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David Farrant v2.0…and DFTVX!

Just in case you don’t already know, the new website is now back up and running, so you can go and enjoy yourselves!

But as well as the new version (David Farrant v.2.0) we have also begun a new Youtube Channel which you can find on the site at . . . DFTVX. This will be dealing with my own investigations involving the paranormal, and some personal views and insights which you may be interested to hear. Feel free to comment on there if you want (except you Cat!) as we’d also appreciate your views.

I would like to thank everybody on the team here; but special thanks to Karen, Chris, Gary and Craig whose help and advice has been invaluable. And ‘no’, you didn’t hear wrong. I said Craig. The very same Craig who has been posting here (even if on occasion giving me a tough time with his questions!). He agreed that he should be properly identified; but only after all the work was finished. As a matter of fact Craig works in IT and is a specialist graphic designer.

So that’s really it for now.

I’m pleased to find out that the clocks have gone forward now, so more daylight. As usual, I was last to find out so missed the store in consequence. Luckily I am stacked up mostly on essentials – so no real problem there.

For now everyone,


32 Responses

  1. The new website is just ducky. And the video. Well, what can one say?
    On the next one, please get up and walk about a bit so we know you’re not paralyzed. And maybe take a sip of beer from a glass, a la Dean Martin. It’s not the BBC you know. Loosen up.

  2. cheers for that david.
    iv just got in from a late night out at a club. my throat is proper dry and my head is banging from all the loud music!
    i’m not really a specialist desginer but i like to give something different a go now and then lol
    garys the clever one when it comes to visual fx and stuff. i was just agreing with whatever he said about there being 2 of u!
    if anyone else needs a hand with webdesign gimme a shout at [email protected] i cant say i’l do anything mega but it might be a luagh.

  3. I do not have a twin brother, you ‘cloth-eared Cat’!
    Who do you think it was delivering the cup of tea to me on the YouTube film? A doppelganger?!?

  4. ForCraig
    Sorry if I got any minor details wrong. But I’d rather say too little than get anything wrong.
    Hope you enjoyed your evening, anyway.
    I put up a reference to the video clip earlier on ‘Randi’ earlier.
    It had 83 hits (and a couple of replies) in just less than two hours; so people are obvioiusly still interested!
    Thanks again Craig, (and don’t forget Laura next time!).
    For the moment,

  5. Dear David
    Your new website is rather smart! I look forward your next YouTube performance. Cat sugests that you take a sip of beer a la Dean Martin, by doing so you might encourage the idea that you are a little raffish perhaps. I think the fact that you are seen drinking tea in the video you sets a good example. Young people don’t don’t drink nearly enough tea! Would it be possible to put a version of the interview you did with Don Ecker on the website? I Liked the new photographs , those taken at Selsey-On-Sea remind me of some I had taken at Rhyl, looks very cold, and the beach was no doubt infested with jellyfish and strewn with evil smelling seaweed.
    Regards Matt

  6. hi david. i’d only been a sleep what felt like a few hours when my phone was ringing non stop.
    it was the bellsize banshee screaming down the phone that the contact page didnt work!!!
    its all fixed now. just a misplaced line of code so all the messages will go straight to c as soon as there sent.
    sorry about that. anyway i checked out the randi forum but i still cant be bothered to join even though i probably agree with some of their views in general about ghosts and stuff.
    bit hard all this fence sitting. i’ll end up with a splinter up my arse!

  7. I see the sceptics on the ‘Randi’ site reacted most cordially to David’s makeover. Could this be the beginning of a new “honeymoon” period?
    NB: Matt. Pish tosh. If David wants to enjoy a cold beer on camera, he will. He’s not one to “knuckle under” to conformity!

  8. Yes, and the first compliment about the new site was from a “Miss Whiplash” – you couldn’t ask for better than that!
    I think I’ll send her after Craig. He’s terrified of the ‘Belsize Banshee’ as it is already!

  9. As I recall, nothing got Bonky & His Billabong Buddie more upset than the sight of Farrant receiving cordial treatment on the ‘Randi’ forums…

  10. I have very recently re-posted on Randi, Cat, but this was more-or-less just to let them know about the new Website and the YouTube channel.
    Some people have ‘welcomed me back’, but I hope I made it clear that I didn’t intend to add further to the old ‘psychic debate’ which went on for some seven months or so last year!
    I did open a new topic on there though titled “Ghost (and vampire) Hoaxes” – so here we go again maybe, although I certainly do not have time again to deal with some 27.000 hits and relies!
    I am far too much of a ‘busy witch’ nowadays!
    For now,

  11. Excellent David. Have just subscribed to your YouTube Channel. Good Luck. Long live the cause of truth!

  12. hi david.
    just thought i’d mention this but old bonkers has finally shown how thick he really is…or maybe senile.
    c was sent an email with a link to one of bonkies little msn groups and this is what he wrote in one of his schizoid posts:
    “April’s Fool Day came and went and Farrant didn’t so much as bother to post on his own Blog! The whole thing was a rather pathetic damp squib that just went ppphhhhhhhht! and spluttered (or should that be stuttered?) out.”
    bloody hell what a moron. the redesign of the website with new material along with the new youtube channel and video were the big project for april the 1st you moron!!!
    the fact that we managed to get everything done a couple of days early was a little suprise.
    i cant believe the bloke is so thick. best to stick to having sermons in his outside loo i think.
    i think he also missed the point of the whole “theres only one david farrant”.
    david did bonkers EVER have a sense of humour or has he always been clueless? the fact that it was followed by a vfx of 2 DF’s!!!
    counting ur braincells on one finger may be a day out at bonkers bungalow, but seriously???!!!
    i also got mentioned!!!!
    “Farrant disciple Craig Adams who has redesigned Farrant’s truly awful website.”
    DISCIPLE??? LOL!!!
    and calling it truly awful is rich coming from someone who has creaking doors little flapping bats, stupid little midi files and a stupid cartoon style dracula on his page.
    yeah mate all very fitting for a bona fida bishop lol!!!
    that and all the stupid pictures of him leaningover random graves holding the cross!!!
    anyway i suggest he becomes a subscriber to the DFTVX channel. maybe you can tell BeeBee to allow BB to join!!!

  13. i think hesjust jealous mate and looking for any old excuse to try and slag it off.
    funny but back wehn his ‘friend’ dennis was emailing me i’m sure i offered to help him out and make a decent website!!!

  14. Hurrah! Bonky has mentioned ME – John Baldry’s Cat – in his MSN tirade. I’m *famous* (in Bournemouth at least)! Perhaps I shall have to start using “hair dye”!

  15. “I bloody glad you didn’t Craig.
    One tratior in our midst is enough!”
    well i never did get asked to make!!!
    and i only offered cos his website is so godawful. it looks like a website desiged by an overexcited 13 year old whos just discoverefd the joys of anne rice and count duckula!
    cat me and u are proper famous now! we might even get written about in future books that noone buys and end up getting left on a shelf at a southern retreat!!
    im not much of an artist but i swear bonkers should have his face combined with darth vader.
    in the next comic maybe he can get transformde by the aliens into Darth Bonker – The Empire (that exists only as far as the outside loo) Strikes Out

  16. Oh my God! I never believed anybody could really be that stupid – even ‘him’!
    We announced April 1st as the big day. Everybody worked hard and as a result, we were two days ahead of schedule. So as an extra bonus, we launched the site (sites) two days early.
    And what does he do!? He starts looking at the wrong day!
    He really has made a fool (sorry, ‘April Fool’) of himself this time!
    Foe the moment,

  17. . . . “funny but back wehn his ‘friend’ dennis was emailing me i’m sure i offered to help him out and make a decent website!!! “.
    I bloody glad you didn’t Craig.
    One tratior in our midst is enough!

  18. Tut! Tut! Craig.
    Remember the saying . . . “Beauty is only skin deep”.
    On second thoughts, better forget it in this case!
    Yes, the site you mention is just made up of plastic bats, ear-grating ‘music’ and pictures of people wearing plastic fangs.
    I ask you . . . what a plonker! . . . Or should that be “bonker”?!

  19. Question, David.
    Is it true Bonky was “run out the door” of the Randi forum (similar to a rowdy patron being ejected from a pub) some time ago?

  20. funny u mention that but today i found another site where he was banned.
    i think iv seen him banned from at least 10 different places.
    the shame and humiliation of it as well. too bad!!!

  21. My O My. Just checked the ‘Randi’ forum again. Paul waving cordially to you. Whiplash gushing over you. “Big Les” praising your web site. Comparing you to Austin Powers.
    What “witchly” spell have you cast over these people???!!!

  22. 100% true, Cat.
    He was banned. together with his fake aliases.
    As a matter of fact, its nothing short of a miracle that I lasted so long there – over 7 months, I believe, with over 27.000 hits and replies!
    We still have the same ‘sticking ground’, but, all in all. they’re not a bad lot. (Can’t be so bad to have put up with me!).

  23. Hi David,
    I’m glad you are featured drinking tea in your film, ‘cos Ricky’s a ‘tea-holic.’
    Just to warn you that you might need to stock up on several boxes of teabags on Sunday!

  24. Hi Cat,
    I do believe that ‘Bonky’ was barred from a Highgate pub some years ago. David will know the truth.
    Getting barred is his stock-in-trade, whether it’s from pubs or Internet forums.

  25. You can both have as much tea as you want, Columbine – me, I’ll stick to wine!
    Please do call, as we may well be having other company. Say no more!
    Speak later,

  26. what would u do if he ever came round david?
    and have u ever met the mysterios “dennis”?
    he claims to have been there at the begining and thru the whole vamp episode…but its funny that hes never come forward to back up his masters claims on camera. hes like an invisible gimp licking his masters boots and kissing arse.
    if id seen a vampire i’d be out there making a noise and not letting some bloke with hair growing out of his ears claim all the glory, fake thouh it is!!!

  27. -“what would u do if he ever came round david?”
    I have heard rumours that The Feud is all a sham, an act to sell books. And that he and David secretly are best mates and close the pubs together on weekends.

  28. exactly columbine.
    youd have thought theyd all have taken group photos or at least all been on tv to back eavch other up.
    i bet bonkers says “we shun publicity” or some rubbish like that.
    i bet he also knocks up some stupid pic of random people and claims it to be the fearsome vampire hunters.
    load of rubbish.

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