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This Or That

I must admit to feeling a little tired tonight, and its only 11 which is unusual for me.

Tired but relaxed at the same time.  Nothing to do – unless I want to do anything that is.  No restrictions, no compulsions;  nothing, just a lot a space and solitude, which is the way I like it sometimes.

So, what’s new. Without doing another boring Blog!?  Quite a lot really.  The book is going well, so is the filming.  In fact, I got loads done over the weekend, way into the night/s, which is probably another reason – if not the only one – its suddenly ‘caught up with me’.

You know, somebody asked me, in all seriousness, last night if I’d ever thought of getting married again.  Yes, I’ve thought about it; but who could really put up with me?  I mean, I’m just too bloody independent and ‘hooked’ on my own freedom!  Its not that I’m inconsiderate; I’m just impossibly caught up with being free of those things that so many people are captured by.

Committed to beliefs or obligations by ‘this or that’, some people would just not find it easy to realise I give so little importance to material things.  I really don’t – but some others do, and that is partly where most of the problem lies.

For example, I never eat at set times – I just eat if or when I am hungry.  I rely on my body to tell me that without relying on a clock.  Or I very rarely have any knowledge of ‘material time’, rather a sense of timelessness which is far more valuable than that.

Lets face it, most people just don’t have that, but are reliant on clocks most moments of their working lives.  I am just not which is just another reason why I could never get re-married!
You have to ‘give and take’ in human relationships, that’s only fair.  But I have nothing to give – I could only give up my sense of freedom, and I could never do that.

But quite apart from that, you have to take into account that often people can change quite inexplicably and without reason.  They can even betray you without any cause, I guess that’s just a part of human nature.  That always brings about its own suffering; but just another reason why I desire no part of it!

Well, its all quiet.  But I prefer it quiet with nothing to distract you!



4 Responses

  1. I see the message board has started up again with a “new” member, who sounds awfully like an old one! He kicked off with a tirade against me in and among which he stated as fact, as you have seen, with the information that I was sacked from my job in the NHS! This is totally untrue, I retired, but because of a silly letter of complaint against me previous to my retirement , written by a disgruntled female over basically nothing, other than me and my work companion looked a bit worse for wear after a 12 hour night shift, and I kicked up a fuss because my managers were behaving like spineless ninnies, somehow this has morphed into someone (!) telling this new guy I was “sacked.” When I told him it was untrue and his “source” was either minsinformed or malicious, he continued to rain abuse down on my head. Ah well, how ridiculous can people get. Anyhow apart from this flurrry of excitement, I am busy with my garden and whatnot.
    I agree with you on the subject of marriage David, or even sharing my house with anyone,its great being alone–well not quite, I have my pets.
    I wouldnt like to be without them!
    tata for now

  2. Its funny such a statement cropped up at all on the Robin Hood thread, but Ventura or whatever his name is has got hold of a garbled version of something that I can’t even think he could have known about–its true some of the tale has been on a couple of message boards in the past, and I did have a MSN board myself but it was private. Very dickipoggy, but well despicable actually, as such an accusation is entirely untrue. In fact I think I will report him,
    tata barbara

  3. Most people know you wern’t sacked Barbara; so there’s really no need to justify yourself. I know – as do many others – you spent many, many years as a dedicated nurse, and that’s all that matters. It is worrying though the way people can spread this sort of malicious propaganda. As I said on the Arcadia Forum, most unChristian. Not that some people even know the real meaning of that word!

  4. Well, I would because that statement he issued (hiding behind an invented alias as usual) is highly libellous. The same goes for the other person who fed him that false information, and who has no doubt repeated it to regulars in the “Shoulder of Mutton”.
    But, as I said, try and not let it upset you too much. People take hardly any notice of those two now.
    Incidentally, sent you an email earlier. Hope it came through okay.
    Busy day tomorrow, so better stop now.
    For now,

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