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Almost A Holiday . . .

I am just going to have a quiet day today for a change. One thing I do like about Sundays, is that most of the officials things that cause work or some reaction, tend to ‘go to sleep’.

I’m talking mainly about ‘normal busineses’, of course – like the Council to give one example. There are no letters either to worry about or answer; and likewise telephone calls are normally just ‘domestic’ ones. So that’s one good thing I can say about Sunday. Its almost a ‘holiday’ fro me in a funny sort of way. Which does not mean that I am not kept busy; just that there are less outward distractions.

Talking of letters, one came yesterday that I forgot to mention. It was from a guy living in Oxford and he said he’d just bought one of my CD’s on the Highgate vampire case and said this seemed to ‘conflict’ with information he’d read elsewhere about the witnesses said to be involved. He went on to say, he was doing his own book on the case and wanted to get my side of the story directly. I will get back to him, but he didn’t leave a phone number or an email, so it’ll just have to be by letter. He didn’t enclose an SAE either, but I suppose I can forgive him for that as he did buy one of my CD’s!

The books and CD’s are going quite well at the moment actually. Steady flow of orders. I’ve got really high hopes for the next book; well, both of them. I intend to ensure they are widely circulated, and will be using Amazon as one source. Books and other items tend to find their way all over the world from there; apart from which, it saves a lot of work. I shall also make sure that the book naming recent events reaches relevant people who have been involved in these – albeit some of them indirectly. I just feel that people should be made aware of the FULL story; not just individual versions some people may have given. And so it shall come to pass!

Everything is on course actually, and I’ve met all time limits – but it has not been without some hard work. Which is why I’m trying to relax a little on this well-deserved ‘day of rest’! But I relax only in the fact that there is ample scope for the book. I am sure it will really sell itself when it gets going! Certainly I am hoping that it will sell in Europe a bit. After all, most European countries are aware of the basic story – its not just England and America.

Anyway, I suppose Sunday is not really the proper day to expound the possibilities of material business! But I am an author, and in this respect I do not take account of days of the week when it comes to writing. All really is quite quiet actually – but it normally is over the weekend. In fact, little or nothing to respond to. But that is the way I like it!

‘Till Tuesday, David


2 responses

  1. hi david
    any chance u can make that font a bit bigger? its tiny!!!
    u always release the odd bit of news about the book but nothing much else. a while ago u said u were working on several books. just to get it clear but how many books? i got one of urs in forbidden planet but amazon is def the best way to go.
    anyway giveus some details! lol

  2. Hi Craig,
    I’m glad you made that point about the font size, as I have tried to explain this to everyone on here before.
    I do not do anything to the font; all I do is type in whatever I might want to say, and it really comes out how it wants to! If it is not like that, it is to big!
    I usually rely on a couple of other people to correct this to the usual size should it happen. I don’t want to worry anyone with this, this late but no doubt they will see it and bring it into line with the rest before long.
    There are two (more-or-less immediate) forthcoming books.
    One is a compilation of two of my books “Dark Secrets” and “Shadows in the Night”. That is, I have combined the two autobiographies into one larger volume with additional text and some more photographs.
    The other book is also a compilation of 9 booklets started in 2000. This material has all been compiled into one volume – although it will contain new photographs with an updating chapter (well, book on its own really!) called “Pact with the Devil”.
    I don’t really want to say much more about the new books here Craig. Mainly because us authors never like to give away future details of forthcoming publications.
    Anyway, I will be meeting you again in person soon I hope, and I will give you a bit more info. then about this.
    Sorry about the font size. No doubt this will be rectified soon.
    For the moment,

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