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She Was Truly Radiant

Well my visitors brought me a DVD of my last talk last night.

It was very well filmed and the audience was very impressive. It also helped to have a mike as well as the building was fairly large. Jane (my interviewer) was truly radiant, not only in body but in spirit too. I knew she had read the book, of course, but she was perceptive in so many other ways as well.

I answered all her questions as truthfully as possible, but she didn’t ask me about ‘A’ or any of the possibly perceived ‘sexy bits’. She must have sensed I thought it best not to discuss those in case anybody got ‘carried away’! (I mean, can you imagine? a room full of ‘Cat’s’ in the audience!). She asked me, hesitantly, if I had considered the feelings of relatives when going in to Highgate Cemetery at night to look for its ghost. I replied ‘no’, because this didn’t really apply and we weren’t causing any damage or doing anything wrong. I said that should have applied to other people who WERE really causing damage and smashing open vaults to look for ‘vampires’ influenced by ridiculous statements they had heard on the television.

I started off the talk to explain to people that true Wicca had nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism or black magic and had only ever been confused by the ignorant or the gullible (fuelled as well, of course, by the Press). I made it quite plain after this that I just didn’t personally accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’ in their Hammer-movie-type-sense. But I said that as a psychic investigator I obviously accepted the possibility of some ‘non-worldly’ entities; such as the one that had been reported at Highgate, and was still being reported.

She asked me quite a few questions about my parents and childhood as she seemed to think this was important; in that it could have had a bearing on ‘shaping’ my later life. She was right of course and I could only agree with her.

One thing that made the audience really laugh was when I used the word ‘sex’ when I meant to say ‘Sects’. Well, it wasn’t really my fault, it was the bloody microphone! And so on . . .

Questions were sympathetic and fair as well . . . except possibly two from Gareth. He said he’d spent a lot of time researching in The Family Records office and asked me why I hadn’t mentioned the fact that I’d had a second child in the book. Well one woman put him firmly in his place by saying “He did mention it, its in the book”! I just told him he’d obviously not spent enough time there, because had he done his research properly, he would have discovered that I had a little girl as well! (although I pointed out she was grown up now).

In reality, he already knew that, but I just don’t think he expected that I’d would come out with that! Well, these things happen I suppose.

Anyway, the Talk went well and was filmed by two independent video crews – one of whom gave me the DVD last night. I will get a copy for you as well Jane before you go on holiday.

And Jane, thank you . . . I really mean that!

For the moment though,


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  1. Dear David
    I was the women in the audience who referred your “person” in the audience to the fact that there were references to your daughter in the book. A truly memorable evening – very enjoyable. Wonderful book – I was unable to put it down.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Janet and welcome. Yes I remember signing the book for you afterwards and you said you’d been reading it everyday on the tube and only had 20 pages left. And you told me not to tell you the end. I didn’t of course, but I presume that you’ve finished it by now!
      Well, now you’re here, please do stay and ask me any questions you want or make any comments.
      For the moment
      David (Farrant)

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