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Oh, The Irony!

Well, as you may have gathered, Gareth came last night instead of his usual Friday. Unfortunately, he didn’t get around to doing any typing on part 2 but he read what I’ve done so far and said it was fine. I will finish it off myself tonight and post it tomorrow.

How was my meeting yesterday? Fine thanks. Unfortunately I cannot say much on here in that direction as I have been told that some people have been closely reading this blog. Now, I don’t care who reads it, but I’m certainly not going to give any details of personal relationships that could affect other people. Me? Personally I really don’t care. So much has been written about myself and ‘witchcraft’, women, and all the rest of it, that only the imaginations of school children could do better. So imagine away!

I have also been told, however, that I am frequently being named on the Internet as various peoples’  ‘Ex’ – ‘Ex lover‘, that is. Well, just for the record, I am nobodies ‘Ex’, I do not belong to anybody and have never done so (with the exception of one person). To imply that I do – or did – seems just a desperate attempt by some people to link their names with myself, thus trying to give a false impression of past relationships with myself. It really all depends how you define the word ‘relationship’. Working relationships? Well, I could hardly deny that, I’ve had plenty of those!

So, to answer your question publicly Janice as you suggested I should, I can only advise people to take such statements very lightly if or when they come across them. I am nobody’s ‘Ex’ in reality, but if certain people choose to make such claims (and write virtual books about these on the Internet) I can hardly stop them. Oh, the irony!

As I said, I shall almost certainly be putting up part 2 of “the Dowdsman” here tomorrow. My other two books Dark Secrets and Shadows in the Night have now almost been amalgamated into one new book. The second part of my autobiography is still to be done (now that will take some time!) and all this has held up the new magazine. Please be patient, everything is getting done! I have also decided to combine my last series of booklets into one volume. As you will probably know, these are still available on Amazon but I just wanted to put all these together with the introduction of a couple of new characters. Should be fun and give me a chance to use a lot of unused material I’ve got.

Anyone got any suggestions or contributions they want to make, please email to my main email address given on my main Website at :

All for now though everyone,


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  1. Dear David
    I enjoyed the 1st part of the “the Dowdsman”. It would be interesting to know a bit more about the case involving the family who lived in flats near Highgate, I think you mentioned that the doorbell kept ringing of it’s own accord. I wondered what you made of the Enfield Poltergeist case? What other alleged hauntings strike you as being particularly notable?
    Regards Matt

  2. Hi Matt,
    I can post up the case of the family who lived in Highgate and who suffered potent psychic disturbances in their flat.
    But first let me post up part 2 of the Dowdsman to finish the contempory record records of the case.
    I will do that tomorrow, and soon after, post up the “Ghost of Hillcrest” that concerns that other case.
    Thanks Matt,

  3. hi David. what sort of contributions are you looking for?
    can you email me the details of the booklets please? i looked on ur website and i’m not sure what ones i’m meant to be looking at.
    do you mean your suspended in dusk magazines?

  4. Hi Craig, No I don’t mean the Suspended in Dusk magazines.
    Actually, I will give you the details you in an email tomorrow
    But if you have got anything else to contribute, that would be brilliant. I’m publishing your recent contribution incidentally which was MOST useful!
    Thanks for that,

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