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Some Nice Wine Tonight

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Very quiet day today, but thought I might take a little break from cricket!  I think I have been very good with Blogs lately actually; there was a time not so long ago that I was only managing to do one or two a week.  But that was really due to pressure of work.

Its pretty hard to relax sometimes of an evening when you’ve spent a busy day filming or making location arrangements; not to mention all the manuscript of books to be got on with.  Its still all ‘there’, but just calmed down a little for the moment.  And so I’m  taking advantage of the relative ‘calm’ to do a few more daily Blogs (only while possible of course) and to relax more with Della.

Her day has been a bit more hectic.  Some ‘idiot’ scratched her car again in the assigned parking space at work, and she thinks it may be the same person who did the same thing before a few months back.  Anyway, she’s not very happy.  You’d think somebody would tell you if they’d been responsible (even leave a note).  It may have been accidental but there is no way they couldn’t have known about it, so in that respect , it was a very irresponsible thing to do.  Its not so much the money (it was only minor), but all the time and trouble that’s involved in it.

We had some nice wine tonight (are, in fact, still having).  Italian, from Brindisi, a reserve brand which goes back to 2007.  Not cheap at almost ten pounds a bottle; but still, quality is better than quantity sometimes!

Now, a little news about Redmond Mc Williams filmed interview with myself.  Part 1 of this has already been released (as many of you will know) but Part 2 should be ready in about a weeks time.  I’ll put up a link here, of course, nearer the time, but just to let you know that Della and myself have been working on it.  Last time I looked at Part 1, it had had over a 100 hits – which is not bad considering its only been up for just over a week!.  Congratulations Redmond!  I think you have done a classic job here – even though I was the one being ‘interrogated’ about ‘that’ silly vampire!

Della has just said she wants to be in bed early tonight due to some work conference in the morning.  Well I have to be up fairly early as well, so had better finish this off now.

So that’s all just for now everyone.  For the moment,


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