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That’s Why I Wrote It

Anyway, to get away from ‘N’ and ‘A’ (which I’d prefer to),  there has a lot more been happening presently.

It seems interest in my film on the Highgate ‘vampire’ is still very active; which is why, I guess, the Producers want to add more footage.  I hope they do, because all I’m doing is relating that whole story as it actually happened. NOT what other people may have been led to believe what ‘happened’,  but as events really took place in actual reality.  (They had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘blood-sucking vampires!).  Most of such reports just amount to pure fiction and imagination and THEY JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN!  (Except in the mind’s of a very few misguided individuals, that is).

It could, of course, be argued well . . . “You stated the whole business” so who are you to talk? But the whole point is, I did not,  and anybody caring to check some of these obsessive Internet postings, can see just that!  That is, if  people take the trouble to look – and I’m sure some will!

My new book “Pact with the Devil”, is now ready for distribution, and I hope that will serve to clear some of the mysteries in the ‘puzzle’.  It does not serve to redress the claims of ‘vampires’ (and other ‘vamp[ire enthusiasts’),  just to set the record straight, that’s all. To further set the record straight here, however, . . . . ‘vampires’ simply do not exist – except perhaps in the sordid imaginations of some people who may otherwise choose to invent them.

I’m tired again.  Must have been working too hard as usual.  But the new book is finished now.  So now I suppose I can take a short break before concluding the next one.

But the “Pact with the Devil” book will bring to light true facts as people have never before seen them.   Indeed., that’s why I wrote it!



3 Responses

  1. The name is ‘David’, Anthony and if you can’t remember it, then just don’t bother to post here.
    The book “Pact with the Devil” was written to set the record straight, that’s all. You are the one who is apparently obsessed with all this ‘money business’. Somtimes wish I was as rich as you apparently think I am!
    But then you just cannot think clearly sometimes, Anthony, can you ?!!
    David (Farrant)

  2. David has to make a living, as we all do. He’s a talented writer; why shouldn’t he benefit from his talent? I do.

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