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Close Empathy

Had a late visit from K yesterday evening which cheered me up considerably. Not that I was really upset about anything, but just glad of the much needed break.

We spoke about so many things; and she seems to know more about myself than I do. Whatever, we have a close empathy between us and it is not so surprising really. We obviously discussed ongoing events, and she gets genuinely upset when she sees me ‘attacked’ elsewhere on the Internet. She is quite convinced that some of these people have a severe mental problem when it comes to believing in ‘vampires., and so on. Needless to say, she doesn’t!

On a lighter note, she knows Craig really fancies her. Its hard not to though, so I can’t blame her for that. She’s really attractive, and she knows it. But she never takes advantage of it. I mustn’t speak behind Craig’s back obviously, but sure its OK to tell you that.

The hours sped by, but I got her a taxi about 1.30 as she had to get up for work She doesn’t live so far away, and it would be even quicker on empty roads on an early Monday morning. She said she intended to come over more often. She said she had no need to get to know me – she already did do. But there’s a long gap for her about things in the past and she wants to know so much more about that.

I’m really pleased that she decided to come and live in London about a year ago and I hope she meets someone eventually who is really worthy of her and will look after her in the ‘big City’.

Well I see that bloody Cat has won first prize on the American Radio Forum. Much as I hate to admit it (and ‘no’ I’m not jealous!), the creature does possess a great deal of talent and wit. Just wish he wouldn’t keep using it against myself so much though. ‘Cheese-cloth knickers’, indeed!

I’m sure I told you this, but I’m glad to say my foot (well ‘feets’ really) are much better now, almost back to normal and I can fit my shoes on again. Actually, think I’ll stay in sandals now ‘till the end of the summer, for they’re just as comfortable. Especially the new pair I bought to support my feet when I had to. (£64 for a pair of bloody sandals, I ask you; still, it was worth it).

Oh. In case any of you were wondering, that double of mine (the one with the same name here) really is genuine. It really isn’t myself. I‘m not saying its his real name, but it sure as hell a’int me!

Well, K also told me that I mustn’t neglect my Blog, so as you can see, I’m not doing!

For the moment,


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  1. Dear David
    Glad to hear that your foot is improving. I’m aware of the American Radio Forum that you refer to, in fact I signed up, posted a couple of brief comments and then thought, it’s not worth getting involved in this nonsense. It’s just the same old stuff. It must be hurtful, and I imagine very boring to have the same tosh dredged up time after time. As a story the vampire thing is quite entertaining, but when taken to the extremes it has been, well what can you say.
    Regards Matt

  2. Hi David—Just tagging onto this bit cos its the most recent–you think you have probems with your foot–you should see my feet! HHave walked a hundred kilometres through the Spanish mountains to St James de Compostela at Santiago Spain–blistered after the first 16 mile hike but kept on “walking right to the end of the road”–( didnt have much choice!)they are improving now since I got home.Poured with rain too! Still the Shrine of St James was something else! In the meanwhile a person–I cant imagine who!!!!!!!!!complained to MSNover some imagined coyright theft–yes yawns, put another record on–as I was away sans computer, got mt groups disabled–to bad–I’ll just redo it from back-up—honestly soem folk havent the sense they are born with! ” Ze Svine” as Russell Brand woudl say!
    Bit behind with the latest goings on, sure its all the same–he pinched my photo-I saw the vampire first, am I am real man of the cloth blah blah,
    Well Mr feet are saying they want to go to bed, hope your Mr foot is behaving himself, my Mr feet say goodnight to yours
    tata barbara

  3. I have no desire to prove or otherwise show myself to be genuine. So I will from now on go by the name of “Doppelganger”.
    Thank you for your warm welcome David. Judging by your posts you are obviously a gentle and warm person who has a care for others. These are traits I like in others and try to develop in my own personality.
    I came to this site from a very strange angle (having the same name) and with no preconceptions or any background to cloud my opinions of you. I am not yet sure of the full reasons behind your site but I find myself strangly compelled to return and read more of your blog.
    I would however be very interested to learn of your family background to see if a link exists between us.
    Yours in similarity (or not) DF

    Are you an artist? Were you ever knighted? Perhaps a mixup in the post?

  5. For Cat…
    Ha ha ha.. I have also googled the artist.. He is quite good is he not. But the knighted reference is lost on me.. please elaborate.
    P.S. To ALL… My feet are fine.

  6. I can help to fill you in on that.
    Cat knows (I mean ‘knew’ as he is supposed to be dead, remember!) a very talented cartoonist and illustrated who works in the movie businness in Hollywood.
    Well, about a year ago, this person (who uses the pen name Cecil Lamont-Dwiggings) decided to do a comic strip depicting a few people he thought were hilariously funny (Ok me as well, can’t deny that because I ‘starred’ in them!).
    Now, there is another genuine artist (who steals my Web space on Google, I might add!) called David Farrant.
    The story went that he was so good that the queen decided to ‘knight’ him, but due to a mix up in the post, I got knighted instead!
    All harmless fun (although certain others of the depicted characters were’not amused!) but that’s how the story came about.
    I was highly amused personally, which caused me to re-publish the comic in book-form after an out-raged ‘man of the cloth’, together with a new convert of his ‘religion’, got them taken off the Web.
    Anyway, you can call me ‘Sir Farrant’ now. Rather like the sound of that!
    For the moment,

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