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Its Strange, Isn’t It . . .

Its strange, isn’t it, sometimes.  I mean, sometimes I feel like writing here, but sometimes I just don’t.

I realise that this Blog is really no more than a personal diary (at least, as far as that is allowed to go without comprising anybody else’s feelings),  but sometimes feelings are hard to put into actual words;  especially when I am not really writing some ‘secret diary’, but one which I realise is being read by hundreds of people – a few of whom (and these are small in number, thank God)) who tend to ‘grab’ my every word and attempt to give them a completely opposite meaning!  And yes, that does happen . . . frequently – but only, it seems, by this selected few.  But I guess that it really my fault.  I was well aware of the dangers of such misrepresentation when I first agreed to write this Blog in 2007.  To say that I had some ‘misgivings’ at the onset, would really be to put it too mildly. But I accepted the challenge nevertheless, which is perhaps why I am still writing!  And I will continue to do so, so fear not!,  however spasmodic my posts here may sometimes appear to be.

Anyway, on to more material news which may make up for my excuses – or lack of them.

Della is here this weekend again, but is asleep now.  Yet perhaps that’s not really so strange as it is almost 5 O’clock in the morning!  No, I have not just got up; but been working on something else which has made any sleep an impossibility.  It’s a project I just have to get completed by early this week; and I never like to leave agreed work to the last minute.  That’s just me! Although I care little for ‘material time, in any event.

But I will attempt to get some sleep within the next half hour.  Try and not to wake Della though, as she seems to be enjoying some undisturbed sleep.  And she’s earned it!  The house looks so much better now with all her improvements; several more of which she implemented earlier.  The house looks more like a hotel now really,  but no thanks to myself, I suppose, when I am trapped – well entrapped, I suppose, by so many other things.

There is much more news, but I am quite tired by now, so will do another Blog tomorrow.  Should be possible as Sunday is usually a quietish day!



5 Responses

  1. Hola querido,
    Thanks for your appreciation about the house. You’ve done loads to the house too, especially the bits I can’t do so well like the sawing and drilling.
    I find it peculiar when women get all political about domesticity. There’s nothing debasing or indicative of intellectual or social inferiority about pursuing a career, whilst still taking pride in a well designed, clean and welcoming home. It is a sign of an orderly mind.
    And its been great to have such a huge period property to work with as well. Everyone who’s been round and seen it has had good things to say about it too. Its good to know we can have people stay at short notice, and I still maintain that the chi is flowing so much better. And there is nothing hippyish about that!
    Still looking out for a decent roll of seagrass carpet; it would be simple were it not that all the higher end weaves come in 4m rolls.
    But at least the chandelier arrived in one piece; I can’t believe its survived intact all these years and coped with a trip across the continent at its age!
    Talk to you later,
    Miss V

  2. Thanks ‘Miss V’!
    Yes, the ‘Witches Palace’ certainly looks much better now; think it just needed a ladies touch! Some parts were harder than others of course, though I admit I was a bit concerned when you were fitting the chandlier and I was holding the step-ladder for you!
    But I do try to help as far as I am able, and you do make good sandwiches, my child!
    David x

  3. Not too much butter. Pickle, then cheese THEN tomato. Preferably quite thinly sliced. And certainly not the middle bits x

  4. You are learning, my Child, about the art of sandwich making, I can see that! I think I made the mistake of putting the pickle in last in the cheese sandwich I made, which is probably why it all fell out! So I will leave it to you in future. I have concluded that sandwiches really need a ‘ladies touch’ to savour best the delicate flavours. I must get you to make me some more when next you visit my hunble abode!

  5. I shall make some for our outing on Tuesday mein liebling, in brown paper bags with the fillings written on. Maybe even a flask of sugary tea for the journey.
    In the meantime I shall leave the wooden spoon action to you viz kitchen related matters!
    Della x

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