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That’s Just The Way I Like It . . .

Well Sunday is upon us again – and Easter Sunday at that!

But don’t hold your breath folks, I’m not going to talk about religion today. So you can breathe again too K!!

I finally got rid of that huge bed, all 6 foot of it. I got Gareth to help me dismantle it – or I helped him more-like. It is now truly in bits and there’s now a huge empty space in the room. I’m having to sleep in the other room at the moment but the bed in there is quite comfortable although it just means that little extra walk. Am I getting lazy? Yes! Its not so much that, though. Although the front room is all finished, I have to keep going into the back room to finish unpacking boxes. It all adds up to quite a lot of walking!

Anyway, a new bed is coming this week.. Its not quite as big, but quite big enough for two! I’d better leave that! But the good thing is its got two huge drawers underneath which will help considerably with needed space, for blankets, sheets, etc. It wasn’t cheap and cost over £200; but at least its brand new so I won’t have any further trouble with antique mattresses. My gosh, if that poor old mattress could only talk . . . you really would have some scandal! (Sorry K, couldn’t resist that!).

Well, I got some more news on the Brighton event. The lady phoned me yesterday. I asked them to make it earlier if poss. So now I’ve got a mid afternoon slot, which is much better. She said to allow 2 hours, from beginning to end (with questions) and I could sell my books there afterwards if I wanted. Apparently quite a few academics will be there and she warned me to expect some tough questioning. It didn’t only apply to me, she quickly added, other speakers always ‘get the same’. I think I quite surprised her when I said “That’s just the way I like it’! Which is true actually, it is. It really is; because if you simply tell the truth, what is there to worry about? And if you don’t know something, then simply say you don’t know – its as simple as that. ‘Intellectuals’ or ‘academics’ have never worried me. You often find that such people are ‘crammed’ with material knowledge but when it comes to understanding their own thinking processes or the nature of their own consciousness, they are totally lost without their text books to fall back on.

So, I’m prepared for that. Dinner afterwards (if I want it) and a lift back to the station. A fee, of course, but that usually comes afterwards. It promises to be an interesting afternoon, and being a weekend quite a few people should be there.

I’m still toying with the idea of visiting Kevin afterwards. There would be plenty of time now. Must phone him.

Whatever, its really good to have more light in the evenings now. When I did that last Talk, it was ‘dark and dingy’ from start to finish – the weather that is. That Talk went very well actually and I sold a load of books afterwards.

So on that note I will finish everyone. Must get back to the latest book which is nigh on finished now.

For the moment,


4 Responses

  1. Well David, here it is Easter and only your Cat for company as it were. Glad to hear you are carting the old mattress out to the tip. Yes if the old one could talk, indeed – it has likely provided “yeoman service” thru the years! Hope the new one is fireproof.

  2. Yes. Easter, with only you for company! Think I’ll cancel it!
    By the way, you feline monstroserty, I don’t smoke in bed. And it looks as if I can’t spell ‘monstroserty’, either. It just don’t look right. But there’s no spell check on here!

  3. just goes to show cat you dont know everythin you may be alone but Davids not been,and that new mattress beter be fireproof because im very hot …………….
    talk soon David

  4. FOR CAT
    I’m just waiting for the day when Speedqueen finally gets hold of you Cat. I’ll just make sure I have a camera ready! You’ll be thinking about more than matresses!
    For the moment,

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