way of landing on our feet, however much other ‘devils’ might try and throw the truth ‘into orbit’! The simple solution is just to tell the truth all the time, then you can’t really go wrong!
    So send me your written thesis, or call me – or both!
    For now,

  13. Hi Liz–welcome to the Davidsworld–hope it doesn’t get you into a certain tea cosy’s bad books but I am sure you can cope! Just to but in, the docu by Tony Robinson about Kirklees was only what the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society had been researching, under great difficulties, for the past 30 years–we were never allowed officially on site, neither before the discovery of “vampires” or after because the lady of the manor would only let “important” people go–or cap doffers in the Council! TR “DISCOVERED” nothing–it had alread been discovered and published by the YRHS yet this was never mentioned in his programme, I don’t know why he had to lay claim to our precious little local treasure–and further more been given unrestrained access to visit and film the sites–also a guy from Nottingham who is a Robinhoodite, had told him that we were “dodgy”—I tracked the tv people down to complain about the whole thing but although they admitted it to be true, would not say any more and all I got was a signed photo of TR grinning inanelywhich I threw straight in the bin.
    tata barbara

  14. ps David–I haven’t received your book yet from Drew, can you ask him just to post it through my letter box if he can pop by–I m sure he doesnt want to talk about Robin Hood, as there is little point as he no longer supports or want to do anything film or tv wise about it, and I certainly don’t want to hear about the latest Baftas and boring celebrities ! Its a bit sad really but things change, and I understand his job is very important of course–is he still into his witch coven? I haven’t a problem with him really, other than we have both moved on and the Robin Hood situation is no longer on his agenda–even when it was we didn’t get very far, but he did try!
    tata barbara

  15. Ok David! Now I know you’ve got moderated comments, this does give us the possibility to communicate “covertly” through the comments, seeing as I now also know you moderate them yourself! (I have done this with one guy before; he is a Christian so I used to do this to tease him but of course I wouldn’t to you!) Well you can publish this one or not as you like. (I assume my email address is visible to you for private reply?) What did I say:) .. Ah yes. Something like you seem like a very sane guy, contrary to propaganda (this honestly was my first reaction). Secondly I questioned the idea that “Vampires” can never be linked to corpses in graveyards; because I read Colin Wilson’s accounts of the 18th c. Hungarian vampires and he theorises that it is the astral body not at rest that wanders about causing mischief. Also see Norse draugar: there’s an interesting old monograph linked on the latest links of! Though it’s linked under “vampyre” not draugar! And I’ve forgotten what else I said!

  16. David,
    Really enjoyed the advance mock-up of pact that you sent me. Now looking forward to seeing the finished product [ hint hint]

  17. Ooh and I love Robin Hood (and social justice) so I listened with interest to Clive Stafford Smith’s nomination of the fellow for something or other recently on Radio 4, and the ensuing discussion of the 1950s series cunningly dreamed up as a form of resistance against McCarthyism! Re Robin: have I stumbled into a little-known conspiracy theory here? Serendipitous if I have! Combines all my interests! What do I know about Robin Hood’s grave from public sources? Well, that there is/was one; that bits of the gravestone reputed to have magic powers; that it was moved sometime in the 19th century to make way for a railway line.. And that it now is.. Where? On this ladyship’s estate? No I haven’t heard that on TV.. is there some sort of state conspiracy preventing the people knowing the final resting place of their hero? Doesn’t Tony Robinson the Time Team personality (surely the same referred to cryptically above by Barbara) not believe in Robin H. any more? He used to. And what is all this discussion in toilets?

  18. What I mean to say is, what is such a secret here with R.H.? (If this is a conspiracy theory it is the discreetest one ever!) And *why* would an employer/union leader give a hoot about what someone thought about a historical/legendary figure? Or why would the “Bishop” think they would? All curiouser and curiouser. Oh yes: and the only other thing I mentioned in the email was about a Sun story about 4 years old which still comes up very high in Google results under your name; it seems to be about sex magic which I understand you do; but all very sensationalist and misleading there; you sure you can’t sue ’em? Seems to be mixing in the diabolist/Satan angle, obviously wrongly. The Daily/Sunday Mirror seems to have realised, conversely, that “Satan” and witchcraft have very little to do with each other; They admitted this as far back as the mid-80s; it was an interview with witches in their pages that appraised the teen me of this fact, incidentally.

  19. Hi Liz,
    I did try and send you a personal email at lunchtime, but it came back saying “account unknown”. I then sent it again on two of my other emails but it came back again saying the same thiing. Maybe you you verify your email to me again in private, then I could try again.
    When you mentioned that newspaper about myself, I assume you mean the one in “The Sun” saying that I had ‘de-flowered 200 virgins at a ‘witchcraft ritual’?!
    If you do, it is just further proof that us ‘witches’ have a sense of humour . . . many don’t!
    Anyway, I can’t get an email address to you until I have one to send to!
    For now,

  20. Greetings Barbara
    I don’t have to prove anything, where you get Lighting for the BAFTA’s god knows!
    I’m a fully acredited member of The British Academy Of Film & Television with voting entitlement regarding The Film & Television Awards.
    I now work as a Writer Producer .

  21. I now live at the other side of Huddersfield & have no reason to visit your area, other than visit my family at the weekend.
    Which is the ideal opportunity to come over & visit Yourself, this was & still is my intention.
    I will be over on Saturday even if just to put the book through the letterbox on my way back to Pinewood London.
    Further to your last post, You have No idea about what happened to Me personally financially or privately.
    In the meantime with great respect Barbara, I ask you to cease belittling Me in Public.

  22. I trust You are well?
    I do look forward to meeting up with You again, when I can give you my new contact details.
    Bless Drew 🙂

  23. Hi David
    That last post was meant for Barbara as We have already caught up.
    I will be at TV Center 3rd July!
    I’ll call you after I return from Buckinghamshire 🙂

  24. Thanks Drew and sorry about your bad news.
    But thanks for explaining yiur current position – it sounds better coming from you!
    When you get a chance though, could you just post Barbara’s book through her letter box. If I have to post anymore books out, think I’ll just go mad! Not the postage, just the work in getting these all packaged for sending.
    See you again soon here I hope. For the moment,

  25. Thanks Drew,
    If you get a chance to call in on or around July 3rd, please do so. I know its a Saturday, but I could try and get Gareth over here as I know he’d love to meet you again.
    And who knows, you might even get a chance to meet my new girlfriend, if she’s free then! I know you’d like her – but I mustn’t go on here with personal details. Tell you when we next meet!
    For now, David

  26. That you Drew for having the courtesy to explain your situation and speak directly to me instead of leaving airy fairy messsages with others . When people just drift off with no explanation, misunderstandings are bound to arise, particularly with the Robin Hood situation which has had so many people, yourself included, with lots of great ideas which went nowhere, because they w ere either stopped by the Powers that Be, or for other reasons. I am pleased to hear that you are now working successfully in the TVworld (having first got rid of the Robin Hood curse.) Perhaps it would have been better if David had simply posted the book. By the way you always said you did lighting and thats what you did when we made the films, which never saw the light of day either.I may be in some of the day Saturday, otherwise just post the book,

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