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A friend telephoned me last night and mentioned in passing that he’d been following my postings here.

He apparently liked them and told me to ‘keep going’ and he explained that there were many other people besides himself who would be interested in the ‘real David Farrant’ as opposed to the subjects of my books about ‘ghosts’ and the paranormal. (Actually, I like to think that in my books and other writings, I give equal important to the subjects of Life and mysticism – but I think this is what he also meant).

Well, I’m not too sure about that! When people say they would usually like to know about the ‘real me’, this usually means that they want me to explain things in the public domain. In other words, make statements or answer questions about things that have been SAID about me, which is, of course, an entirely different thing.

No. I am afraid this blog, my blog, is not what this is all about.
Quite frankly, I do not care one iota about peoples’ feelings on the paranormal or my part in many paranormal investigations; some people will think what they want anyway without needing any help from myself here. Neither do I really need to make people aware of myself as a person (as he put it); I really don’t care. And there is no need.
All I am doing, is ‘scribbling down’ a few of my thoughts about Life here, and I have done so by basing these on personal everyday experiences; otherwise what I say would mean little, almost nothing.

Nobody is forced to read it, or reply. Indeed, often there is nothing to reply to – but that’s just the way I wanted it! I don’t mean that anyone should be excluded from sharing my thoughts and observations; only that I did not intend this to offer a platform for some trying to draw me into ‘other subjects’.
To those, I can only say, this is really a ‘non-starter’. You won’t find any ‘News of the World’ revelations here, only plain old me in the real world!

Which is really what this is all about.


2 Responses

  1. Dear David
    In one of your previous entries you mentioned that cleaning was a tedious business.
    You could adopt Quentin Crisp’s attitude, don’t do any cleaning, the dirt stops getting worse after 5 years.

  2. Hi David,
    I agree – cleaning is tedious; in fact, it’s boringly so. However, as my Zen master used to say – ‘Make a meditation of everything you do.” Having taken his advice, I can honestly say that it makes life’s chores a lot easier to do! Ha ha!

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