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Still Getting Over Friday . . .

I’m still getting over Friday – and its now Sunday evening!

Gareth and Speedqueen came over, that’s why! No. We had a good time but everything somehow spilled over into Saturday, and I have subsequently done virtually nothing.

But we took some good photographs on Friday. I took some with my camera, and Speedqueen took some on her mobile phone. My gosh! Has that girl got some cleavage . . . but I mustn’t say naughty things here!

Anyway, that’s why this will be a very short Blog at the moment.

I really just posted to say, look out for a news update later re. the book. Sorry its late. But are we ever on time!!?

For the moment everyone,


5 Responses

  1. hi David
    glad im not the only one whos not got my act together since fri night /sat morn! will sort out pics and other bits we discussed tomorrow.Hope Gareth made it home ok. But it was a good night and lot of fun!!
    will talk soon

  2. cleavage!!!???
    bloody hell mate why wasn’t i given an invite?
    cos i was slogging away over your poxy site thats why! lol
    spoke to C&K earlier and everythings sorted out.
    C emailed me a link where bonkers is now calling himself LORDBISHOPBONKERS!!!!
    bloody hell, what next? SIRBONKERS?!
    he posted me a link where i’m getting blamed for bonky not being able to use his name on multiply.
    makes a change from him stealing ur name and that Thomas blokes.
    Apparently i live in Muswell hill these days. fancy that.
    ah well.

  3. perhaps I’d better not.
    don’t want the belsize banshee screaming in my ear!
    rumour has it ur getting ur arse in gear for another episode of DFTVX
    about time!
    now that the 1st bookis over and done with u have no excuses.

  4. You might just get an invitation one day; but I know what you’re like, show you a woman!
    Seriously though you are always welcome to come over for a glass of wine(beer in your case) but let’s leave it till April when the cold is well and truly gone. Phone me anyway about that.
    “Living in Muswell Hill”!? Where just DO these rumours come from? No. please stay where you are, 3 miles or so is quite close enough!
    Anyway, I will mention to you to Speedqueen in the meantime. The least I can do is give her some preparation!
    For now,

  5. Yes, go on. I thought you were supposed to be a womaniser!
    Anyway, if BB starts ‘shouting in your ear’, it’ll take the pressure off me! I know she loves me really, but she seems to want to look after me in a ‘protective’ sort of way. Well, ‘Bless her’ for that – I’m sure she only has my genuine interests at heart.
    That’s exactly right. We are doindanother eposide for DFTVX in April. Weather will be warmer; ‘1st’ book is now finished so time is slightly more relaxed.
    But I’ve still got to finish the other one now, although as that’s mostly complete, should,t be so time consuming.
    Anyway, give me a call, and maybe see you again for that drink in april!
    For the moment though,

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