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Looking On The Bright Side . . .

Nearly the end of February I see, then next, beautiful March. I personally prefer from April onwards, but anything is really ‘beautiful’ when it leaves behind the cold.

You will probably note, I missed 2 days main Blog again. Actually, I didn’t miss it, it was quite deliberate. I was finishing a couple of domestic tasks off which are now, thankfully, totally finished (at least the first stage is). This means, of course, I can give my FULL attention to the writing work, which I fully intend to do. So my countless fans (sounds a bit arrogant that, but it is apparently true!) need not worry. My books are fully on course with all the characters trapped well inside the pages! It is from here that the masses will soon see them emerge in all their beautiful glory (or ugly glory as the case may be)! Actually that last bit in parenthesis does not only mean physical ugliness, it can apply in an inner state as well: some people can have an ugly temperament, for example.

Yet I digress (though not really!). The whole point is that the books will soon be out, despite the seemingly endless mentions. And don’t forget what I said not so long ago. April 1st will also herald another surprise (no, not an ‘April Fool’s joke as already explained), which I don’t think many will be expecting – except those involved in the immediate project, of course.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Got an appointment at 11.30 which means leaving a good hour and a half before to get there on time. That means of course I’ll have to be up for around nine to get ready, and I do hate ‘early rises’!

The whole thing is a bit of a bore really, but its one of those things that just has to be done, so there’s no use quibbling about. Looking on the bright side of it, it’ll give me something to write about tomorrow. Sure it will interest people – one or two in particular. Anyway, keep watching this space for that.

I’m a bit worried for my friend who brings my cigarettes. He hasn’t been answering his phone, whereas he’s usually very ‘punctual’ like that. Hope he’s OK. Few of my friends have also met him, and without exception everybody likes him. I suppose its possible he could have gone on a ‘short holiday’, but if that is the case, he’ll be back soon.

Well, sorry again folks for the slight delay. I say that because I know some people are avid readers of this Blog – one girl actually saying in an email it had become her ‘daily fix’!

Its nice to be ‘missed’, I must say. I bet some of you thought I’d visited Maidstone film studios again (sorry, I meant the prison, of course!) where I was held up for nearly 5 days last time. But that was all in a good cause and I got paid a transmission fee and all expenses.

That’s really it for the moment. But I’ve committed myself now, so ‘see’ you tomorrow.

For now,


2 Responses

  1. hi david.
    do u mean ur long journey (in the dark) is going to be the basis for a new blog?
    sounds like an adventure story just waiting to be written! lol
    any details in advance in case i dont get a chance to read the blog for a few days?
    u off to visit baldrys cat by any chance???

  2. That’s right Craig. I’m visiting the dark zone’s of London tomorrow and setting off at the unGodly hour of 10 O’clock! No doubt it will be light by then; but one thing is for sure . . . I have to be fully awake!
    Didn’t mean I’d waste a whole Blog on it. Just meant that I’d ‘fill everyone in’ after I see what happens.
    Could be interesting – if only in view of what some people have stated before.
    I am NOT speaking in riddles; I just want to wait until tomorrow’s over before I write about it.
    No. I’m NOT visiting Cat – anywhere!
    We’ve seen where he ‘lives’ apparently, and nothing would entice me into those cold wastes! Unless it was an exceptionally beautiful female waiting to be rescued from the evil dragon roaming there, maybe!
    For the moment,

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