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In Time For The Morning

Yes. Its still Sunday – but only just. I guess it’s a bit late to write a Blog now; but maybe not. After all, everything is much quieter now, and the traffic noise has long since faded into unheard oblivion.

Well, I do not really have any ‘religious thoughts’ at the moment, some people may be pleased to hear – or not hear as the case may be! So, if I’m not to mentions matters heavenly (or matters not so heavenly, as I sometimes do), then I guess I’m just left to stay with material things and events, which I do find a bit boring at the best of times.

Anyway, some of you may have gathered, Cat is purring again – here of all places. I really thought the dear animal had taken a prolonged holiday; but not so, it seems, and he is back in his full ‘animal glory’ trying to wind me up as usual. For the record, Moggie, it really won’t work! If I have survived the wrath of Nations, not to mention the jibes of some embittered women intent on my downfall, I doubt that the odd ‘rouge cat’ is likely to bother me! Especially when its supposed to be shouting at me from some ‘heavenly basket’! (Which it claims it is!).

That only leaves Craig really. But I have to admit, he’s quite a nice guy. Finds the odd things funny; especially when he sees them in black and white – almost as if he finds it hard to believe some things really happened!

The filmed “Duel to the Death”, for example, or the signed “Peace Treaty” for another, I’m sure he was doubtful about before he had these shown to him (and given copies of) in actual newspaper or magazine print. Don’t get me wrong; I can see the funny side of them. But maybe I have got so used to them now, events have lost some of their humour.

That doesn’t really leave anybody else. Except perhaps for the usual nutter who splutters the usual anti-David Farrant curses whilst drinking his morning tea. (He is so obsessed with this daily routine, that the tea pot often goes cold, despite being covered by a warm tea pot cosy to protect its bald lid!).

But that aside, I know here are many others reading this Blog, as I am in correspondence by emails. But its surprising how some people would rather stay personal as opposed to ‘going public’ with their replies. I really don’t know why with all these Internet aliases available nowadays – apart from which, I would never allow personal attacks on anyone posting. I really take the full brunt of all that. But, as I said, I am quite capable of handling that.

So, I guess I’d better think about sleep. I know its fairly early, but I want to get up in time for the morning!
For now,


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know why all the fuss is regarding Bonky. He pens curses to The Witch Farrant while sipping cold tea by day and polishes his sword under the bedcovers by night. A harmless old pensioner really. Can’t you leave him to enjoy his memories of “glory days” when he was young and fit?
    David you should know that it isn’t all just lazing about in heavenly baskets up here in The Cat Afterlife. I have Cat Business to attend to which takes me away from your blog now and again. But since Craig is here to “hold your feet to the fire” and force you to answer (rather than avoid) the hard questions, I can rest easy!

  2. -” I doubt that the odd ‘rouge cat’ is likely to bother me!”
    It’s “rogue” not “rouge” you silly berk. Rouge? I don’t use rouge! Perhaps you are confusing me with Bonky and his ‘fancy dress’!

  3. I am not confusing you with anyone, you trouble-making Cat.
    If I’m confused about anything, its the fact you claim that you’re ‘up there’ now (heaven) when if anything, I’d have thought you’d have been sent far, far ‘below’!
    If I was in such a high position, that’s exactly where I would have decreed you should go. Purgatory (lovely Christian word is that!) and ‘stoking up the boilers’ for evermore!
    That is perhaps academic, because I do not even personally accept the existence of ‘hell’!
    But its a nice thought anyway!
    Your mortal friend,

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