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Quiet But Noisy

Its still all quiet here, which is really the way I like it.

But things have been moving at a frenetic pace elsewhere, led as usual by the same person using an alias and then trying to pretend that he personally knows nothing about it! Same old tactic, the same odd gullible person or so being duped by false rhetoric! You’d really think some people would have more sense; but it’s a crazy world sometimes which is I suppose what makes it interesting – or ‘amusing’ is more to the point.

But apart from that its been quiet. Just the odd ‘mew’ from Cat; but I’ve told him to go and cause trouble somewhere else. And what did he do? He did! Well, as long as its not here, I don’t really care.

Anyway, to ‘ghosts’. I had written a little piece (although not quite complete) about Wycoller Abbey in Yorkshire, and will probably publish it here soon. We visited it in April 2005 and the place has always left an impression. Ironically, I couldn’t actually go inside because it had been raining and the small bridge crossing was just too slippery for my bad foot. So I just had to be content with looking at the ruin from the outside – although I was still quite near.

The others (I was with) did go inside, and confirmed some strange feeling about the place. Nothing really bad; just that it seemed to ‘guard’ its own atmosphere. I got some good photographs anyway, as I loaned Gareth my camera There were some very weird stone steps inside, but that still has to be figured out. It was like steps going up a huge ruined chimney; to where or for why, I really don’t know. But that’s one of the small intrigues of being a psychic investigator.

Things always exist to be found out. Some can’t be – but that too, is just a part of the mystery.

Anyway, I’ll put the piece up here, when its finished, that is.

Talking of Gareth, he’ll be here tomorrow, which is just as well because he’s got some typing to do (although he doesn’t know it yet. Someone else is coming too, from a University, so be nice to meet them as well.

Beautiful day again today. Quiet but noisy, if you know what I mean. If you don’t!, I mean quiet here, but ‘noisy’ on other parts of the Net concerning myself no less. Well, that’s nothing new I suppose.

For the moment everyone,


4 Responses

  1. Dear David
    I have to say that I do enjoy your accounts of hauntings and ghosts, I think that they are infinitely more interesting than the Highgate business. In fact because of all the nonsense that certain people have written about Highgate, I no longer have much interest in it, the whole thing is rather tedious.
    Regards Matt

  2. Wycoller Abbey – apart from its being haunted, Charlotte Bronte used it as her fictional house in ‘Jane Eyre’, the one in which Mr Rochester lived.
    I agree, Wycoller Abbey (and Wycoller Hall) are both eerie places, especially since the Abbey’s in ruins.

  3. Hi Matt,
    I entirely agree that the whole Highgate thing is extremely tedious, but that’s the main reason whyI tend not to want it on here.
    Not sure when my Wycoller piece will be finished. Waiting for some more information from the area; in particular, an answer to a couple of latters I sent to people in the area and possibly connected with it.
    Ideally, of course, I’d really like to go there again, and if possible sprend a couple of hours there after dark. Mightnot be so difficult as my friend Wayne lives a lot closer to it than I do and its possible he might be interested; especially if we could ‘map out’ some more sites near it beforehand.
    Problem is, the river – or rather the bridge over it. If worse came to worst, I could always just walk across it as its not more than a foot or so deep.
    Yes, I must get back to putting more on ghosts and the paranormal back here. Its not as if I haven’t got enough material; literally years of it!
    I,ve had to clear out a room in my flat at the moment waiting for some work to be done and a lot of stuff is in boxes. But I’m sure I’ve got something. If nothing else, I’ve always got memory which, in my case (thank God!) is pretty reliable.
    Thanks again Matt,
    For the moment,

  4. Hello David, do you get on the forum any more?
    Good to see you’re still investigating, also. 🙂

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