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I Can Only Agree With You!

Well, just a little more to add to my last Blog.  I was waiting for clearance from K. as I promised her some time ago I wouldn’t ‘give anything away’ before asking her beforehand.

Its just to announce the release of a new DVD on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, and its release is now imminent.  Full colour, of course, and excellent sound quality AND there’s a couple of surprise guests, but I’ll leave those as a surprise!  (And it really will be!).

Obviously the star of the film is myself (who else?!) and its brought to you courtesy of . . . well, think I’ll leave that as a surprise as well.
I think I mentioned before that I have had to put the price up of several of my books on Nielsen’s and Amazon, and this has now been effected. I have now also been reliably informed that Amazon has at long last sorted out the money they owe us for Patsey’s book “The Highgate Vampire Casebook”.

Finally, want a laugh everyone!?  I am pleased to say I have now found an exact copy of that quote I mentioned briefly on another Forum.  As I know many of you also read this Forum, you will know the context in which it was used. It was from the ‘Actress to the Bishop, when she was ‘telling the person off’ about something.  The ‘Actress’ said . . . “At least David (myself of course!) is consistent in what he says, and doesn’t try and pretend to be something he’s not”!

Well, thank you my dear, and on that note I will finish because I can only agree with you!

Till next time everyone,


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  1. Dear David
    Hope you are well. The DVD sounds very interesting, let me know when it is available to buy
    I should certainly like a copy.
    Regards Matt

  2. Ditto on the DVD David. Btw, thank you for sending the replacement dvd – you’ll be glad to know that it is working perfectly.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Redmond.
    The DVD’s are usually okay, but sometimes one in twenty does not work. I just happened to pick the one in twently! My fault, I shpild have tried it first.
    Please do keep posting here if you want, and hope to be in touch soon.

  4. Hi,David.I am glad about the new DVD.I watched the other one that you gave me and found it very good.The weather has changed now ,and i feel the time will soon be right for one or two spells i am going to do.Needless to say,i have to wait for the right moon,but that wont be long?.Spoke to Mary today-she just wont speak about the other matter.But i will not give up.I tried to explain to Anthony about the other thing,but at the moment,hes not really seeing it from my perspective.Its difficult to keep a sense of balance,when there seems to be so much nastiness and malice going on.Will be in touch,soon.Yours,Clarmonde

  5. Thanks Claremonde,
    I’ll give you a copy of the new DVD when we next meet – its easier than posting really (just being lasy).
    If you want to make up one of your spells for Anthony, why not try changing him into a Bush Kangaroo – sure he’d been more than contented hopping around a Bilabong! (So would be a lot of other people!).
    Seriously though, I do understand what you say. The Truth always finds a way of coming out . . . its nothing to do with maniluative human beings; more a matter of predestined Fate. That’s why Truth never really bothers me. Just keep it on your side, and you couldn’t have a more powerful weapon!
    Hope to meet again soon,
    For the moment,

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