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Farther And Farther . . .

Not a bad day today. A little cold perhaps but the sun kept shining most of the time. Had to go out lunchtime to a part of London I just don’t like, and I really hadn’t been looking forward to it. Two bus changes as well apart from the fact they are both long journeys.

In fact, I had I had to go to the computer centre to pick two of my computers up which had both been thoroughly overhauled but now had a ‘clean bill of health’. I got a taxi to get them home and the journey was really quick in comparison to going. The guy knew most of the short-cuts and avoided most of the traffic.

At the ‘centre’, I was told that they had both been thoroughly checked, but were now working perfectly. I had been letting a friend use one of them, and was sure she ’messed it up’ even to the extent of then lying about its condition, when she had caused it in the first place. The people in the ‘shop’ confirmed that they were satisfied that this was the case, and that I could pursue the person for damages if I so wanted to. We’ll see. Would be easy now though, now that I’ve got official expert witnesses.

Back home, I didn’t bother bringing them up to my flat, but put them in an empty room I have been using for storage. I couldn’t be bothered messing about with them actually, as I have everything copied on discs and this has already been transferred to my new computer which I’m working from. Another reason was that I don’t want to clutter the place up, when I have been working so hard recently to clear it!

To the books: I am working on a ‘religious part’ of (rather in) one of the books. I find the section interesting because it gives you a chance to explain attitudes towards various religions and how different people practice them. I have always said that it is not always necessary to go into Churches to find God. (This does not mean that God is any less present inside a particular Church than he is outside of one: if God is indeed omnipotent, then he surly must be ‘in’ both). God is everywhere, surely? You can find God in a Church, of course; but you can also find him in your home; out in the street; out in the country; in some isolated Monastry; even in some forlorn wood. People can find God anywhere if they really want to.

Though this equally works the other way – there is no ‘escaping’ God either! So people who may think they are hiding behind isolated trees (if they have reason to, of course) can be seen just as clearly by that Infinite Principle (or ‘God’) as those kneeling in some Church.

Why do I mention this? Well the book just reminded me, that’s all; and I know you are all (well most of you) always looking for clues as to what’s in the books. I am just writing about the whole human situation in its relationship to religion basically, that’s all. I do feel strongly about this point though . . . The fact that God is really so near, but that so many people just do not realise this fact. (that’s almost tragic in a way!). Some people are literally so surrounded with their own personal thoughts and problems, that they just cannot see the wood for the trees. Indeed, instead of getting closer to God by letting all these problems and human desires drop, they are getting farther and farther away from Divine Principle. Farther and farther away.

Anyway, I ramble. This is just a tiny gist only of one small part of the book. You’ll have to wait to read it all!

Well, think I’ll try and get an earlish night tonight. Its been quite a hard day! Might actually get some well-earned sleep.

And I haven’t forgotten you all either. Sleep tight everyone!

For the moment,


16 responses

  1. all these quotes. ‘shop’ ‘centre’ etc….makes me think u want us to read between the lines!!!
    now didnt u say sometime ago that ur pcs had been taken by the boys in blue?
    so if uv got ur pcs back i take it no charges were ever pressed! hahaha theres one in the eye for the so called religious god squad liars!!! lol
    now u can get all the files back onto ur main pc and carry on with those long overdue books 😉

  2. all a bit spiteful if u ask me. her blog used 2 make me laugh when shed bang on about how evil u were and david farrant this and david farrant that yet u never once named her!
    anyway, glad to hear uv got ur pcs back now along with ur cameras and disks.maybe now everyone will just get on with there own thing as its a bit mental reallt.
    personally though id get her done for wasting police time!

  3. I effect, what I explained on my Blog, Craig (on December 20th) was that a person from a Blog elsewhere (in reality, a thwarted female) had reported some of my writings as she was under an illusion that my comments about Christianity (and other religions) related to her. In reality, the person was acting only out of sheer malice just because I had said (on June 18th last year) I wanted to forget our entire relationship (due to her breach of loyalties). This had resulted in a malicious statement being made to the police and they had no choice but to investigate.
    I wrote then . . .
    “Against their will, the police had been forced into investigating this person’s complaint because she had written to the Commissioner of Police as a part of her campaign of harassment against myself. They really had no choice in the matter but to follow procedure (which was quite against their will as was made quite plain to me).
    In accordance with normal procedure, and in accordance with normal routine, this matter had to referred to the CPS to see if there was any case to answer.
    It was referred back to my local police with the simple answer ’no’, hence the reason for my letter. In other words, there was no case to answer (like that was a surprise!)
    The letter concluded with the lines . . . “Your two computers, 2 digital cameras and 7 media disks have now been returned from analysis and are ready to be picked up. Please call the office to make arrangements”. It was signed by the officer who the case had been assigned to”.
    I did not wish to unnecessarily wish to prolong the matter here, so I instead put it subtlety on my Blog.
    The truth is, that both my computers were returned, and I received a letter from the police (as did she) saying that no further action was to be taken.
    I said at the time that . . . “Hell hath no fury . . .” etc, etc; although this in itself was really an understatement!
    But that matter has long since been closed. I was just mentioning the fact that I had at last arranged a day to get my computers back. In fact, I was invited 9in the letter) to collect these before Christmas, but to pressure of work, I just could not arrange it until today. Hence my Blog post.
    Hope that clears this up for you.
    For now,

  4. Yes, it was certainly very embittered stuff, Craig.
    I felt very sorry for the person in a way, because all this was so different from the kind and gentle person I’d once known. The ‘dark side’ had certainly won!
    But, and as I have said before, if people ‘sup with the devil’, they can expect to be given poisonous food. What is so tragically ironic perhaps, is that the person actually KNEW they were being fed poisonous food, but kept going back for second helpings!
    Well, it has been wisely said, I suppose, that love and hate are sometimes just opposite sides of the same coin.

  5. Hello David,
    You mention God in an interesting way. I once travelled with a ‘religious maniac’ on a coach to Blackpool. During the journey he kept banging on about God, church, etc. I told him that God could be found just as well in a garden as inside a church. He was not pleased. It’s true, though: God is everywhere and in everything; even love and hate are aspects of the Divine.

  6. now what would i be doing with a hessian sack!!!
    i can order one from him but it’ll have to be sent via yorkshire. they make them in mega massive bulk up there.
    industrial blackout strength.
    tell me david, when u said u gave her the sack…you meant the hessian type?
    the cat in the sack.
    sounds like a dr seuss thing.

  7. -the cat in the sack
    Actually Craig, that refers not to “a feline in a bag” but to a “cat o’ nine tails” – a flogger i.e. a whip – er, maybe Gareth can explain it all to you…

  8. “tell me david, when u said u gave her the sack…you meant the hessian type?”
    Actually, Craig, I was using that slang phrase in the normal sense of the word (not in your own interpretation!). In other words, in the normal sense that it is understood i.e. ceased to require someone’s services.
    Next question?!

  9. so er…cat…how many tails have u got and are u a male or female cat??
    and whatever happened to speedqueen?
    david? something ur not telling us? have u finally got ur courage up and met the woman?
    if not can u pass her details over to me?

  10. Hi Craig (once again!),
    You and Cat (nine tails or not!) are really too much to deal with when you happen to ‘meet up’ on here!
    I am not avoiding an answer; but I have had a busy day – a little tired – so will get back to you tomorrow.
    For now,

  11. right its now officilally 2moro…now about speedqueen.
    u was going to tell me all about her.
    Cat don’t let him out of this one. we’ve got him cornered!!!

  12. I purposely left out Speedqueen off the LIST OF POSSIBLE FARRANT ROMANCES since I think she is possibly a hessian hiding in tarts clothing….

  13. let david have a well deserved rest! ror ur information ive just returned from catchin up with a few of my biker mates in the states. as ive been away ive not had chance to meet up with david yet but hopefully will in the next week or so.while away i purchased some amazing leather outfits and some great boots which i hope will get davids approval.whats all this talk about whipping and cat o nine tails have i been missing something while i away…………

  14. Welcome back Speedqueen (not you Cat).
    They have been giving me a hard tine again in your absense.
    In a word, they keep persisting on about my private love life – which just happens to be non-existant at the moment. So there’s really nothing to answer!
    Anyway, forgetting them; yes our meetings still on. I’m still at the email I gave you. We can’t arrange it here for obvious reasons!
    I really don’t know how ‘Cat o’nine tails’ got into this now (think it was Craig who started that) or equally why Cat thinks Gareth should ‘know all about it’. He’ll be here next week so I’ll invite him to answer Cat (that should be interesting!).
    So, welcome home again,
    For the moment,

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