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For Which I’ll Always Be Grateful

Its quiet, and I have nothing much to do – nothing urgent that is. So I thought I’d better post another Blog or I’ll end up getting ‘nagged’ by K again. (Sorry, K,, you know I don’t really mean it as your concern really helped me through some very unpleasant times last year; for which I’ll always be grateful).

But you know, I never know what to write about, until I actually start writing. News and events are easy enough; although I always try and pick ones which are relevant in some way and won’t ‘bore’ people. Private reflections and feelings are always more difficult; but I always just write and ‘go with the flow’ without really without thinking about it, and it must work because so far I’ve never deleted anything.

So then . . . news. Well its all been happening on the American Radio Forum. I kid you not! Someone is going literally ‘ballistic’ into trying to convince people I’m an ‘evil witch’; and what is funny is, the guy means this quite literally! He seems desperate to try and present me as some erroneous image he’s formulated in his own mind, and that must surely be symbolic of some serious mental disturbance. Good Lord! You know, I can seriously understand how they came to burn witches in the old days! I really can. As I wrote in one of my books, I think . . . “People may have become more ‘civilised’, although often the same deep-rooted fears of the unknown and unknowable remain. We no longer burn witches, that is true. But we think little, probably nothing, of attributing to them the same crimes and absurdities of which they stood condemned so long ago”.

I guess that says it all really. Fear of the unknown. It all comes down to deep-rooted fear and uncertainty. Many people just ‘turn to God’ as a convenient escape. Nothing wrong with that except when they ask this ‘personalised God’ to take their side and ‘punish people’ according to their own personal desires; it remains just that; just purely personal. In fact, ‘God’ has no part in it, if they only but knew. That Divine principle which gave us all life – which brought us all into existence – could never harm Its own Creation. Only human beings sometimes try and do that.

It was warmer today. So I went for a fairly long walk; if for nothing else, to keep my newly healed foot on the move and discourage it from getting ‘poorly’ again. I don’t think it will now. Still got the smashed vertebrae in my back to contend with though, and that’s not quite so easy.

Still, I’m alive. That’s what really matters. You know, I look around and see so many people worse off than myself. And it often makes me feel guilty for even mentioning such things as a ‘bad back’ or a ‘bad foot’!

Doing a little more filming tomorrow. That should be interesting – but I’ll tell you about that later.

So Karen, I hope your ‘long lost soul-mate’ is keeping his word now. I love you lots. Just regret I never really had a chance to tell you before. I know you know what I mean.

Well its two days off for me now – at least here except with replies to questions. I’m just watching the other saga with mild amusement. There’s not much else you can do really!

For the moment everyone,


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  1. – ” I’d better post another Blog or I’ll end up getting ‘nagged’ by K again.”
    I assume that K is the one who will publish your collected blogs after you’ve passed on to higher realms? All the more reason to push you!
    But here’s a question for you. What will happen to your book titles in the far (I hope, for your sake) future? Who will administrate your ‘estate’ after you’ve moved into your “heavenly flat” (far away from me I hope)?

  2. FOR CAT
    “But here’s a question for you. What will happen to your book titles in the far (I hope, for your sake) future? Who will administrate your ‘estate’ after you’ve moved into your “heavenly flat” (far away from me I hope)?”
    Don’t worry you feline archangel . . . that’s all been taken care of now!

  3. Hi david!!!
    did u miss me lol?
    spain was wicked and i took some pictures of some of the places u mentioned. i bet they look compeletely different from when u were there.
    weather was pretty good and i managed to get all the contract work done. i even managed to get some time to burn on the beach.
    spanish people take beach vollyball so seriously!!!
    i see uv been well busy while i was away with loads happeneing at Don ekers forum. wicked stuff with some well funny pictures.
    i see cats followed u over there as well!
    how r ur books coming along?
    dennis and undertaker are clearly the same person as undertaker has said almost idenatical things in his arguements as dennis did to me in his poxy emails.
    anyway hope ur keeping well and il see u in a few days mate.
    im off to read the backlog of blogs!
    p.s hows it going cat? i trust uv been keeping up the spirit while iv been away!

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