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Important Announcement

Well, I know its another Blog in ‘quick succession’, but I might be taking a few days off this coming week due to filming commitments so there might be a few days on which I am just unable to post.

Not totally ‘unable’, more like, I would just not feel like it until the filming is over this week. These are commitments I don’t really relish, maybe mostly because of the cold. You see, they want me to do some filming out on location, and, although its still fairly local, its still set in to be ‘bloody cold’! I don’t mind the indoors stuff, but traipsing around to locations (even fairly local ones) can be a bit more tiring.

Anyway, that aside. I wanted to do a Blog today to make a fairly important announcement. Its just a quick post (but an important one) regarding the main Website, Forum and this Blog:

As of the weekend commencing Friday the 28th March (this weekend coming) the Main website and all external links (Blog & Forum) will experience downtime for a possible 48 hours. I thought I’d better let you know in advance in case some of you get too optimistic and excited and think we’ve decided to shut shop and go home, (quite the contrary you’ll soon find out!) or that the Almighty Righteous Sacred Empire’s of Bournemouth & Yorkshire have had us closed down…

This Blog is simply going up to let everyone know well in advance so we don’t get flooded with emails! The Website, Forum & Blog should be back online by the beginning of the following week at the absolute latest.
Everything will be back up and running possibly well with the 48-hour period; and in the meantime (up until 28th) I will still be answering any replies. I am never too tired to do that, and some comments (like Cat’s) often don’t require more than a line or two! (Sorry Cat!). So, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date to save any ‘undue speculation’. Meanwhile, I have also other things to do. Like locating some old Press cuttings for the film company, for one!

And no doubt Cat or Craig will have more to say in the meantime. A witch’s work never ends!

For the moment, anyway,


21 Responses

  1. Dear David
    If the website is going to be down for a few days, does that mean we can expect to see some new and interesting material. I for one would certainly not like to see you ‘shut up shop’!
    Could you send me details of any of your forthcoming talks? I feel I should make the trip down to London.
    Regards Matt

  2. Dear David
    If you were to give a talk in my area that would be great!
    “Almighty Righteous Sacred Empire’s of Bournemouth & Yorkshire have had us closed down…”
    Indeed, Bournemouth the Kingdom of Darkness.
    Regards Matt

  3. Hi Matt,
    No, it certainly does NOT mean we are going to ‘shut up shop’, if that was the intention I would have said so. And yes, there will be lots of new material.
    As for the talks, I would have to email when confirmed. There may well be one in your area fo mid September which I’ve agreed to, but I’m waiting for more details on that.
    So we are not going anywhere. In fact you could say, we are going even more everywhere – if that makes sense!
    Please keep posting Matt,
    For now,

  4. Hi Matt,
    The one for Sept. is being arranged at the moment and is in the Leeds area.
    I’ll let you know, of course, when I get definite confirmation. If memory serves me correctly, that is not so far from your area is it? At least, it would be a lot nearer than London!
    Yes, certain people (two of them actually) have indeed embarked on a ‘hate compaign’ just because they do not happen to share my views on religion and the paranormal. As everybody will be aware, I have always refused to allow this to spill onto here, and just left them to spread their ravings on other parts of the Internet and elsewhere.
    Its funny in a way how I seem to have suck an effect on some people; an effect that has sometimes led to a morbid obsession!
    Well, they are left to live with it. I don’t have to!
    Thanks again, Matt,
    For now,

  5. “Almighty Righteous Sacred Empire’s of Bournemouth & Yorkshire”!!!!
    lol u stole that from BeeBee!!! only she put it the other way round B.Y A.R.S.E. and had something else at the start like Not Intentional (something or other) and it read N.I.L B.Y A.R.S.E
    shes so prim and proper like a headmistress or super nanny that ewhen she came out with it i was cracking up and spat my coffee out almost.
    BeeBee for Prime Minister!!!

  6. I reecently heard the expression “colder than a witch’s teat”. Are witches cold? Is that why David is always complaining about the weather?

  7. I suspect that “colder than a witches teat” refers to the folklore of female witches as the epitome of evil and destructive power, someone that is non-nurturing, hence their “coldness”. (Although certain Christian, Bible-thumping women also fit this description!)
    “Cold” could also mean incapable of giving milk. But I suppose “male” witches don’t signify, as their breasts do not nurture as those of women do.
    (There, I’ve gottent the conversation around to breasts! Happy?)

  8. Trust you to pick up on that old expression, Cat.
    But no. The main reason I feel the cold is because I lost almost 4 stone off my glorious ‘hulk body’ back in 1975/6.
    I have never put the weight back on properly, hence my aversion to the cold.
    Conversely, the heat does not bother me at all (indeed, just a good excuse for a cold beer), but maybe I’m just used to the usual controversy that surrounds my ‘heated life-style!).
    So, get back in your basket and have some more ‘cat dreams’; or get back on the roof-tops pursuing some more innocent female cats!

  9. No, I’m not bloody happy, Cat!
    Only you; ONLY you could do that!
    You’ve switched the subject back onto licentitious innuendo’s once again.
    Now, womens’ breasts!
    If its not pursing ‘cheese cloth knickers’, or ‘frocks’, or arguements about ‘orgies’ and ‘missing shaving brushes’, now its that.
    Just HOW am I to be expected to answer questions like that?!
    I am still not going to. But I guess it makes for light entertainment on the part of some people!
    Just try and take a couple of days off. and what do I get . . . YOU!!!

  10. If you’re going to punish me, punish CRAIG too…he’s the one steering the conversation to breasts, knickers, orgies, etc.

  11. ME?!!!
    cat you shit stirrer i’m an angel in comparison to u!!!
    …orgies?? is that the yorkshire connection?
    hessian sack swopping orgies more like. bleuch!!!

  12. He’s not much better when he gets going, I have to admit.
    But all these kind of references are giving me a bad reputation; remember, I was the one getting blamed for it. Mud tends to stick – even if I wasn’t throwing any!
    Why do you think I seldom – hardly ever – put my full name on here?
    Because it would immediately get picked up by search engines, and my name would become linked to all the naughty words you’ve introduced! I’ve had enough of that in the Press already, without encouraging it here.
    Apart from which, its lowering the tone of my Blog.
    So can’t you just ask (or comment on) something sensible for a change?!
    Just for once!

  13. By Gawrd, you’re RIGHT.
    I Googled “farrant knickers” to see what happened, and sure enough, you get entries for this blog.
    I never realized!
    I reckon CRAIG is doing damage with all his “hessian sack” business and Shilpa in a cat suit….

  14. Why do you think I’ve been trying to contain your miaowings, you dumb animal! And now you’ve just bloody well gone and done it again!
    I don’t know if you realise, this is being read all over the world.
    Only a couple of days ago, a guy in Switzerland told me on the phone that he’d read my blog’, when I hadn’t even mentioned it!
    And the week before that, somebody told me the same thing from Eastern Australia! She didn’t take too much notice of it; but that’s not the point.
    You are getting me a bad name – albeit inadvertently.
    So please think before you ‘miaow’ in future.
    Surely it was enough with her horrible hate campaign, without giving people yet more false ammunition.

  15. Fine, fine. I’ll “elevate” the discussion away from knickers and orgy-swopping.
    David. Are you planning to appear with the other crackpo…er, Fortean Speakers, at that “Weird Weekend” thing in Devon this summer?

  16. Tut tut. You don’t “wait to be asked” dear boy! Have your agent call them, advise that you are available, drop some hints about ‘shocking’ new material you’ll present, and confirm a speaking engagement for you. That’s how it’s done in sho….er….the lecture business.

  17. You meant other ‘crackpots’ right!?
    That’s all right Cat, I know your feline feelings of all things paranormal, and I don’t take offence at that.
    Just before I answer, however, let me say that I indeed tried typing in Shilpa’s name + my own, and then, ‘hessian sacks’ and my own again into Google.
    What did I see right at the top of the page in all their ‘beautiful’ glory? An Internet extravaganza leading right HERE!
    Anyway, now your back on your ‘sceptics track’, let me inform you that the last talk I gave for “Weird Weekend” was in July 2005 (I went with Gareth) but I was not invited for this year – yet anyway.
    If I was invited again, I could probably go around that month, although I have two other Talks lined up for later in the year.
    You could always come along if you want. Who knows, you might learn something!

  18. This might sound arrogant Cat, but I always wait for people to approach me. I just feel people will continue to aproach me naturally as they always have done, and its best not to ‘impose’ yourself upon them. I’m not that ‘bonkers’ – if you get what I mean!
    There may be some changes soon about the positions of some people in the team. One of them might feel differently about that, but I would respect her wishes in any event.
    More of that later.
    So, for the moment, I leave you my dear Cat.

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