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A Refreshing Change

Busy day yesterday, so hopefully this will be a quiet one.

I am glad to see there has been some discussion again with Patsy’s book. Its become popular enough (especially with collectors and in serious esoteric circles) and is certainly doing its rounds. As Columbine said, I had already told the story about my protracted part in the Highgate investigation, and it made a refreshing change to see somebody else doing serious research on the case. That’s what many other people apparently think as well.

As a matter of fact, I had an enlightening phone call from a guy in Birmingham last night, and I tell the little story as it had quite an enlightening ending! I had sent the person two books (one of them being Patsy’s, the other by Rob Milne) and I asked him to give me a quick ring to say they’d been received safely. The guy was full of praise for Patsy’s work, and said his wife and himself had made a special trip to London last year to go on a Highgate Cemetery tour. He told me on a ‘strange sensation’ his wife experienced in the centre of the cemetery, which seemed to ‘linger around her’ and was still with her upon leaving while they were walking in Swain’s Lane. I will not dwell on that here for reasons of space, but he was already well acquainted with stories of ‘vampires’ having read my own book last year.

Anyway, we got to discussing Patsy’s work and research and he was quite surprised to learn that she was actually a friend of mine (which seemed to impress him; thanks Patsy!). The ‘enlightening’ bit (I would call it ‘amusing’) really came next. I asked him where he had seen my Website address, and he said it had been in the Metro last year. Well, I was aware that the Metro was also circulated in Birmingham and Manchester (maybe even Edinburgh and Glasgow I think), but I always though my interview had just been published in only the London editions. Not so, I see! It seems I am equally popular nationally; not only in Birmingham but in Manchester! That’s quite a flattering thought, since Manchester is the second largest city in England! The mind boggles!

Anyway, the guy ordered two more books over the phone (which reminds me I must post those today) and also wants the DVD on the Highgate Vampire case. So, the case still lives on I see. Probably helps to explain all the interest in my new book on Highgate and the parts some people tried to play in it. Actually, I am meeting Patsy again soon, and I must ask her what plans she has for another edition. She has all my full support in any event.

Well I really am glad yesterday’s over. What a day! Solicitor’s appointment at 10. Already late leaving when I got a phone call from someone claiming to be a direct descendant of Robin Hood! (I know him actually – well I would do wouldn’t I?!!). I had to ‘cut him short’ but not before learning that last year a girl he was chasing had threatened him with the police if he contacted her again! Gosh, the soap operas go on; why is it none of them seem to have a happy ending!? But I don’t think the person really cared about this particular instance and just thought it was funny. I did too actually, but I just tried to ‘clear it all out of my mind’ before the appointment when there were much more serious things to talk about.

Ah yes, I mustn’t forget to post those books.

‘till Thursday everyone, David


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  1. “It seems I am equally popular nationally; not only in Birmingham but in Manchester!”
    now theres a headline u dont see everyday but secretly its obvious considering the amount of page space u get in ‘manchester’ 😉

  2. Yes Craig, that’s apparently true. I only learned a day or so ago that my interview had be published big time in Birmingham last Halloween. Now I learn its been splashed all over Manchester as well.
    Well over, so I gather! Well it is only the 2nd largest city in England, as I said.
    Nice to be famous sometimes, isn’t it?! It was a good interview too into the bargain.
    I’ll answer your ‘maid’ post a bit later. Little busy with other things right now!

  3. Hi David,
    Seems like there’s lots of people interested in the Highgate case, and not all of them are sensation seekers. Most people want to get at the truth of the matter, and I don’t blame them.

  4. I think that is the main point, Columbine.
    A lot of people really seem interested in getting to the actual facts behind the Highgate case, and they just keep persisting!
    People just don’t seem to give up!
    I think my friend Patsy helped in clarifying facts in her book recently. She seems to be saying . . . ‘Forget all the vampire stories, there could be mundane facts behind events that led to all such nonsense.
    That’s how I read her book, anyway.
    I’m sure that’s how other people would have read her account as well.
    For now,

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