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Some Cause for Amusement

David Farrant - Amused!

More Christmas news. I heard from one of the producers the other day, with news on their new film about the Highgate vampire and my life.

The film is nearly finished, and I hope to be hosting a preview screening in the new year. Quite honestly I’ll be glad when this whole Christmas charade is over! Its not so much that I begrudge the festival for youngsters with their excitement and expectation of toys. After all we were all young once and probably all enjoyed it. I better not say any more or I’ll just be labelled asa ‘grinch’ – or at least as one of his followers. But I’ll still be glad when its over! That said, Della really enjoys it, so I suppose its not such a big sacrifice.

Other news? Well, a bit more than news, this is really a revelation. Della has just started her own Blog. She has been meaning to do this for sometime, but always stepped back from putting it into motion because of the worry of taking on more responsibility, as she is now a partner in her firm and has enough to manage as it is! I knew that the idea was there, but I never really pushed her for this reason as I wanted her to make her own decisions as and when she felt ready. She hasn’t finished the ‘About Me’ section yet, but she should have done before the weekend is out (filming permitting, and we have a LOT on tomorrow). It is beautifully laid out, and, I believe, gives a deep insight into her own thoughts and feelings. But I am not going to attempt to paraphrase her work, as it has just gone into the public domain, and any interested people can read it for themselves (and there seem to be a lot of those about!). The link is: Her first 2 posts are already up, and I understand that the page she is working on, and lost some sleep over, will be really disclosing. So just keep watching that space (after you’ve watched this one, obviously!).

On another matter (but maybe not quite), there has been a lot of speculation recently about a marriage announcement that appeared online in the pages of the Ham and High. I am still not prepared to make any comment about that, despite pressure from quite a few people. All I can say is ‘Third time lucky’ – if you get my meaning! But seriously, that notification was put up by a well meaning friend, as what they thought of as a present. So in that sense it is no longer ‘secret’, but out in the public domain. But to those people, I am still saying “No Comment”. Why? Quite simply, its because its none of your Goddamn business! So I think we’ll drop that subject for now; but if anyone wants a new toaster, we’ve got about 5 of them spare, so do please get in touch! Mind you I can say that all this speculation about our private lives has given us both some cause for amusement!

Well just counting the days down now to the dreaded Christmas, although we have decided to retire from public life just for a day or two and take advantage of the holiday. Unless, of course, Della succeeds in her plan to direct and upload a short film of me giving a seasonal address to the nation on Christmas Day. I can’t really think of much to say, but as she thinks it is a good idea, and is bribing me with whiskey, I might just give it a try so my public do not think I have forgotten them completely!

For the moment everyone,



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