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Anyone For Tea!? . . .

Well I really have overdone it on the physical work this week. Not that this was from choice, but more out of necessity.

Somebody here made a comment to the effect (I think it was that blasted Cat again!) that I had only been ‘moving furniture’ with the intention of ‘luring females’ to my flat. Not so at all! I am trying to improve its layout, yes; but I wouldn’t got to that extent for any woman (unless she was extra special, of course!). Not that this subject is really interesting, but future revelations here might prove that it really is. You will see. But you will all just have to ‘wait and see’!

Needless to say maybe, such physical work has held up my writing deadlines a little for this last week. But I am still way ahead with all that, so it doesn’t really matter. The books are going well, and I just got the draughts for the new comic book. Same characters from the old one, but now there’s a slightly different story line in view of fairly recent events. All will be revealed soon, so don’t worry! (Sooner than some of you think who’ve asked for an advance copy!).

What else? Well my friend Patsy is coming over again very soon, as there’s a couple of things to go through. As I believe I said, she is arranging the Cornwall trip in September (there’s that for a start) and we also have to talk about getting another print-run done for her book on the Highgate vampire case. Its proved very popular; so popular, in fact, that the first run has nearly all sold out. People love that case, they really do! Might have room for a little revised text next time, but the full new revised edition is not quite ready yet. These things really do take a little time, apart from which she doesn’t want to rush it and maybe sacrifice any accuracy. It’ll basically be a re-print of the last one this time, although I might put the cover in a slightly better gloss quality. (Her work is well worth it!). But apart from this certainly nothing will be changed or replaced – absolutely nothing. So people will still be able to put the tea pot cosy over the teapot while there’re getting to the next chapter!

Whilst on the point of tea, do you know, now they’ve stopped my favourite brand of tea in Sainsbury’s. (Yes, I DO drink tea – if only in the daytime!). It’s a bloody nuisance as it was lovely and strong and loose tea is pretty hard to get nowadays. There were only two choices of common loose tea really, and there’re both really insipid by comparison. I got the brand that the monkeys used to advertise on TV. Poor creatures probably died drinking it, which is why we don’t see them anymore! Seriously, there’re probably still around as apes live for ages – albeit gone into retirement now!

Well, I’d better get on with a little more work. Hopefully it will actually be finished by tomorrow.
Then I only have Gareth to contend with tomorrow night . . Oh my Gawd!.

For now everyone,


5 Responses

  1. Who suggested your recent renovations are for purposes of luring females? Not me! By the way, good luck with your new ‘mini bar’ and round, velvet-covered ‘water bed’. When Gareth comes by he can help you install the mirrored ceiling tiles.
    As for the tea, try shopping at Morrisons.

  2. Dear David
    If you search on the web you will find a few UK companies that sell loose tea online.
    You might want to try the Sainsburys Assam tea, it’s quite strong.
    Mindyou these days they seem to fill the shelves with peppermint detox tea and other such nonsense!
    Regards Matt

  3. Hi Matt,
    You must be psychic (sorry! I know you don’t believe in that!), that’s the very one I was referring to. Everything else but. Don’t really like the teabags version, and as for that ‘monkey stuff’!
    Maybe it’ll come back,
    For now,

  4. Hi David,
    Typhoo green tea is delicious!
    Patsy tells me that she has made the Cornwall booking, and will discuss it with you whe she arrives at your place. She is decorating her flat, too.

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