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Keep ‘Em Coming, Cat!

Somebody phoned me earlier and told me I was getting a little lazy. She was referring to the fact that I hadn’t done a Blog for a few days.

I said I knew but I was just relaxing a little as I’d earned it! She said she knew that (she was referring to the recent Court case being over) but to try and not make it a regular habit. It was too easy to slip into that routine and besides, she’s had a lot of emails from people asking if I was OK.

Bless her! I know she means well. But at the same time, she’s absolutely right! It is so easy to slip into habit. And I do feel (rather should feel) I have some sort of responsibility having started this ‘diary’ (I prefer the word ‘diary’ to Blog, actually). She pointed out, that it had a far bigger readership than I may realise, mainly because I don’t have to take all the emails. So at least say I’m OK; as some people are beginning to genuinely be concerned.

So, I really am OK everyone! Believe me, I’ve never felt better in my life. All that happened is, after the Court case (which has been dragging on for 7 or 8 years), I suddenly felt a sense of ‘relaxation’ i.e. not having to do things I was otherwise compelled to do in the material world. This had become almost a daily habit, but I also managed to do the Blog here on a regular basis at the same time. How? Or rather ‘why’?

I can only assume in retrospect its because I work best under pressure – rather, having become used to ‘pressure’ and suddenly a main part’s been ‘lifted’, its so easy just to sit back in a chair and forget about things. I guess that’s it, and what she really meant. You’ve overcome several main issues over the last year, but don’t get lethargic – or rather, don’t get in the habit of becoming lethargic which is easy to do. She’s right as usual! Gosh, you can’t win with women sometimes!

But I haven’t been completely ‘lazy’, I have to say that. More nonsense has broken elsewhere on the Internet, and I’ve had to deal with that. But that’s really ‘peanuts’ to the serious stuff that was happening before, but which is now over.

Anyway, having explained that – I hope! – there isn’t really that much news. I have been working on the books for I have no intention of ‘slipping’ on them. Really, they are the most important thing, and I just can’t wait to get them finished. And finished they will be pretty soon now. I was going to leave a lot of stuff out, but now I hear that there is just a continuation of lies and deceit in some quarters, its all going in! Why be lenient with writing some things when sometimes the only alternative is to tell the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God’!

Apart from that, things have been quiet. They really have. I see dear Cat has come back with more of his ‘heavenly cartoons’ over on Don Ecker’s radio show forum. I just told him (sorry ‘it’ – animal gender!) to keep them them going as they ‘liven things up’! I don’t mind, I really don’t. Even if they are of myself! Where would we all be honestly, if we did not retain the ability to laugh at ourselves sometimes? Probably just living in a very self-contained and drab world!

So, ‘keep ‘em coming’, Cat!

Well having broken the temporary habit of laziness, I will leave it there for the moment. Thanks for your concern everyone (at least, those of you that emailed), but I really am OK!

For the moment,


8 Responses

  1. Keep “what” coming?
    Speaking of coming, I have a question on a delicate but important subject that I hope you will have the nerve to answer.
    Reading the various posts on the Ecker forum, I was struck by the lengths Bonky will go to portray himself as a Holy Saint who has never done anything inappropriate or even had an impure thought.
    So here’s my question. You knew Bonky quite well in the old days. Did he have, er, “amorous adventures” with women (as most normal males do), i.e. quick snogs in the bushes, different girl every night,….etc?

  2. Cat,
    I really wish you’d ask personal ‘hard-hitting’ personal stuff like that on Blogs or Forums geared to deal with it.
    Without wishing to sound ‘boring’, there’s a whole Internet ‘out there’ ready and apparently willing to deal with questions such as those about people like ‘Bonky’ and their like! There are massive audiences ready and willing to deal with things like that; and what do you do? try and introduce it here on my own quiet and peaceful Blog!
    I know! I concede that its ‘quiet and peaceful’ – and maybe boring into the bargain (sorry!) – but I really started this Blog as a sort of personal diary; not to deal with ‘religious scandal’ – even if some of it might be authentic!.
    Yes. I could tell you a great number of things about the character you refer to as “Bonky”! I could tell you about his adventures with women when he worked as an attendent in a local swimming pool in the 1970’s, some of his adventures when he went ‘scouting’ the streets of London with his camera looking for ‘spare’ models; and closer to home ‘adventures’ when he visited my home in 1973 planning a host of publicity stunts in which he tried – well did – to involve myself.
    I could tell you so much really!
    But not HERE. please!!
    Its the only place I can find a little solitude from all the scandals of the outside world! – his machinations included!
    I guess the bottom line is, I only really want to answer serious stuff here. not get into discussion about people who may well be – indeed are – well and truly ‘bonkers’!
    For now,

  3. I’m sorry to be in the worst possible taste but I am sure the skin tight breeks and the “Lord” must have been quite a puller in the days when he was not fat and bald. But putting on the religious togs can also be a puller for the girls. However when I met him (twice) the first time he wasnt in fancy dress, the second time he was in medieval tights. Both times , however, he was with his wife and only had eyes for her.

  4. – ” ‘adventures’ when he visited my home in 1973″
    What? He transported females to your flat for the purposes of, erm…mutual, uh, satisfaction?

    I have to agree those Edwardian ‘knickerbockers’ (or whatever you call them) are really something else!
    Most people wouldn’t be seen dead in them in the 21st century, let alone wear them on TV!
    And he was wearing an effeminate frilly shirt with them – think its called the ‘Lord Byron Look’!

  6. – “I only really want to answer serious stuff here. not get into discussion about people who may well be – indeed are – well and truly ‘bonkers’!”
    But these are questions that need answers. Will you answer them on “other forums”?

  7. FOR CAT
    “I only really want to answer serious stuff here. not get into discussion about people who may well be – indeed are – well and truly ‘bonkers’!”
    But these are questions that need answers. Will you answer them on “other forums”?
    YES! (Well within reason – I know you!

  8. David, after the problems you’ve had to deal with, and the aggro you’ve suffered, I think you deserve to be a bit lazy, don’t you? Go on, indulge yourself and look forward to the next exciting chapter in life!

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