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‘In A Funny Sort Of Way’ . . .

Well you may be pleased to know, the heavy physical work is now finished. There’s so little to do now in comparison to what’s been done, its hardly worth mentioning.

So, I’m just relaxing in my favourite chair with a well-deserved glass of whiskey (all right, topped up with ginger wine!). Its nice to just relax sometimes and think about virtually nothing. Its not that I’m not still aware of some important things; just that I know I have nothing immediately to do about them.

Going to take a break from anymore writing tonight as well. Still have some material to read through so will probably do that later.

On reflection, I think I may have been inadvertently rude to dear Cat. I realise I’ve developed a habit of talking about him rather than to him, but its nothing personal. As a matter of fact, I’m pleased to see him back in a funny sort of way (note . . . ‘in a funny sort of way’!) as he cheers me up sometimes when he chooses to be ridiculous. Seriously, its good to have a sense of humour sometimes and I can think of one or two people who are sadly lacking in this respect. One great Eastern mystic once said, humour is the ability to laugh at ourselves; and not many people like to do that. I can actually; I really can! Maybe my early mystical training had something to do with it when I became of the importance of ‘going beyond’ the ego; that human ego that so often causes so much trouble. Some people can be so caught in their ego’s though, its so tragic as to be almost comical!

Gareth wrote me an introduction for the new book last night. Rather he’s done the first draught which reads OK to me. Not quite sure how to take his line of . . . (which read something like) . . . “where I had the good fortune (though some might call it ‘misfortune’) to meet David Farrant” . . . Etc, etc. Bloody cheek! I’ll have to let him keep it in though if he really wants as its his introduction.

He may actually have a point though. I retrospect, I do seem to have an effect on some people and it isn’t always an amicable one!

But enough of this self-analysis. I’m a little physically tired (never mentally!) and I do need to mix another glass of whiskey!

‘Till Monday, if not before,


15 responses

  1. I can scarcely imagine what you are doing moving heavy furnishings about. Perhaps giving the satanic symbols on the floor and walls a fresh coat of paint?
    Is there anything you can tell us about your domestic activity, aside from getting pissed and poncing round your flat wearing cheesecloth knickers?

  2. As I’m having such a peaceful night, my dear Cat, I will condescend to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to answer you.
    Firstly, I don’t get ‘pissed’. I have been drinking the odd ale (and very occasional glass of whiskey!) since I was 15 or less so am more-or-less immune to any ‘drunken side-effects’. Unlike some people, drink does not make me violent, nor does it impair my ability to think clearly. If anything, it just helps me relax and gives me more tolerance to have to answer remarks such as yours!
    The ‘furniture’ clearance is not for the benefit of potential (women) visitors; but it IS for a purpose.
    Unfortunately, with the numerous ‘scandal mongers’ studying my words here, I am sure you can understand why I have to be careful not to gave any secrets away. It is not really a secret (and I will post the reason here soon); at least, only for the moment.
    I will overlook your purrings about the ‘cheesecloth underwear’. In fact, I did not know this was even made. (Purely out of interest, do you know any suppliers of this in London?).
    Unfortunately, I have no ‘scandal’ for you at the moment. So, as usual, I will just have to leave it to others to scrape some up from somewhere or invent it!
    Anyway, I won’t keep you. Its gone 11 now and must be nearly time for your nightly prowls!

  3. Well, you have your ‘secrets’, and so have I. I will give you a rare glimpse of “Cat Heaven” below, however I cannot reveal further details at the moment as it would violate Cosmic Law.

  4. Well that’s all right, Cat – nice place.
    But I made damn sure I looked first this time to avoid seeing that troll again standing on a Yorkshire bridge!
    No your ‘Heaven’ pic is fine,

  5. i thought trolls lived under bridges?
    cat heaven looks a bit like narnia. all u need is a lion and a wardrobe.
    david can help u out with the witch 😉

  6. online witch courses??? thats crazy. u can get a degree for any old rubbish online thesedays.
    what happened to a good old bit of proper study?!
    any spells for curing headaches? iv got a banging one at the moment.
    i think i mighthave had one too many last night.

  7. Hi Craig,
    Re: “I thought trolls lived under bridges?”
    That’s what I always thought. This one might have come out on top briefly to get a short break from the ‘watery darkness’! I don’t know. Ask Cat. He somehow took the picture!
    Afraid I don’t really know much about ‘witches’ – at least, only the genuine one’s who don’t need to acheive ‘diplomas’ by ‘studying’ it over the Internet and such-like.
    I guess I am just one of the older breed who doesn’t take too seriously all these modern ‘witch fads’!

  8. Yes Craig. It really is rather crazy. But it actually is quite common you know; that is people getting ‘paper degrees’ (should have said ‘email degrees’!) in virtually anything over the Net.
    It is no secret, that I was pretty deeply involved in Wicca (Nature magic, mysticism, etc) many years ago. But it never involved any of this ‘new fangled’ modern plagiarised interpretations that you only seem to find on the Net. It actually involved many years of hard work and study. There was some intensity and dedication involved; not just the ‘quick time’ it takes to respond to superfluous emails!
    Anyway, that is really quite a complex subject on its own, so I won’t attempt to pursue it now.
    Sorry to hear about your headache. Probably the most natural cure is sleep. Then the body can get rid of all its tension, and nine out of ten times, when you wake up, the headache is gone!
    Sure you will be pleased that old Cat is back again, anyway. Don’t know how long he’s here for at the moment; the dear animal just has a habit of ‘cropping up’!
    For the moment,

  9. Craig, please comment on:
    1. Local Girl With No Name
    2. Adoring American Fan
    3. Old Flame Which Still Burns For Him
    4. Female Psychic Enthusiast
    5. Rural Vicar’s Wife
    6. Innocent Schoolgirl Journalist
    7. London Pub Waitress
    8. Former Blonde Bombshell

  10. yeah like i really want to be reminded of just how crap my opwn lovelife is by ticking off the farrant checklist!!!
    i think theyr all a smokescreen. i reckon his heart lies in bournemouth!!!:D:D:D

  11. Craig,
    Please do NOT comment on any of the above!
    I have had enough about of all this morbid curiousity about my relationships (if any) and my sex life.
    Such subjects are not for discussion here, unless I touch on such things as part of accounts in my Blog.
    Its quite usless giving you yet another warning Cat, as you never take notice.
    So this really applies to anybody who might be tempted to ‘exploit’ your points.
    Please DON’T!
    For the moment,

    […] David Farrant has a wordpress blog. I link to this post if only because I’m mentioned by name in it, which surprises me that Farrant’s old arch-enemy Mr. X [his nickname here is ‘Bonkers’ Alex (though ‘Mr. X’ will do) so sorry for the edit] hasn’t shown up going, “He really IS Dracula!” […]

    Hi Alex. Glad you found me! (Everyone seems to sooner or later!).
    Sorry about the small edit. I just don’t want to use peoples’ proper names here (especially his) without express permission. You know the trouble he caused on your Blog and to make it worse, he’s now got a full time accomplice who also loves making frivolous and most decidedly unchristian complaints
    Apart from that, just join the fun. But please try and avoid enticing me into any more scandal. I’ve got enough with that blasted Cat to deal with.
    Welcome again. Please stay around.
    David Farrant

  14. Craig,
    The big mystery is WHO Farrant visited on St. Valentine’s Day!
    If you can suss that one out, let me know.

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