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‘Fun Times’ Between Friends

Well everything’s still moving fast, everyone, and I suppose before we know it we will be into Christmas week.

Ironically things should slow down a bit then as everybody will have the festive season on their minds. Slight bit of amusement recently though, concerning my old friend John Bradish, and a couple of enemies he had back in 1970 who are apparently still hassling him. One particular person is trying to maintain that I was running a ‘hate campaign’ against John in the late 1960s / early 1970s, having assumed quite wrongly (I should say deliberately) that ‘fun times’ between friends can’t take place without any sinister undercurrent. I have just been reminded elsewhere of one incident of this kind that could be described as amusing, which occurred in my flat in Highgate in 1968. John was staying at the flat with my ex-wife and myself while he was sorting out alternative accommodation with the local council.

To cut a long story short, we had taken a photograph of him while he was having a bath through a faulty window. The photograph showed him sitting in the bath laughing (he just thought it was funny!). but soon after this my now-ex-wife Mary went away for a month or so to visit her parents who lived in Southampton. While she was away John had met a ‘wayward girl’ on his nightly travels. I was not home that particular night, but visiting a friend nearby in Highgate.

Around 10 in the morning, a letter was pushed through her letterbox to the effect that I had an intruder in my flat. I thought it best to check it out, and sure enough I entered the flat to find a naked girl asleep on the sofa, with her clothes forming a trail from the front door to where she slept. I woke her up and asked what she was doing there, to which she replied the ‘owner of the flat’ had said it would be OK for her to stay there rent free until she got herself sorted out. I soon realised that it was John himself who had told her this.

He’d made such a good job of it, that the girl refused to believe it was my own flat, and she even had the audacity to tell me I was trespassing! It was obviously all done as a joke. But to get ‘even’, I used some copies of the photograph we had taken of John in the bath and distributed them amongst John’s friends in the local community. He saw the funny side of it, when one of these people eventually showed him; although he wasn’t really angry, more ‘embarrassed’! So no, I was not having a hate campaign against my friend John. In fact I even invited him to my wedding reception in June 1979, and he had a really good time (see below).

John Bradish at our wedding reception in June 1979
John Bradish enjoying himself at our wedding reception!

Following this, both my second wife and myself would often be invited to his home for Christmas dinner, which continued on into the mid 1980s. In return both my ex wife and myself would invite him and his partner to our Muswell Hill flat, and in turn, cooked them dinner. I am publishing a picture (below) of one of their visits.

John Bradish and his partner on one of their numerous visits to our home, circa 1982.

This was taken in 1982, and I am sure people will see from the expressions on our faces, there was no ‘ongoing hate campaign’!

So sorry to disappoint the Bonky One, but there really was no hate campaign involved, as he is now desperately trying to state on the Internet.

Christmas Special is going well (following “Hoggy Hallowe’en”) and should be released well in time for Christmas. So with that, I’ll ‘love you and leave you’ good people, and be back again very soon.

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