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Sillier and Sillier!

Had a nice quiet day today for a change. Gareth is not coming tonight but Sunday again instead, so hopefully nice quiet night again too.

Got three book orders from Germany this morning (I mean an order an order for three books from one bookshop). I really hate these kind of personal International orders. Why? Because it means work, that’s why!.

To begin with, when wholesales send them all the work (and payments) are taken care of. When I have to send books abroad, they obviously have to make sure they’re packaged and posted properly; make sure payment is received; and on top of that cash them.

The latter is really the problem, as banks automatically apply a currency conversation charge of nearly five pounds now, which means if you get a comparatively small order you lose some of the profit. And yet, they all have to be sent.

Somebody referred me to something really funny earlier. They were referring to a post I made somewhere about people often do sleep in the same bed even though they might not love each other, and another person’s reply implying that this was somehow ’immoral’!

I am really at a loss to get this. People often do sleep together without necessarily being in love with each other. It is something called simple human nature. It happens all the time. Its called ‘sex’. And the whole world’s doing it, including the whole of Nature!

In an ideal world, maybe people would not sleep together unless they loved each other. But we are not living in an ideal world. We have to live in the real one with all its miseries and licentiousness. Is this wrong? Certainly, some of it. But it is a part of life; a part of human nature. And we are ALL part of it!

Anyway, anybody can really test this for themselves. All anybody has to do is to ask themselves (truthfully) if they had been deeply in love with every person they ever slept with. The answer would invariably be ‘no’.

But even without such a ‘truthful test’, you don’t need to have to ‘prove’ this. The divorce statistics prove this anyway!

Do you know, this sort of stuff sometimes gets sillier and sillier. All I did was to make a general comment about this but some people seem to have taken it personally.

So what else is news?

Well, somebody left me a Halloween present. Its horrible really; a gross little statuette of a withered up old witch holding a broomstick. I was going to throw it away but then I though this wouldn’t be right because after all it was a present! So I put it on a shelf instead. Guess I’ll get used to looking at it . . . Eventually! After all, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder (sometimes)! Anyway, I’ve called her ‘Babs the Witch’. Just hope it doesn’t start flying around in the night!

Regarding the Metro article we have had so many emails, we can hardly deal with them all. We really will try and get the article up soon as no doubt some of you will want to copy it.

Its funny really how many people have found this Blog and have emailed about it. I say ‘funny’ because its not really anything special, just me talking and people asking questions about things. Its also quite funny because people seem to besiege me with questions in emails, but seem reluctant to ask these questions here. I really wish you would put your questions here, it would save me a lot of work!

Well, don’t be shy! I’m quite prepared to answer questions in public; indeed, this has formed part of my life for the past years. I will answer any questions about myself, or what I have said. The only line I draw is when or if I’m asked to answer questions concerning other people – or rather, about my feelings or opinions concerning other people. I generally do not discuss them, notwithstanding that some of these are apparently quite happy to discuss myself!

I was even being discussed on the radio just before Halloween, for example; at least, not so much in a personal nature but in my capacity as a ‘ghost hunter’ – or so they said. But David Farrant said that’s not what happened, one lady said. To which the interviewer replied . . . “Well we’ll try and book him onto the programme next time to tell us about that”. (They were discussing the Highgate ‘vampire’ case of course!). Well, sure, I’ll go on the programme if they care to invite me next time!

In the meantime, however, I’m just planning to have a quiet weekend. No doubt, some obsessive people will go on with their ravings elsewhere, but all I’ve ever wanted really is to keep out of these.

Well I have done. At least I am not guilty in this respect. I just don’t want to criticise anyone here (or anywhere else for that matter).

Which is why I said a little back, please don’t ask me about the comments or opinions of other people. I am really not interested or concerned with any of these.

In the meantime, I really do have some more important things to deal with. They are really horrible legal Civil issues, but luckily a very kind person is helping us.

Do you know, I really hate having to ’fight’ anyone; but sometimes people really give you no choice.



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  1. All this talk about sex brings to mind the traits cats and humans share alike. It is a well known fact that the male cannot “function” if they find the female to be unattractive. Many a Night On The Tiles have I rejected the advances of various poxy cats. I can see where this might be doubly true in human female partners, especially if they look more like a wee man than a wo-man.
    (Also, if you need some cat-hairs to make your “Babs The Witch” statue more authentic please do not hesitate to ask, as I can direct a local cat to come to your assistance. Miaowr.)

  2. Yes. You’ve hit the nail right on the head Cat. Guess I was just too much of a gentleman to say it.
    Some women should really look in the mirror first before they ramble on about the sexual inability of others!
    My little statuette of ‘Babs the Witch’ holding the broomstick fell over last night. At least, I found it lying on its side this morning.
    Could have been traffic vibrations (unlikely that time of night) or it COULD have been that she was flying around in the night and made a ‘crash landing’! I really don’t know!
    For now,

  3. -“My little statuette of ‘Babs the Witch’ holding the broomstick fell over last night. At least, I found it lying on its side this morning.”
    Did you find a dozen tiny, empty wine bottles beside it?

  4. No there were no wine or vodka bottles; but the my little old Babs could have flown off into the woods to attend a Sabbath, I suppose.
    Well she’s the right way up on the shelf now . . . for the moment!
    I tell you, Cat, I really did feel like dumping the thing in the rubbish. But it was a Halloween present and, if I had done (knowing my luck), next time my friend came round she’d be saying . . . “What have you done with little Babs”.
    Then what could I have said!?

  5. “People often do sleep together without necessarily being in love with each other. It is something called simple human nature. It happens all the time. Its called ‘sex’.”
    spot on David. i couldnt agree more. i suppose i’ll get called a cap doffer even more for daring to agree with basic common sense.
    sometimes its lust and sometimes it loves. the bits in between are simply ‘getting off’.
    men and women do it all the time and always have done so its stupid to make a big Emily Bronte kind of thing out of it.
    ‘oh sir you cad and rotter’
    get a life, get laid or get lost and stop whining.

  6. OK, I have been hearing some rubbish about MI5 trying to cover up whom is buried in what rural crypt or somesuch nonsense. So I ask you here David, to admit any involvement with MI5. Are you in secret collusion with high levels of government? Has it something to do with the alien spaceships sighted over Bournemouth? Fess up now. Miaow.

  7. Yes, Craig,
    I see you have put that in your usual tactful way!
    I know I said that, but you really do ‘draw me close to the edge’ sometimes.
    But let me explain what I meant.
    Actually, the ‘sex’ thing happens all the time (without people lovig each other, at least, for much of the time) so that doesn’t really require further explation.
    I suppose what I was trying to put over (but admittedly didn’t) was that you can have sex without love, but that you can also have love without sex.
    What do I mean?
    Well, the first one is self-explanatory in that many people do enjoy sex, but there is often no love at all involved in it.
    The second one really means, that if you really love somebody (and I mean truly love somebody) then sex is really only secondary, and does not motivate the relationship. There could be no sex at all, but that love would still exist without it.
    Does that make sense?
    In other words, this deep feeling of love is the most important thing, and when that exists, it can really be a ‘sexual experience’ just to stroke somebody’s hair or to kiss then on the cheek. Sexual experience then takes on a completely different meaning, but it can become an even more beautiful experience.
    Next time, please try and ask me something simple for a change!
    For now,

  8. You are the fourth person to have asked me about that now, Cat, thanks to asinine statements being posted by two individuals elsewhere.
    I will post up more details on my main post tomorrow as this is an important allegation (unlike most of the others) and I think it needs further clarification. Aside from which there have been further developments.
    I will say this much here though: There never was any ‘conspiracy’, either by a government department or on the part of the owner of the land. It is nonsense.
    So is the repeated statement that everyone who does not agree with her (the person making these allegations about the grave) are ‘cap-doffers’
    of the owner. This too, is nonsense. What it REALLY means is that this particular person is suffering from one massive ‘inferiourity complex’.
    So, ’till tomorrow,

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