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“Pact with the Devil” Unfolds . . .

Well, I met with my friend Claremonde this afternoon and her friend Mary, and they had really enjoyed their visit to Highgate Cemetery after quite a long trip down to London.

Back at my flat, Claremonde read me several of her personal accounts and involvementa with or in the paranormal.  I liked her accounts as these were all ‘heart felt’ – a similar way in which I like to write in.  There were different circumstances, obviously, but in essence the experiences were very similar.  They have both gone back ‘up North’ again now, but I hope they will stay in touch.

I gave her a copy of my new book “Pact with the Devil” so hopes she finds that interesting at least.. What she will make of that., I don’t know,  as she doesn’t really know about much of that material.  But I gave it to her anyway, so she can make up her own mind.

And me?  I’m just having a short break before I finish off “In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” book.  That is still on schedule for this  October – but I will let everyone know about the progress of that well in advance..

Got an email from Jamie earlier, and seeing them soon.  Never mind when, but soon!

Meeting Karen again soon as well, so life has really been a little hectic at present.  Trying to divide things up between trying to finishing books and meeting people, has been a little difficult!

Still, I still have a bottle of wine left, so I can relax a bit more tonight!

For now,  David


5 responses

  1. Hi David–its midday and I havent had any post unless it is late, sp maybe tomorrow all will be revelaed,
    best to Claremonde
    tata barbara
    ps I am starting a few new yahoo groups, one is ASYLUMOFSCANDAL about the bin I worked in in the 1960’s.

  2. Good luck wth that anyway. And I will post you “Pact with the Devil” very soon now.

  3. Hi,David,It was great to meet you,at last in person and very interesting[i mean in a good way.]Thank you for listening to me ,as i read bits of what ive written.i felt a bit vulnerable,when id finished,but i hoped youd understand and,fortunately,you did.i have been going through it and writing it out neatly.Thank you for saying youd put it on your blog.i will do that,but only if you are quite sure that thats ok?it would help me a lotsince i got booted off Arcadia.i have read PACT,but need to read it again,as there is quite a bit to take in.i am glad we got on ok.when you have only spoken on the phone and a computer you cannot really know for sure you will get on.But i am glad we could speak,in person .Yours,Clarmonde

  4. Yes it was nice to meet you in person as welll Claremonde. I hope Highgate’s supposed ‘wicked witch’ didn’t scare to too much!
    I think your writings were very sincere, and the paranormal aspect made them interesting by their sincerity. I really can’t bear reading a lot of the usual fake paranormal stuff (and there’s a lot of that around as we both know) but your’s was different as you showed some insight as to what was going on.
    So yes, we can sort out some experiences (rather you can!) and I’ll get some posted.
    I can understand my “Pact with the Devil” book being a bit complex if people don’t know what really went on. But that’s why I’ve supplied so many official Police and Court references in it so researchers can check when they want to. I have tried to tell the whole story as it actually happened without being nasty to anyone. There was enough nastiness and ‘bitchinees’ as there was without adding to that. Basically it is only the story of a basic betrayal and, as I have said in the book, I have never been able to understand the reason for it when I never did anything to hurt the person concerned whatsoever. I suppose a belief in false ‘Christian’ values on another person’s part did nothing to help. If that persson had just stayed with the genuine Christian Church without supporting a false one, the book would have never been written
    Pleased you intend to read it again, anyway.
    Well, I suppose I’d better get on. I decided to take a break to reply to you instead.
    Please reply when you want,
    For now,

  5. Hi David,
    I have read the book – it’s bloody excellent, especially the bits about me! Ha ha! On a serious note, this betrayal concerned us all, but on balance, to you most of all. The spite at the very centre of the story, plus the subsequent humiliation just pours off the pages. However, it is well written, factual and truthful – I couldn’t have written a better account myself.
    Well done.

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