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Not Saying Anything New . . .

Well Easter is upon us but I’ve never minded that as much as the dreaded Christmas period.

Maybe one reason is because it falls in a warmer and lighter part of the year, and lacks much of the commercialism and profit-making of Christmas. It just quieter and more peaceful, which is why I don’t mind it. Maybe there is a more esoteric reason too. As I was once deeply involved in Wicca (a religion based on the understanding of the Laws in Nature and the Universe) I am fully aware of the importance of the period and what its meant to symbolise. Basically, it is symbolic of the dying of the Old and re-birth of the New. A time when Nature was ‘re-born’, so to speak, which was why – in the Old Religion – it was ceremoniously symbolised by the symbol of an egg, or ‘Easter egg’ – which was the later adoption of the early Christian Church. Its not so much that the early Church tried to destroy the original meaning of ‘death and resurrection’, but it certainly ‘took over’ the original ceremony and to a great extent commercialised it in the process.

Exactly the same thing happened with Christmas as well. In Wicca and other ancient practices and beliefs (subsequently referred to by the early Church as ‘Pagan’), holly, mistletoe and fir trees were used to symbolise everlasting life; hence the symbolism of ‘evergreens’. This ceremony at the Winter Solstice (December 21st) was commercialised to a far greater extent; and where would the modern Christmas be without its beloved ‘Christmas tree’?!

I am not knocking the Churches of the world for adopting this ancient ceremony (indeed much ‘goodwill’ and kindness can be – and is – shown through it). Although I would condemn the narrow-mindedness of many Church authorities who proclaim that these ancient practices really amounted to being ‘anti-Christian’ and that its adherents were really involved in ‘devil worship’. This sort of thing is often maintained by the modern Church (as it was by the Early one), although it seems quite happy to have adopted and kept the original symbolism!

So no, I don’t mind Easter. But maybe that’s because I’m inwardly aware of the original meaning behind it.

Well. What’s new?

Call yesterday from the Guardian to tell me my new book had been featured in the newspaper on Wednesday. Haven’t seen the paper yet but will pick up a copy after Easter. Come to think of it, I have made these points about Christmas and Easter within its pages. But then, I am not saying anything new.

Do you know, I really can’t remember if Gareth said he was coming over tonight. Well having said that, I just reminded myself to phone him and, ‘yes’, he is!

Well, as I’m up ‘bright and early’ today, I’ll get on with some writing with the new book this afternoon. But before I do that, better go out and get some wine in for the degenerate! Another good thing about Easter, is that most places stay open and the transport’s still running!

For the moment,


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