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Sad But True . . .

You know, I never cease to wonder about the strange effect I seem to have upon a few people.

In fact, I’d call it more than ‘strange’ in the case of a couple of people; I’d call it almost obsessive! Maybe its because I’m a writer, and my books tend to deal with essential matters in life (life as it IS, not life as it should be) matters that go to make up the human psyche, or matters than deal with the true nature of consciousness – without which there would be no life!

All this I have attempted to deal with in my writings, and have been doing so for many, many years now. Basically I have empathised the importance of understanding our own lives in the present before attempting to understand death or what many hopefully refer to as an ‘after-life’). I have also pointed out the importance (which most people disregard or simply ignore) of looking at life before existence, that is, before we were born. And I have pointed out that that really IS of importance (especially to those on a spiritual path) is we consider something that did not already exist, could not possibly come into existence.

I have also dealt with the folly of projecting our own conceptions about spiritual Existence; or more so, of ‘inventing’ some personal God that loves only a given individual to the exclusion of everybody else. I have said that it simply doesn’t work that way and we must realise that to come into contact with spiritual Reality, we must first understand that EVERYBODY (that is the Inner Consciousness of everybody) is really animated by this sacred Life Force. There are no exceptions. The only tragic thing may possibly be, that many people simply live in ignorance of this ultimate Truth.

Perhaps it is because of Revelations such as these, I have evoked the wrath of a couple of people who, like children in a school playground, call me childish names about ‘being evil’ or in some way being ‘anti-religious’. You know, the sort of mentality children sometimes have (not all children I hasten to add!) and cause on to say to another . . . “You stole my sweets. God hates you, and He will punish you and send you to hell or Purgatory” (or whatever the latter stupid word is meant to imply).

Notwithstanding this rather simple example, this really does go on you know (at least the principle of it does), and does not only apply to children but extends to adult life as well. So the point of this? I am just trying to understand why it is I seem to evoke violent ‘attacks’ (‘mental attacks’, I mean) from some people who, perhaps more ironically, consider themselves to be ‘truly religious’. Actually, such ‘attacks’ themselves are really truly irreligious if the people themselves all but realised it!

I have 44 members on Facebook now, all have been sent screeds of malicious bile (calling myself ‘evil, ’an ‘atheist’ and a ‘Satanist, etc) from a person professing to be a ‘Christian. In addition, such actions (and there have been many more) have been supported by another person, who in turn, calls herself a ‘Christian’. Sad but true when innocent people are subjected to such malicious abuse and told calculated lies in an attempt to harm another. Sadder too, when other people should support such actions with revenge or hatred as the motive.

Me? I just can’t help wondering what God Himself would think about it!?

For the moment,


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