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. . . And The Goose Is Getting Fat

Christmas Party – All enjoying the fun!

“Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat’ – or so goes the old saying.  Actually, there’s a lot of literal truth in that old saying.

Nothing at all meaningful or profound, but it just reminds you of the days when geese were a traditional meal at Christmas, rather than the multi manufactured market of frozen turkeys.  How people can eat them en masse, I really don’t know.  But they do.  Tradition (rather modern tradition) seems to have taken precedence to taste, when the mindless masses consume platefuls of a meat so dry and juiceless that it is only disguised by varying amounts of gravy.  People stuff themselves, nevertheless; and pretend to enjoy it.  Though who knows?  Perhaps they really do!  Perhaps tradition has become so strong that acceptance of the food itself has been relegated to secondary importance.

Della and myself have decided to cook lamb for Christmas dinner.  Now there’s a meat which at least retains most of its vital juices.  And its versatile as well.  So at least no pretence there when you’re eating it; except perhaps a realisation that it is not meant to be a part of the traditional Christmas meal.  Who really cares anyway?  I just don’t like turkey, that’s all!

On another matter, our Christmas Special film is on schedule and (like our recent Hoggy Hallowe’en film) will soon be released on DVD.  That might be in the New Year, but then, it won’t really be out of date.  ‘Christmas’ might well be in the title, but the plot is really applicable to most times of the year.  It has a Christmas meaning, for sure; but its portrayed ghosts are real rather than seasonally intentional.  Blame Charles Dickens for that!

Della has a long holiday from work after tomorrow.  So I’ll have 10 days to lavish her ‘daytime affections’.  Obviously can’t do that when she’s working, but I think she’s deserved a little holiday.  We’ll probably just relax and do virtually nothing.  Well, Christmas comes but once a year,  and dear old Santa has got to have some seasonal pleasure, I suppose!

For the moment everyone,



5 Responses

  1. Holidays! Days of lounging in bed til midday! Staying up all night, no alarm clocks, no responsibility, no staff to pay, no clients to appease, no rent or mortgage to worry about paying for a week. I think I could cotton on to being retired / long term (entire life) unemployed – but if I was, I certainly wouldn’t consider people who get a short annual break from real life – as opposed to their whole fricking life – ‘lazy’ or ‘greedy’ – especially it it was THEM who were paying my JSA while I sat on my arse watching reruns of Most Haunted.

  2. You know Della,
    If you can believe what a particular individual says (although most people don’t!), that I was on JSA. Can you believe it?! I am not condemning people who are – please don’t get me wrong – but only the way he seems to condemn it: almost as if such people do not have the right to exist! And all this, coming from an ex-milkman! Well, I suppose he was doing a little good when he was delivering the countries calcium in the 1970’s, but since then, that layabout has not really worked in his entire life! Although he still claims benefits off the State. I don’t know . . . the hyporcrisy of some people!

  3. I was certainly not condemning people who claim JSA per se – more so the sanctimonious attitude of certain people who seem to think the state should pay for them to sit and allegedly pray and alternately bitch all day on the internet about people they have never met. And then have the bare faced cheek to criticise workers who are a damn sight more working class than them by default. How can one be working class if one has never actually worked?! Sorry, some stirrer emailed me some stuff earlier about some numbnuts up north banging on. It seems you don’t need to have ever had a job if you have an unintelligible northern accent in order to have some sort of ancestral working class cred. It was quite funny really, but that was what I was talking about, not you x

  4. I know you didn’t mean me Angel. I was only referring to what that person keeps saying about me in view of his own circumstances. That has got to be hyporcrisy in its deepest sense. ‘Sanctimonious’ would probably be a better word, in view of the fact that person is only pretending to be religious! See you tomorrow anyway. Why is Kensington such a difficult connection for buses. I’d risk the tube, and if you miss the rush hour, you should be okay.

  5. I’m assuming it’s the same person that’s now claiming to be Santa Claus on Atlas. I think that says all you need to know right there :-))

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