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Love Thy Neighbour

Its certainly all been happening this week.

You know, I usually hate it when somebody is supposed to have done this or that, then they apologise to you and say “sorry but I was really busy”. Why do I hate it? Because half the time, it simply isn’t true. It usually really only means, that a particular person just couldn’t be bothered; or that they had the time but chose to do something else instead. That’s why I hate it! Then why am I saying it? Because in this instance, it happens to be true. Everything seems to have been happening at once; with ‘little ol’ me’ right in the middle of it – as usual! I am not making excuses. Indeed, if you want a little excuse, you only have to look at my Blog for yesterday and see that there isn’t one!

I might just write another as well for tomorrow. After all, it is a Sunday, and I know how some people just love them!

So. Where are we? Well, I am after the landlords for money after all the work we put into clearing the garden – which included hiring no less than two skips which was getting on for £300. No doubt they won’t pay, but that’ll just be further grounds in my Court action. No more about that here as it is subjustice.

I see my friend Patsy is being harassed yet again by some nutcase wearing a tea pot cosy. She just said she would be answering no more of the stupid emails and referred him to her publishers i.e. myself. Of course, I won’t hear anything as the gutless individual only picks on defenceless women; he always carefully avoids meeting me ‘head on’! Indeed, as do most people if it comes to serious things like that. I guess its probably because I tell people the truth when I have to. And you might be reminded of that old saying about truth cutting deeper than any double-edged sword. It does!
(You were not alone Wayne, like so many people here in the past. He’s started on Patsy now!).

What else can I tantalise you all with in the way of mundane gossip?

Well, this is not ‘gossip’, but a fairly big event is happening soon. Think I mentioned it before, but that will make two things now – not counting the books, of course. Most people will know by now (the world over!) that I have heard from Barbara again. I was personally quite pleased really, as I hate to exist in any atmosphere of ‘unpleasantness’. I really do. There’s enough of that about in the world as it is, but its not so nice when it affects you personally. Its funny though, there are some people around who just seem to thrive on nastiness and the ‘eye for an eye’ attitude (notwithstanding that this barbaric man-made saying was overturned may years later by Jesus when he taught the importance of ‘loving thy neighbour’ and forgiveness).

On this matter, I was pleasantly surprised to speak to Craig again on the phone earlier. He was genuinely concerned that I might have thought he was being ‘vindictive’ in his question to Barbara. Actually, I did not actually think that (though his past performance in ‘stirring up’ sensitive issues might well have made it cross my mind – sorry Craig!) and am quite satisfied now that he wasn’t.
But having said that, my answer really still remains the same. Barbara should not be expected to prolong that saga here if she does not want to. Well, I do not really want her to either as the other people involved are simply not worth the effort. Apart from this, I would have to carefully watch the damned stuff, and I’ve got enough on my plate at the moment.

I intend to keep in touch with Barbara on a personal level though. I am quite satisfied now, that much of the ‘hatred’ flying about, was encouraged – if not orchestrated – by a particular brand of tea, and swallowed by people foolish enough to drink it.

But it was good to speak with Craig again (OK! Yes we did briefly discuss Laura!). The guy is really quite genuine and intelligent – a fact you might not guess from his spelling!. (Sorry Craig, couldn’t resist that!).

So, where are we? Obviously at the end of another week, and probably set for more dramas!

I think I may well post again tomorrow. Give me a break to get my mind off other things. But then again, I may not. I never like to work from ‘set routines’ but just do things when I feel like it. We’ll see!

For the moment,


7 responses

  1. haha my spelling!!!
    yeah im still fighting against dyslecia
    i’m pefect when it comes to numbers and equiations hence the work i do but when i rush my typing it comes out a mess.
    u dont have spellchecker or anyof that sort of stuff on here otherwise i’d clean my act up 😉
    i’ll call u later on as lauras mum said she knew someone who knew u back in the day who used to drink at the woodman pub. this person also knew bish bash bosh as well so itd be nice to namecheck with u.
    “Well, this is not ‘gossip’, but a fairly big event is happening soon.”
    is patsy the same one who wrote the highgate casrbook?
    thats a wicked book and well researched. theres loads of questions in there that werent answered in somebody elses book.
    i doubt he expected someone to do the basic obvious groundwork. excellent book though and hope theres enough left for a follow up.

  2. Sorry Craig,
    I certainly wouldn’t have joked about that if I’d have known you were genuinely dysletic. I really thought it was some kind of ‘mad shorthand’! Sorry.
    Anyway, I can’t talk. My spellng is much worse than it might appear here. I’m frequently having to look words up in the dictionary when I can’t get the bloody spell checker to find them.
    Besides, its what you actually say, not how you spell it!
    For now,
    Now I really AM intrigued about Laura!

  3. Hi Craig,
    Yes, it was the same Patsy who wrote ‘The Highgate Vampire Casebook Files’, and she assures me that there is enough material for a second edition.
    I don’t think Patsy bats an eyelid at daft e-mails.
    Sorry David, I am answering your questions!

  4. hi columbine thanks for that.
    i think the book was well researches and asked a lot of relevant questions that were overlookd or ignored by the other person.
    thats not to say their book wasnt any good but that it was more like a dracula ripoff book. it would have been better listed as fiction.
    their timeline is too conveniant and if it really happened then other people would have come forward to say theyfd been involved in killing it.
    trying to pass it off as real is taking the piss.
    i’d love to see a fdollow up to the casrbook or extra pages in a new version so hopefully patsy will write one soon.

  5. Hello Craig,
    Well, I can’t argue with your point that ‘The Highgate Vampire’ is a good work of fiction; it is. The difficulty though, in expressing a vampire story as fact puts it into a very different category – one in which allows others to ‘chase up’ and re-examine. This is what Patsy – and David before her – has done. Patsy told me that the chief reason for writing the book was to re-examine the points raised in the story based on what happens in nature. You can be sure that if a vampire had existed then Patsy and her researchers would have found evidence for it. Research for this book was painstaking and methodical, spanning at least three years.

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