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Well, not bad, its only Wednesday – only two days late! I know K cares about me really, which is why I try and please her even if I am a bit late.

I do see her point though. If you have a Blog, you mustn’t neglect it, or rather, get in the habit of neglecting it. Its difficult sometimes though to know exactly what to say; as I pointed out last time. Well, I suppose some news might be in order. I’ve sold 9 books now which is not bad in only a couple of weeks. Might just get to make a respectable living out of writing yet! Though I really don’t do it for the money. In fact, I don’t do anything for money. If money comes in out of doing something I like – fair enough. Helps to pay a few bills I suppose.

Talking of ‘demands for money’, I still haven’t heard back from the TV licencing people. They should really think themselves lucky really as I would definitely win. Ironically, I don’t even use the video viewer much now. Only really when I want to show somebody TV things I’ve done. There have been more than most people might realise as some get repeated abroad, and not always in English. The funniest one I saw was shown in South America and I was dubbed in Spanish. Then there were also two more in Italy. A few more I’m still waiting for, but that could take months. Nice to have them all on file though, when they arrive.

I have now managed to get ‘KD’s’ name removed as the author of my new book Only a comparatively small thing, I know, as everybody knows I wrote it and he (or she even!?) only wrote an introduction. Very good Introduction it was too, so I’m not knocking that. Actually, Barbara has said she is going to review the book on here, which she’s now finished. As I said Barbara, say what you want. I welcome honest criticism as I said, and if there’s anything you might disapprove of, please just say so. I can’t wait to see it!

Well, I’m really looking forward to Sunday morning 2am. Yes the clocks are going forward if I’m not getting my weeks muddled up. You’re supposed to ‘lose’ an hour’s sleep – but that really won’t affect me! Bought some half price wine in the store today. It was £4.99 a bottle but the point is, it was originally almost £10 a bottle. It should be good wine for that price. Well, it better be! I bought four! Try to get back to the new book later.

And, that, everyone, is really it for now. I really have run out of things to say.

So for the moment, David

PS Hurry up with your review Barbara!


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  1. Sorry David–I havent finished it and want to do it right, and I am still reading it, and enjoying it, so I will get there anon. Today I am scrubbing floors–again–there is a whole Sahara desert of plaster dust etc in the new house and it will take a few days to clean up, then onto the final bit of decorating, so I havent been able to read as much as I normally do. Talk about tired–bit its good tired, achy muscles and healthy sleep, all the lifting will do wonders for my osteopororis! I let my daughter have a peek, she remembers you from your visit to my house,or does she? Was she at the first visit, we are all suffering from dickipoggy recovered memories methinks, I am hopeless these days from one day to the enxt! I will let her have it after I have finished, so dont fret, lad, I will get there!
    Anyway she knows who youa re!
    Not sure if I understand the KD reference…………………

  2. Hi Barbara,
    ‘KD’ is definitely not the male person with the same initials – if that makes sense. But I don’t want to give the person’s identity away at the moment, though people would get quite a surprise if they found out who it really was – I kid thee not!
    Just do the review whenever you have time. I know how tiresome heavy decorating can be. Believe me, I’ve lived through it!
    For now,

    Anyhow I took it out with me to read while waiting for my grandaughter from school–I was covered in dust from mopping and scrubbing floors, it is like being in Victoran times this week, last week was the Chain gang–the last two weeks have been the hardest, though stripping the walls and decorating was a slog.
    I am already thinking of points to make, but the fact is if I am reading it non stop then that is a good start to bein with, the famous test really, because I am quite hard to please and will soon put a book down for various reasons. I know books are very subjective and there are only a few Ican read to be honest, well you will be, I hope, pleased to know that yours was one of them whether I knew you or not.
    However, the fact that I did makes it all the more fascinating–how many of our friends do we know so much about their pasts? Mine is a closed book and will remain that way, except when it resurfaces in various guises in my books, as it did in Secrets of the Grave, which was more or less as things happened, Spirit, in disguise for the most part, and Ladies of tne Night, when it was, for all intents, true regarding my mums’death though the nursing stuff was mixed up.
    Your book is pure autobiography, you have bared all, never mind bear with me! It isnt your e xperiences made into a novel or otherwise disguised, it is a brave thing to do.
    I will go on about the content when I have finished,your story does invite comment and questions, but I dont see why anyone should make any complaint about it, unless, as I mentioned earlier, some of the people mention, in particular the ladies, might be either miffed or flattered.
    One thing for certain David, it certainly isnt that Mills and Boom puffed up nonsenical twaddle we read by someone else,blathering on about being an immaculate conception and saint in waiting.
    More later old bean
    BEAR WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Take your time Barbara,
    I know the work has to come first. Incidentally, I never met your daughter as I wasn’t there the second time. But I’ve spoken to her on the phone though – I believe the dumpling passed me over!
    Many of the things I wrote about the past, I wrote whilst in prison and (as I say in the preface) things had then been ‘literally wrenched to the surface’. When I later came to write all these things out properly, I realised that maybe I had said a lot more than I should, but I decided to leave in all intact has it was far more truthful. Which is what I did.
    I felt that to try and change the past in the present (which many people try and do) would somehow be ‘cheating’ and there was just no way I could do that. I decided it was either ‘all or nothing’, and what you are reading is the ‘all’!
    I am still looking forward to your ‘literary masterpiece review’ though. Its worth waiting for!
    For now,

  5. Hoy David. Since Babs is busy soliciting her Ladies of the Evening (or was it Night), I can offer *my* review: chapter 1, David snogs some local tart and lams it on the road. Chapter 2, David bonks some French tart in a barn. Chapter 3, David roundly rogers the French tarts Mum. Chapter 4, some bloody f-ing occult business, hocus pocus, what have you, hey? Chapter 5-10, more snogging, hocus pocus, etc.
    Right. I admit I haven’t read it. But it ain’t exactly War & Peace now is it?

  6. No, its not exactly “War and Peace” – but I never claimed it was. But as you actually haven’t read the book, your ‘review’ really amounts to nothing more than speculation.
    Even if you HAD read it, your comments would really amount to the same thing! You seem to have a ‘one-track mind’, Cat. Thank God, I haven’t!
    For now,

  7. Hi David–I have just got in from another day of hard labour–goodness, what it must have been like to be a Victorian housemaid, but do you know. its odd, we have all enjoyed doing this house up and the hard physical graft –2close friends have helped immensly also, its been non stop. We hope to be complete next week–what will I do with myself then with no more stones to break or stairs to scrub—might start up a cleaning firm—-at least the stairs and floors etc dont complain like patients–or rather their horrible relatives–though I hasten to add only in a very small minority of cases but those b******s are the worst!
    Anyhow now I have my grandaughter to entertain and she is going to take over the computer, all being well I can start the review tonight when she has gone to bed or if not tomorrwo afternoon or evening, when I have some breathing space. I dont want to rush it, though I was sorry to leave you mouldering away in the clink!
    As I will point out, and you have already done so, this is more of a “prison diary”, as it is your early stuff unedited–as I understand. Therefore–crerect me if I am w rong— it is not stuff written now from a more erm well”mature” angle which may subtly alter some stuff. Neither do you comment from your present perspective how you regard your youthful follies—maybe you dont consider them as such. I consider my youthful follies as just that and dont blame myself for them, after all I never did anything too bad, more or less like you only less of the dickipoggy.
    I do venture to suggest that as we were both contemporaries and both went on the road in France and Spain–myself in 1964 I think, and all around England in between,I can literally be there with you and in the swinging sixties, even up here in Yorkshire we swang, man! It was a gas!
    I had the long hair problem, JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a scandal, strict parents, driven away from home! So I might be so bold as to suggest I know where you are coming from!
    Anyway thats not the review only it gives you an idea of what I am thinking, as for that Cat, is he f riend or foe, do you know who he is?
    Better go my grandnaughter is demanding the computer, but can you just tell me what your new book will be covering–from the horrible dungeon onwards to the present time–wow, that should be something else and fill in a few gaps for me, and David, say what you think about me–at your peril of course–I think however, apart from the lapse over dickipoggy gate you know what I mean, when things were in their transition, there was never a problem. In fact, I even got struck off over you in Secrets as you know, when a certain holyman had an absolute dickipoggy because I metnioned you in my book and I would not back down for him, the plonker,
    must go, being told off………………………
    tata barbara

  8. Oh Babsy, I merely make observations in my inimitable catlike manner, that is all. For example your “review” of Our David’s latest book so far consists of 520 lines about yourself and 2 lines about his book. At least my review kept to the subject. And if you flog your own book (“Ladies Of The Night” now available on and fine booksellers everywhere) on David’s blog one more time I may have to let out a miaow of protest. In any case, I blame all my bad behaviour on Craig as he’s a Crumpet Man from way back and a bad influence on impressionable souls such as myself.

  9. Hi Sir Gareth
    My grandaughter is only 8 so not likely to be interested! I will be happy to send you a signed copy of LOTN—please spread the word as a bribe—but dont blame me for the errors, they came up in the proof read, I can spell and punctuate, so I dont know what happened, still people like the book and a lot of them dont notice! Before you say also I do make mistakes on the computer at times with typing, but I know I do that!
    I would never write my memoires if anyone was interested ever if I became a “celebrity” haha, I’d sooner forget some of the muddles I got into, but as I said there are bits of real experiences here and there. And I think the fact that I was around in the swinging sixties travelling the same route as David with some of the same experiences gives me a greater insight into his book.
    But tha was only a lad then wasnt tha? Missed the S60S. DAVID SAYS HE had LONG HAIR BUT HIS HAIR DOESNT LOOK SO LONG IN THE PHOTOES—my dad had an absolute dickipoggy when he saw Mick Jagger on the telly, think it was 1963, Micks hair was about an inch below his ears, my dad called him a twerp,
    tata must get my beauty sleep
    ha ha

  10. Dear Barbara,
    I’m glad you like David’s book, I don’t know if you’ve allowed your grandaughter to see it, it sounds as if she’s too obsessed with computers to read things written in the old fashioned way on paper. I would be fascinated to read your own reminiscences of the hippy era, if they were less dickipoggy than David’s – by the way, it has a few photographs of him accompanied by naked priestesses, but just this evening I was helping him sort out various documents, and these included a huge number of other photographs of him with different naked priestesses, I think if he had included them in the book he would have increased its market potential – then that still allows for a hell of a lot of dickipoggy! You could do them as a completely fictional work, like ‘Ladies of the Night’, by the way, I read David’s copy of that completely fictional work, but could you let me know how I can get a copy of my own?
    Gareth J. Medway

  11. To John Baldrys Pussy , I have written loads about Davids book and today when I have time, after I have looked after my grandaughter and finsished redocorating the new house, I am going to do a proper review, which is more than your hissing and spitting have done so far. In order to review a book properly you have to be both objective and subjective, and with such sensitive and revealing relevations as Davids book, which is a true story, about someones life, you do have certain reactions. Because I had a lot of similar experiences at that time, I find it specially interesting, and I want to write an honest review not some ill thought out rubbish or syncophantic blurb.
    Do you know a little ditty–cats on rooftops , cats on tiles
    well I feel tempted to repeat it for your benefit, but as you arent a real pudcat but a pretend one, I wont bother insulting cats, pity you couldnt be another creature,like John Baldry’s slug–then why insult the animal kingdom at all,or why not put your real name in, maybe you are Bonky himself.
    Theres a thought!

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