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Books and Talks and Walks Oh My!!!

Hi all, Della here.  I am afraid that you are all going to have to put up with me instead of David tonight, as our Supreme Leader is rather fatigued following his debut at the ASSAP Seriously Strange conference on Saturday.

But – the show must go on, and I can assure you that I have not tied him up in the cupboard under the stairs or anything remotely nefarious. He is alive and well, and sipping a whisky as I type!
Anyway, a few things – all on a related theme – to impart to you, David’s beloved readers. Firstly, we at the BPOS are proud to endorse the following publication from our friends over at the Spooky Isles:

The prolific, perpetually disseminating and ever enthusiastic about all things paranormal and horror related David Saunderson, founder of The Spooky Isles and London Haunts and Horrors, is being noticably humble in self-promoting his OWN new venture.  This, incase you haven’t heard, is his  glossy and original print debut which shall henceforth be known as ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’.
Actually we heard that relevant blogs which show an interest get a free copy for review so … ONLY JOSHING! In seriousness, this book is the culmination of a lot of self-effacing, devoted research and collaboration with budding vampire authors from around the globe. From the back cover –

“Vampires tempt and terrify and the stories contained in ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ warn about horror but promise wicked delight. ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ is half of the two-part follow up to ‘Frankenstein Galvanized’, published last year by Red Rattle Books. ‘Dracula’s Midnight Snacks’ accompanies ‘Telegraph For Garlic’ which contains academic analysis of the novel, ‘Dracula’, by Bram Stoker. Horror expert, David Saunderson of ‘Spooky Isles’, invited vampire fans to submit stories for consideration. As well as tentative young Argentinean gentlemen heroes, we have porn stars and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, cowboys and Comanche raiders, a vampire on disability benefit, a defiant feminist, black and white silent cinema, Victorian professional wrestling, an alienated sixties rock and roller and a nightmarish New York that almost overpowers our favourite anti-hero.”

Definitely worth a read if you enjoy your vampires modern, acerbic and cutting edge. You can check out the press release here.

This Saturday David S will be hosting a guided tour of haunted Highgate, taking in many of the local pubs, haunted spots in Swain’s Lane and of course the West cemetery itself. Rumour has it that the wife of a certain notorious occultist who still lives in Highgate had a hand in drafting up some of the places of interest on the walk and their various histories, but I never believe everything I read on the internet personally. The event has now sold out, but disappointed ghoulish sightseers may wish to console themselves with the following article which David F and myself prepared for The Spooky Isles last week (please click on pic for link).  The article brief was to write up 5 haunted locations in Highgate, and it takes in Ye Olde Gatehouse,  The Flask, Swain’s Lane and Highgate Cemetery, Highgate Woods and the Hillcrest Estate.  Of course, there is nothing to stop interested parties registering their interest with David S for a follow up walk – the man never seems to slow down!

David Farrant & the Gatehouse Ghost come face to face at last ... Photo; Dave Milner (c) BPOS
David Farrant & the Gatehouse Ghost come face to face at last … Photo; Dave Milner (c) BPOS

There are still a handful of tickets left for David Farrant’s talk for London Haunts and Horrors / The Spooky Isles on Monday 23rd September at Clerkenwell, but these are selling out quickly much like Saturday’s Haunted Highgate walk, so early booking advised to avoid disappointment. This talk will take a rather deviant format, following on from the success of David’s talk at ASSAP with first-time interviews by David Saunderson with mutliple and independent witnesses to the Highgate entity. And … a pub quiz with prizes, including Highgate vampire memorabilia, books and Hammer Horror DVDs to boot.  Not to be missed!

Well, I am shattered too now after all this linking. Just writing about David Saunderson wears me out – and to think he’s only just got back from the ASSAP conference himself! Maybe I can persuade him to share some of his vitamins or whatever keeps him going at this intimidating pace when I see him on Saturday!

But for now all,
Della (Farrant)


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