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I won’t write much today folks. In fact, I wasn’t going to write anything at all and put it off ‘till tomorrow, but then I remembered that its Thursday, and I go somewhere Thursday evenings now.

So, rather than leave it 5 days or so, I thought I’d better try. Self-discipline and all that! Talking of which, I’ve had a lot of that to put into effect lately. This Court case is looming close on the horizon, and there’s been so much to do.  I cannot discuss any of that; especially, as I bought the case and discussing it before Court proceedings, might go against me. Well, it would do. Its something known as subjudicy!

I can say this much though – and this much only . . . It is to do with a housing matter, and no, I am NOT being ‘evicted’! That was just another callous untruth being spread around by somebody who KNEW that I had bought the case and it was not the other way around. Lying little vixen! I will tell you all about it soon, but I obviously have to wait until the case is over – which won’t long now.

Most people have seen the ‘new-look’ main Website now, and its encouraging to have so many compliments about it – even from people on the highly sceptical James Randi site! There has been no criticism whatsoever, either about the new Website or the new YouTube DFTVX Channel – except from the usual person, of course!

The gink in question is actually saying on his pathetic ‘vampire board’ that ‘nothing happened’ on April 1st, as he’d been watching that particular day! What an absolute moron! As being ahead of time, we launched everything 2 days early! Just shows the sort of mentality I have to put up with sometimes. Add to this, his new ‘partner in crime’, and you really have got a matching combination!

Well, all I can say is, if they are trying to ‘play that down’, just wait until they see the books soon! The current issues are still available from WH Smiths, Amazon, World Books and Waterstones (sure I’ve left one major one out – help ‘K’!) and from many more outlets besides. Just wait until they see the new publications!

Well everyone, that really is enough for today. Not physically tired; but so many other things to do.

So for the moment,


5 Responses

  1. Well, well. Nice new website! Good to see your new youtube channel too. Is that your study? Looks good. Nice ‘double’ effect too, and I just have to ask…was that a real skull? 🙂 The archive photos were interesting.
    Speaking of youtube, it’s a shame that CLD got scared off by Bishop Bonkers, those little animations he/she posted were quite entertaining, and pretty harmless I would have thought..? (a certain person has a very thin skin…)
    Looking forward to more youtube episodes!
    American Psycho

  2. Hi David,
    LOVE the new-look website. It’s ace!
    Me and Ricky will be visiting you on Sunday evening. Was busy last night with Internet stuff that couldn’t wait, but will ‘bell’ you later.

  3. Hi ‘my’ little American Psycho again!
    I’m glad to see that you keep turing up and that you found the new Website and YouTube thing.
    No. It wasn’t a real skull! But its a pretty old prop dating back to 1972.
    That’s not really my ‘study’ but its where I have to work at the moment due to re-organisation in my flat. Everything is quite literally ‘on top of me’ at the moment; but us ‘witches’ always seem to pull through these sort of material things.
    Nice to hear from you anyway, and don’t disappear for months again!
    For the moment,

  4. -“The gink in question is actually saying on his pathetic ‘vampire board’ that ‘nothing happened’ on April 1st”
    “Gink”? Is that JAIL SLANG?? Farrant, you never cease to impress!

  5. OK, you mangy moth-eaten moggie. Here is The Concise Oxford Dictionary (with contractions written in full) … “Gink. Noun. (Slang, usually derogatory.) Fellow, man. [20th century US; origin unknown.]
    I know you do not have dictionaries up there in heaven, but I hope this helps!
    I cannot remember if this is prison slang, but it is certainly applicable.
    For now,

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